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Title: Nobody Special
Post by: Destiny062 on February 21, 2009, 08:27 AM
hey everyone, am pretty new on this message board, but have read quite a few fan fics and they are really good. so i thought i'd try writing one of my own.

Chapter 1.

have you ever been told you are special? i haven't, and you wanna know why? it's because i'm not. i'm just an ordinary person living an ordinary life, and am barely even noticed. i get taken for granted, and even though i hate it, i can't change it. and i'm not strong enough to leave. that may make me sound pathetic, but guess what i'm used to it. i'm used to people ignoring me, looking right through me as if i don't exist.

all i ever wanted to do was be somebody you know. someone people took notice of, someone people actually cared about. but that will never happen, maybe to somebody else but not to me. too much has happened to make a difference now.

have you ever been told you are special? if you have then consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. and take it from me, don't ever take it for granted.

TBC? only if you want...

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Billyjorja on February 21, 2009, 08:38 AM
Yes, more ff's to read.  Look forward to reading it when you post.


Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Destiny062 on February 21, 2009, 09:55 AM
if you have ever been told by someone that you are special, don't ever take it for granted. i would give anything and everything to hear someone say those words about me, but i know that will never happen. so i'm moving on. moving on with the ordinary life that is mine. the one thing that i guess i have some control over, that no-one can take away.

throughout my life i was told i was nothing, that i wasn't important. and then one day, one very ordinary day all that changed. a teacher who i came to regard as a friend spoke to me, and made me believe in myself again, even if it was only a little bit. she was the one person who truly believed in me, and encouraged me to be whatever i wanted to be, and if i worked hard enough all my dreams could come true. i didn't believe her at first, but over time i slowly came to believe it more, a little more each day.

i guess when something happens, something bad you start believing that nothing matters anymore, and that you don't matter. in reality you probably couldn't be further from the truth. but whether it makes sense or not that's how i felt not so long ago, and i guess on some level that's still how i feel sometimes.

something happened to me a few years ago, that made me stop believing in myself, made me stop believing that i was special and that i meant something, simply because i felt that i was being taken for granted, and no matter what i did nothing was ever good enough, and nothing was ever going to be good enough for them.

it was at this point in my life, that a teacher gave me something to believe in, and she told me that i was special and unique and that i did mean something. that nothing anybody else said should knock me down, and that i could talk to her anytime. it gave me a bit of confidence to know that there would alway be somebody to talk to, someone who would always be on my side no matter what, and someone i could always rely on no matter the time of day or night.

her name was Sara.

TBC? only if you want... :)

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: GSRLOVER34 on February 21, 2009, 02:23 PM
Great start, keep going!

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: aingeal1 on February 21, 2009, 02:43 PM

I like it, keep it up

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Butterfly114 on February 21, 2009, 03:59 PM
I Like it too, please continue.

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Billyjorja on February 22, 2009, 05:06 AM
Yes we want you to keep going.


Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Destiny062 on February 22, 2009, 09:17 AM
Chapter 2.

i don't really know how it started, or how my self doubt started to go away, but with Sara's help somehow it did. if it hadn't been for her at that point in time, i honestly don't know what would have happened to me. for all i knew i was heading down a road of self-destruction and the end of it was getting closer and closer, and i could have ended up lying in a ditch somewhere, a person without a name, a soul trapped for eternity in limbo, in the unknown world between reality and god knows what.

but that was about four months ago. thanks to Sara i'm a completely different person now, actually that's a big lie. i'm still the same person i always was, just with a bit more self belief and the confidence to stand up for myself when i'm being taken for granted.

3 months later...
i finally had enough money saved to buy my own place, it's small, but it's mine, and no-one can take it from me. the best bit, i'm quite far away from the family that took me for granted. i know that sounds harsh and mean, but its the way i feel. and to tell you the truth i've never felt better or freeer. it's quite refreshing to know that i don't have to do anything i dont want to, or be bossed around. i've even changed my cell phone number, so i can't get called back.

you see the thing i realised is, especially after talking it through with Sara, the only way i could make a clean break and start my life over was if i completely cut them out of my life, at least for a while. maybe in a few years i'll go back but only if they've changed. if it means never talking to them again for the rest of my life that's what i have to do, and i'm okay with that. i don't ever want to feel that way ever again, as if i don't matter and i'm not important or special, especially now that i know that i do matter, and that i should never let people put me down, because that's how they win.

i still see Sara from time to time. she never gave up on me, not even once, and even now she still calls or emails to see how i'm doing, and to let me know that she is there for me. i guess in a way she has become my best friend, and a kind of extended family. it's sometimes hard not to call up some family member, but it's not worth the risk, as there is a chance that they will pass information about where i am to my mom and dad, and there is no way that i am going to let that happen. that may sound harsh and unfair, but it's the only way for me. it's the only way that i can get on with my life and leave the past, well, in the past.

i don't have a lot of good things in my life, but so that i wouldn't end up like my parents, i left them a letter before i left in which i told them everything, and not to come looking for me, and that i would be fine on my own, after all i had been on my own for a long time before i even left. that was the last contact i had and will ever have with my family.

TBC... only if you want  :)

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: GSRLOVER34 on February 22, 2009, 06:12 PM
Great chapter!

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: trishj on February 22, 2009, 07:30 PM
Interesting story.  keep up the good work.

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: dyneemo on February 22, 2009, 10:30 PM
Very compelling.

You write well from a first person point of view and it flows smoothly. Will be waiting for more!

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Post by: Billyjorja on February 23, 2009, 06:46 AM
As long as you keep asking 'only if you want', I will keep replying 'yes we want'


Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Destiny062 on February 23, 2009, 07:21 AM
to all those who have left such lovely comments so far thank you. you are the reason i keep writing.

Chapter 3.

you'd have thought i would have felt weird or guilty or something about completely cutting my family out of my life. and to be honest i thought it would have been weird, and i would've felt guilty but i didn't and still don't. does that make me a bad person? i guess it affected me more than i thought it would. so i went to find the one person who would always be there for me, and who supported me no matter what. Sara had given me her cell phone number right from the beginning, so i gave her a call. that phone call was a very long one, and we talked a lot, we talked everything through, or rather i talked and she listened; no interrupting, no parenting, no lecturing, and no making me feel bad. when i had finished my huge vent, she talked to me, and told me that no matter what my decision had been, i would have felt guilty either way, whether i left or whether i stayed. it's weird, i don't know how she does it, but somehow Sara always manages to say exactly the right thing to me, and i wish i could do that, but somehow i don't think i ever will, but who knows maybe in the future things will change, maybe i'll change.

but not everything could be solved over the phone, it's easy to say things to someone else, to say what they think you want to hear when you're not actually talking to them face to face. over the phone you can never tell whether they genuinely mean the things they say, or whether they are just saying things to make you feel better and get you off the phone. it's not that i don't trust Sara, i do, i really do, it's just that i guess there's still a small part of me that doesn't believe that someone could be so friendly when they hardly know you. i guess something in my voice alerted Sara to some insecurity because she invited me to come see her. even though she meant every word sincerely and genuinely, but she knew i had to hear them face to face to truly believe that she meant them.

a few days later...
i drove to Las Vegas PD to meet up with Sara. i was nervous, i don't know why, after all i had known her for a while, and had met up with her to talk a lot, especially during the early days, when i had no self belief, or self confidence, and didn't believe i was special, or that i was important, or that i mattered to anybody. somehow some of those old feelings began to creep into my head again, as i was waiting for Sara, and i felt that everyone in the PD was looknig at me. as i was walking to the front desk, head down, i bumped into someone. i looked up and said i was sorry, expecting a lecture, or for them to have a go at me for not looking where i was going. but he didn't, i guess he realised how scared i looked. he merely accepted my apology, and asked why i was there. i told him my name, and that i was waiting for Sara Sidle. "well Brooke, it's nice to meet you, my name is Jim Brass, i actually work with Sara from time to time. but she'll probably be at the crime lab at this time, i can give you a lift if you want." "it's ok" i said "Sara said she'll meet me here". i then heard a ringing sound coming from my pocket. "excuse me" i said to Jim. "hello?". Sara's voice came through the phone; "hey brooke, listen i'm running a little late, work's really hectic so..." "it's fine i get it, you don't want to see me, i guess i should've known it was too good to be true. don't worry i'm used to it. i'll just go home, and that way you can get on with your life and forget about me. bye." "no brooke..." but it was too late, i had already hung up, and started walking out the PD. i got in my car and started driving towards home.

back at PD...
Jim's phone started to ring, and Sara's name came up on caller ID. "hey Sara, what's up?" "listen Jim, i was meant to meet up with someone at PD in a little bit, but i'm running late, and when i told her she hung up on me and now she's not answering her cell. i know it sounds stupid but i'm worried about her, she doesn't have anyone else." "ah, yeah that would explain the storm out." "she was there?" "yeah, we sort of bumped into each other, literally." "oh no. ok listen Jim, i need you to find her, and bring her here to the lab, i need to talk to her. i'm just tied up with a case right now, but it's really important that i talk to her." "ok, ok, Sara i'm going, she didn't leave too long ago so i can probably catch her." "thanks Jim, i owe you one." they hung up, and Jim left the PD and walked out following the direction that i had taken earlier.

back in the car park...
through my rearview mirror i saw Jim coming out the PD, and immediately put my fot on the gas and drove off towards home as quick as i could. to be honest i'm not sure if he saw me, or even if i was the reason he had left the PD. all i knew was that once again i was on my own, and this time it meant i was truly alone, i had no-one to look out for me, no-one to talk to or turn to. and for the first time in my life i was truly scared, and started to cry. i tried rubbing my tears away, and trying to stop them, there was no way i was going to let what Sara had done get to me, after all it had happened before with other people and i never got upset before, so why should this time be any different? but in my heart i knew it was different. Sara was the first and only person i had trused in my entire life, and she had deserted me. the tears wouldn't stop, so i pulled over, and stopped the car. i knew if i was going to get passed this i had to cut all ties. i got out my cell phone and sent this text to Sara: hey Sara, thank you for everything you've done for me. i just wanted to say sorry for what i said to you earlier, and for hanging up. i get that you don't want to talk to me anymore, and i understand why. you made me believe in myself again, if only for a little while, and i will never forget what you did for me. but i know i can't depend on you forever, so this is it. you can erase me now, erase my numer, erase my name, erase everything about me from your life. you'll be better off. thank you and goodbye. brooke.

after another few minutes, the tears had stopped falling, and once again i was alone and on the road. where before i had one person in my life and in my cell phonebook, i now once again had no-one. i guess i'm used to it, and something told me in my head and in my heart that i would be alone forever.

TBC? if you want...  :)

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Title: Re: Nobody Special
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Continue please

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: GSRLOVER34 on February 24, 2009, 12:19 PM
Great chapter! Keep going!

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Destiny062 on February 27, 2009, 05:06 AM
your wish is my command, lol. here's the next chapter.

after another few minutes, the tears had stopped falling, and once again i was alone and on the road. where before i had one person in my life and in my cell phonebook, i now once again had no-one. i guess i'm used to it, and somethingtold me in my head and in my heart that i would be alone forever.

Chapter 4.

i had been driving for hours now, and somewhat aware that my phone had kept ringing, but unaware of who it was, but i knew it probably would be Sara, after all no-one else had my cell phone number. i kept ignoring it, eventually she would give up and stop ringing. after a while she did, and i was all alone again, with nobody but myself to look out for me.

back at LVPD...
Jim had been trying to follow brooke's car, but he was too late, he had no idea which way she had gone, and hours had passed since Sara had asked him to find her. if he couldn't find her then, how was he going to find her now? Jim knew it was time to ring Sara, and tell her what had happened, and he knew she wasn't going to be happy. after about three rings Sara picked up; "hey Jim, please tell me some good news" "well.." Jim started. "you haven't found her have you? i was hoping that she wasn't answering her cell becasue you had picked her up." "no sorry, wait she's not answering her cell phone now? that's unusual, every teenager answers their cell phone, at least the ones i've come across, they have those things permanently attached to either their ears or their hands." "Jim this isn't funny, and she isn't exactly a normal teenager. she's got no-one, well no-one apart from me, and i guess she thinks she doesn't even have that anymore." "ok, ok. what about her parents?" "i told you, she's cut herself off from them, and before you ask no she doesn't have any friends, she's got no-one Jim, do you get it now?!" "sounsd like the perfect way to disappear, if she's got no-one, no-one will report her missing, and no-one will bother looking for her. is Archie working tonight?" "yeah why? cell phone GPS!" "yeah, i mean if her phone is still switched on, you have her number, and you can ask Archie to track it." "yeah, but it's not exactly linked to a case" "so do it off the record, unless you officially report her missing, and then we can fully look for her." "i don't want all of LVPD after her, just get a few officers out there, ask around, nothing on the record ok. i'll get Archie working on cell phone tracking, and i'll go round to her place, you never know she might have gone back there. if she is going to disappear again, she's gonna need to stop off at her place, and then maybe i can get her to talk to me, or listen to me..." "ok, i'll get some guys on it, .. i know, i know, off the record" "thanks Jim" "you're welcome, just let Gil or Catherine know where you're going" "i know i know, procedure, i'm due to clock out in a couple of hours, i can always clock out early, thanks Jim, bye"

brooke's car...
i turned on the radio, my iPod, anything to distract me from all the thoughts that were going round in my head. i didn't know where i was going, all i knew was i had to get away, and the first thing to do would be to pack up my stuff, and disappear all over again. go somewhere where no-one knew me, and i had no ties or anything. somewhere i caould start my life all over again, it wouldn't be too hard, besides it wouldn't be as if anyone would miss me, no-one did when i left my parents. it would be easier this time too, as no-one exactly knew me where i was at the minute, i don't think they realised anyone was living there. the car was only on the drive every so often. it sounds sad, but i think i'm getting used to this disappearing business. but this will probably be the last time, i'd have to change my cell phone number too, can't have Sara keep coming after me, not that she would, but just to be on the safe side....

at CSI...
Sara was walking to Gil's office. it would be easier to explain it to him, and he had a right to know where she was going. ok so did Catherine as her supervisor, but Gil could tell her. on her way she asked Archie to do a trace on a cell phone for her, off the record, which he agreed to after she told him what it was for. "let me know ASAP" she told him whilst leaving the AV Lab. when she reached Grissom's office, she was relieved to find he was sitting at his desk, she could tell him right away instead of rushing round the lab looking for him. "Sara, are you ok?" "not really. listen Gil i need you to listen to me, and not interrupt, i haven't got much time, i'll explain everything in more detail later, but right now i need to leave." "but why? sorry you said no interruptions" "you know that girl, i've been kinda helping out? the one i was meant to meet at PD earlier, but got held up? well she's disappeared again, and she got the wrong idea when i told her i was running late and i don't know where, and i really need to find her before she does something stupid or i don't know. all i do know is that i have to leave now, if i'm to have any chance of finding her." "Sara slow down, hang on, you mean Brooke? the one that ran away from her parents?" "yes, she's already run from PD, we don't know which direction she went in, but i'm having Archie trace her cell phone now, and i think i know where she'll go, but i have to go now, if i have any chance of stopping her, or talking to her or.." "Sara," Gil interrupted "go, it's fine, i'll have the guys finish your case, and i'll let Catherine know, i take it she doesn't know yet?" "err, that would be no, sorry i know she's my supervisor a..." "it's fine, go, call me when you find her ok, i'll cover for you" "Gil, i love you, you know that?" "yeah, i love you too". Sara gave him one of her famous Sara smiles, and headed towards the car park, got in her car and started driving". as she was driving she gave Archie a call "hey Archie, you found her yet?" "nearly, got her. hang on i thought you said she lived in Las Vegas?" "i never said that, i just told you to find her, where is she?" "she's still driving, she's headed out towards Henderson." "Henderson, why's she going? oh no, ok thanks Archie, let me know if anything happens or changes or whatever" "will do, i'll send you her co-ordinates. Sara what's this about?" but Sara had already hung up. for the first time she honestly didn't know where Brooke's head was at, or what she would do next, all she did know was that she had to find her.

Brooke's place...
ok, i don't need that much, i can always buy new stuff, new name, new stuff, and a new start. oh and can't forget the new phone. gotta get moving, i can keep the car, she never knew whch one was mine. ok so this is it, new start for the girl who can disappear and no-on will miss. where should i go? where can't i go? the world is out there, too bad i won't experience it for too long...

Sara's car...
her phone beeped once, to let her know a text had come through. it was from Brooke. she pulled over to read it, after all she knew it was dangerous to drive and text or read a text or whatever. she could feel tears well up in her eyes as she read the text, and when she had finished, she turned the engine back on, pulled back onto the road, and drove as fast as she could, she knew she had to stop Brooke, and she hoped she would get there in time.....

TBC? if you want.... :)

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TBC? if you want.... 

YES, YES, YES - so stop asking!!!!!!!!!!


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Intringing please continue

Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Destiny062 on March 18, 2009, 09:42 AM
hey everyone, sorry for not updating recently. however i do want to thank you all for all the really nice comments you guys have left. it's why i keep writing...

Sara's car...
her phone beeped once, to let her know a text had come through. it was from Brooke. she pulled over to read it, after all she knew it was dangerous to drive and text or read a text or whatever. she could feel tears well up in her eyes as she read the text, and when she had finished reading it, she turned the engine back on, pulled back on to the road, and drove as fast as she could. she knew she had to stop Brooke, and she hoped she would get there in time.....

Chapter 5.

it only took me a few minutes to pack up my stuff into a rucksack, as i didn't really have that much stuff, i never did. i left my cell phone on the coffee table, so that if for some reason someone did come looking for me, they wouldn't be able to trace me. not that anyone would come looking for me, i thought to myself, it's not like anyone really cared about me anyway here. looking round my apartment for the last time, i double-checked that i hadn't left anything behind and i walked out the front door, locked the door and left the keys under a pot at the front door, for whoever would be living there next.

within a few minutes i was back in my car, with my rucksack in the trunk. just as i was turning the corner i saw a familiar car coming to a stop outside my former apartment. i didn't stop, after all there was no guarentee it really was her car, it was just a similar car, i couldn't actually see who was driving it. after all if she didn't want to meet me earlier when i needed it, why would she come looking for me now? out of guilt? i didn't need that if that was the reason. i couldn't believe that it had taken me so long to realise that she was just like the few other people i had trusted in the past. like the others she didn't really care about me or want to help me out, she was just pretending, just like everyone else. at least now she no longer had to do that. she could move on with her life, and i could disappear again.

Sara pulled up outside Brooke's apartment, turned the engine off, locked the car and walked up to the door. she knew where Brooke kept the spare key, so she found it and let herself in to the building, and walked up to Brooke's apartment and let herself in. the first thing she noticed was that it was very quiet. and then she noticed Brooke's cell phone on the coffee table. "oh no", she thought to herself. "Brooke!" Sara kept calling out, "Brooke? Brooke, are you here?" Sara started walking quickly round the small apartment, but she already knew that Brooke had gone. what was worse was that since she had left her cell phone there was no way to trace her, she didn't even know what car Brooke had, and boy was she kicking herself or that now.

she didn't want to, but she knew now that she had to officially report Brooke missing, she had no choice now, and she was really starting to worry about her.
"Hey Jim, it's Sara. listen you know earlier how i said i didn't want anything official, and that i'd find Brooke and talk to her on my own? well, i've changed my mind i need all the help i can get on this one. she's left her cell phone at her apartment and all her stuff has gone, she's run again."
"ok Sara, i'll get right on it, just remember if she doesn't want to be found, we might not be able to do anything."
"i know Jim, but i've got to try. the security cameras at PD might have got a shot of her when she was there earlier, so print it and get it circulate it, in the papers, on the news, just get it circulated, the sooner we find her the better. Brooke's really good at disappearing, and if we don't find her soon we'll never find her, and i have no idea what she'll do next.
"ok, ok Sara. i'll get right on it. why are you so set on finding this girl? you don't really know her."
"Jim i can't believe you just said that! she may legally be an adult, but really she's just a kid. she's got no-one else, and she reminds me of someone i used to know. i need to do this Jim. she needs to know that someone cares about her."
"ok, i'll get her picture out as soon as i can. you going back to the lab?"
"yeah i will do in a little bit. thanks Jim, bye." and then Sara hung up the phone, picked up Brooke's cell phone and walked out the apartment, leaving the key right where she had found it.

Brooke's car...
once again i was on the road. i had no idea where i was going, all i knew was that i had to leave. it wasn't exactly hard, but i guess in my heart i hoped that one day, i would find someone who truly cared for me, and that i wouldn't have to run anymore. i kept on driving with not even the radio to keep me company, it had stopped working a few weeks ago, and i hadn't gotten around to fixing it again. i made a note to myself that i would get it fixed as soon as i could.

back at the crime lab...
Sara headed straight for Archie and the AV lab.
"hey Archie, you haven't received anything from Brass or PD have you?"
"yeah i got an email with some video of this girl from Brass a couple of minutes ago. he said to go through all of them and find the best stills i could and get them circulated, and to let him, oh and you know when i do. has this got anything to do with the cell phone number you asked me to run a trace on earlier?"
"err, yeah. listen Archie, this is really important, so can you bet those images out as soon as possible please?"
"yeah sure. but who is she? i mean is she a suspect, or a person of interest or what?"
"she's a victim, kinda. it's just really important we find her. she's got a habit of disappearing and she's really good at not letting people finding and helping her."
"ok. wait here's a good one. oh my god, she's just a kid, what is she 15?"
"no she just turned 18, she just looks younger than she really is."
"yeah a lot younger. but maybe that will work in our favour. i mean we're circulating her image on TV and in the papers right? so we can print her name, but if we don't print her age, people will pay more attention, and look out for her due to how young she looks."
"Archie, you're a genius. but whenever we put out a missing person, we always print their age, so how are we gonna get around that?"
"we just print what we know, and leave out the fact that you know her. that's why it's so urgent isn't it, you're worried about her."
"yeah. listen once you get those stills printed out, send them to Brass, and TV stations. you know the usual places, just get her face out there. thanks."
"no problem, it's just my job."

Sara left Archie and made her way towards the break room, hoping that some of the team would be there, so she could fill them in on the most recent case. Catherine and Nick were in the break room when she walked in.
"hey guys, listen i need your help. you've wrapped up your cases right?"
"yeah why? where'd you go earlier? you just left."
"yeah i know, and Nick i'm so sorry for leaving you in the lurch, but you're about to find out why. listen i need your help with a new case, all of you and it's kinda urgent."
"a new case? Grissom hasn't said anything?" said Catherine.
"yeah that's because Grissom doesn't know it's official yet. when i left earlier i told him it was unofficial and i din't want an anything official, and that i could handle it myself. but i was wrong, so i called Jim and told him to make it official. Archie's sending her picture out to the papers, TV stations and the cops now. but i still need your help."
"who is she Sara?"
"her name's Brooke, and she's on the run. not becasue she's in trouble with the law, but because it's all she knows how to do. i let her down earlier, and she took it the wrong way, and now she's taken off. i asked Archie to trace her cell phone earlier so i could find her, but by the time i got to her apartment, the little stuff she had was all gone, and her cell phone was sitting on the coffee table."
"Sara, how do you know this kid?"
"i met her a couple of years ago, and we talked, and kept in touch. i had no idea how bad things were until she finally told me a few months ago, so i helped her move here to Vegas, and got her an apartment, and told her i was here if she ever needed to talk. i promised her i'd always be there for her. i was meant to meet up with her yesterday, but due to the case Nick and i had, i was running a bit late, so i rang her and..."
"wait, that was who you were on the phone to yesterday? Brooke?"
"Yes Nick, and she took it the wrong way, and thought i'd just been lying to her, and she hung up and stormed off, and i have no idea where she went. Cath, Lindsey's a teenager right. if she was in trouble and had run away wouldn't you want to look for her?"
"of course i would, but Sara Brooke isn't your daughter. why are you so intent on finding her?"
"because i promised her i'd always be there for her, and to tell you the truth she kinda reminds me of someone i used to know. you guys, she's got no-one else, and now she thinks she doesn't even have me."
"ok. what do you want us to do?"
"Cath, i need you to go home and get Lindsey and bring her here, and Nick i need you to tell the rest of the team, and then go and see Archie and get Brooke's picture from him."
Nick just nodded and left leaving Catherine and Sara alone.
"Sara, why do you need me to bring Lindsey here? she's a teenager."
"exactly, so maybe she could give us some ideas on where Brooke might go."
"ok, i'll go get her, i'll be back soon. and Sara, we will find her ok."
"thanks Cath, i hope so. i'll never forgive myself if i can't make her believe i'm not like everyone else in her life."
"Sara, we'll find her. shouldn't you go and tell Grissom what's going on? he'd want to know that it's official now."
"yeah i think i will, thanks Cath, let me know when you and Lindsey get here. i'll meet you in the break room.
"ok, bye Sara, see you in a bit."
"bye Cath, and... thanks."

catherine left the break room and headed towards her car parked in the underground car park, and then headed home to pick up Lindsey.

Sara menwhile headed towards Grissom's office to inform him that there was now an official investigation to look for Brooke, and just to talk things through with him. and hopefully try to stop herself feeling do guilty for letting Brooke down.

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catherine left the break room and headed towards her car parked in the underground car park, and then headed home to pick up Lindsey.

sara meanwhile headed towards Grissom's office to inform him that there was now an official investigation to look for Brooke, and just to talk things through with him. and hopefully try to stop herself feeling guilty for letting Brooke down.

Chapter 6.

Sara knew that Brooke, may legally be an adult, but in many ways she was still a kid, and no-one should feel as if there was no-one who would be there for them no matter what, especially a kid. Sara knew that Brooke never really was a kid, she never got to do things that other normal teenagers got to do, she had to grow up very quickly, and as a result felt she had no-one. no-one to look out for her, or talk to her, or just let her be herself. "no-one that is until she met me" Sara thought to herself "way to screw things up Sara, great job."

Sara looked into Grissom's office, and there he was, completely absorbed in whatever he was doing, he didn't even look up when she knocked on the door. so she let herself in saying "hey Griss."
grissom suddenly looked up, surprised to see Sara there. "hey Sara, how long have you been standing there?"
"not long. i knocked but you musn't have heard me. you reading about bugs again?"
"sorry. are you ok?"
"yeah, kinda. listen i just wanted to tell you that there's now an official investigation into Brooke's disappearance. the guys are helping me to try and find her. don't worry they wrapped up their cases, so you won't have Ecklie on your back, even though i know you like fighting with him." Sara smiled.
"i thought you didn't want an official investigation? what changed?"
"i didn't. but i went to her apartment to talk to her, you know, but she'd already left by the time i got there, all her things were gone, and she didn't have that much stuff to begin with, and she'd left her cell phone on the table. i just..."
"Sara it's ok. we'll find her. listen did you give her cell phone to Archie? maybe he can find out if she's been calling anyone else. you never know she may have made a friend(s) while she was here."
"i already looked through her phone. my number is the only one on it, and the only one in her call history. but i gave to him anyway, you know just incase she erased something. i doubt she did, but you never know"
just then her pager went off. she took it out her pocket, looked at it, and then raised her head back to grissom. "that was archie, nope, nothing, zilch, nada. i guess i should have expected that. where could she be griss? i ... we ... we need to find her."
"i know and we will, i promise." then he gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

at Catherine's house...
catherine was just pulling up into her driveway, hoping that Lindsey was home, and not sleeping over at a friend's house. to the best of her knowledge she wasn't meant to be at a friend's tonight, but you never knew with teenagers, they had a habit of changing things st the last minute.
entering the house, she called her daughter's name. "Lindsey.... Lindsey.... Lindsey you here honey?"
after getting no answer, she walked up the stairs to her duaghter's room to see if she was there. she knocked on the door "Lindsey? you in there hun?" she opened the door, only to find her daughter was on her laptop, with her ipod plugged into her ears and the music turned up to full volume. "no wonder she didn't hear me" Catherine thought to herself. she walked over to her, and gently shook her to get her attention.
lindsey looked up "mom? geez you scared me."
"sorry hun, but you didn't answer me, and now i know why" she said smiling.
lindsey stopped her music, and took her earphones out. "ok mom, what's up? did you finish work early or something?"
"well hello to you to. actually i need to get back to work, but i kinda need your help."
"with what?"
"well, we sorta have a case at work, and it's sorta complicated, but it involves a teenager, and well you're a teenager so i was kinda wondering if you wanted to come back to work with me and help out."
"so you need a teenager perspective. things must be bad if you're asking teenagers for help now. hang on, it doesn't involve a dead body does it?"
"no, it doesn't involve a dead body. so does that mean you'll help? come on Linds, Sara would really appreciate it."
"wait, i thought this was your case?"
"well i'm helping Sara with hers. please Linds?"
"ok, but can i at least take my laptop and ipod with me, so i've got something to do after i help you guys out?"
"yeah sure. you can go in the break room, or my office, you won't be too distrubed then."
"you mean, i won't get in the way?" lindsey said with a knowing smile on her face.
"linds i was trying to be nice. ok, let's go."
once lindsey had packed up her laptop and power cable, and ipod, they walked back down to the car, and Catherine drove them back to the lab, and after a while catherine had parked the car, and they were walking back to the break room to meet up with Sara.

in the break room...
Sara was having a cup of Greg's Blue Hawaiian coffee, not that he knew that. and after the day she had she needed the coffee to keep her awake. after a few minutes Catherine and Lindsey walked in.
"Sara, we're back."
"oh hey cath, hey lindsey, you ok?"
"yeah, Sara i'm fine thanks. listen mom said you needed my help with a case or something?"
"yeah i do. did she tell you anything about the case?"
"no all she said was that it didn't involve any dead bodies, she wasn't lying was she?"
"what, mom, i'm just checking"
"no Lindsey it doesn't involve any dead bodies. it does involve a missing teenager. she's eighteen, but i still reckon you could help us."
"yeah sure, what can i do"
"cath, can you go and ring Jim, see if he's come up with anything, and then check on the guys, see if they've got anything yet. i wanna talk to Lindsey, fill her in."
"yeah sure, call me if you find out anything?"
"yeah i will, you too ok?"
"sure, ok i'll see you both later."
"bye mom. ok so what's up. i don't think i've ever seen you guys like this over a missing person's case before."
"true, but those missing person's have all been kids. Brooke is technically an adult."
"so why are you so worked up? and what can i do to help?"
"well she may be eighteen, but she doesn't look it, and she doesn't have anyone in her life to help her out, well apart from me, so it makes it really easy for her to just disappear. not like you, you have your mom, and all of us. she has no-one Lindsey, and i let her down."
"Sara it's gonna be ok, we'll find Brooke right? that's her name?"
"yeah. we can't trace her cell phone because she left it behind, and the only number she's got on it is mine. god, how did i let this happen?"
"it's not your fault. listen if he left her cell phone, it's probably because she knew you could trace it right, i mean she knew what you did for a living. so the first thing she'll do is buy a new one, but she won't buy it here. i'll bet she'll buy one somewhere else, somewhere she can't be traced, and she'll probably pay cash. how much money has she got?"
"i don't know, i mean i know she saved up loads of money and brought it with her when she left the first time, but i don't know how much she has now. probably not much, why?"
"well what do you do when you don't have money and need it? you get a job, but she knows she can't get a job here in Vegas, but i doubt she'll have run too far.... hang on, what do you mean when she left the first time?"
"she ran away from home a few months ago. she felt like her parents were taking her for granted, so she left and came here. i'd met her before she came here, which was why she came here in the first place, i was the only person she knew, and i'd already told her to call me anytime."
"so how'd she get here? i mean did she get a bus, or train or did she drive?"
"drive, oh my god her car. but she's probably ditched it already, and anyway i have no idea what car she drives."
"seriously?! you don't know what car she drives? how can you not know that?"
"i never saw her car. wait if she drove to PD when i was meant to meet her, they might have a shot of her car on PD CCTV. Lindsey, you're a genius!"
"can i get that on tape please, or better yet tell my mom that will you? thanks."
"hey linds you coming?"
"really? ok sure."
"good, we'll try Archie first. brass sent him some footage earlier, so you never know there might be a shot of it already here, and if not, well i guess we're going to the PD."

Sara and Lindsey left the breakroom, and went to the AV lab, to see if Archie had anything.
"hey Archie, this is Lindsey, catherine's daughter. listen she had an idea on how we could possibly find Brooke. go on Linds, tell him."
"ok, here it is. Sara said that Jim sent you some footage earlier from the PD CCTV, so i was wondering she probably drove to get there right? and since we hit a dead end with her cell phone, so i thought we could possibly trace her car. so do you have any footage of outside PD?"
"erm, i don't know i can check, hang on a sec." Archie flicked through all the footage that Brass had sent him earlier. "ok here we go, this is from a camera that points outside. look i'm not promising anything ok, there might not be a shot of her car on camera."
"i know that, but it's worth a shot isn't it? come on Archie this is the only lead we've got at the moment. please?"
"ok, ok. listen why don't you guys go get a cup of coffee or something, and i'll page you if i find anything, ok."
"ok, thanks Archie. come on Linds, you drink coffee right?"
"are you kidding me? how do you think i get through early morning classes?"
Sara laughed. "come on let's go. there's a diner not too far from here. why don't you text your mom so she knows where we're going, and doesn't freak out, kay?"
after lindsey had texted her mom to let her know where she was going, they climbed into Sara's car, and drove the five-ten minute journey to the diner.

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Interesting in how you write from the first person point of view, I do not think I have read others like it.  Good job.

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Good chapter and yes more please.

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hey everyone, am really sorry i haven't updated in a while. i did originally write this chapter a few weeks ago, but unfortunately when i posted it i got logged out for some reason ... stupid computer lol. anyway sorry for the wait but here is the next chapter ...
hope you like it...

after Lindsey had texted her mom to let her know where they were going, they climbed into Sara's car, and drove the five-ten minute journey towards the diner.

Chapter 7.
about ten minutes later Sara pulled in to the diner, parked the car, and both she and Lindsey got out and walked into the diner.
"Linds you want coffee?"
"did you really just ask me that question?"
"i'll take that as a yes then?"
"erm yeah, make it a mocha though, i'll grab us a table."
whilst Sara ordered and waited for the coffee that they desperately wanted, Lindsey managed to find an unoccupied booth by the window, in a quieter part of the diner, so that they would be able to talk and hopefuly not receive many interruptions or be overheard.

a few minutes later Sara walked over two coffees in hand.
"here you go, one regular mocha coffee."
"thanks, i'll pay you back, or buy the next one or whatever."
"Linds, it's fine. you don't have to do that. this is on me. besides you are kinda doing me a huge favour here by helping me find Brooke. so unless Archie can find a lead on her car we're stuck. you have any idea where she might have gone?"
"ok. well why don't you tell me a bit about her? what's Brooke like? i mean does she have anybody she can talk to if things got too much, or any friends that could be helping her?"
"not really. i mean i was the only one she would talk too. i told her that she could always talk to me no matter what, day or night i'd be there ................ and i let her down. that's how all this started. i was running late so i couldn't meet her, and she thought that i was blowing her off, and before i could explain she took off, and well you know the rest.........."
"ok. so she thinks she's alone in the world. i'm guessing her family is out of the picture, and she has no friends apart from you, who she believes she doesn't have any more either. so basically she could go anywhere, and nobody would know who she is. can you say needle in a haystack?"
"i know ok i know. Lindsey i need to find her ok."
"yeah i got that the first couple of times you said it. listen she probably hasn't gone too far at the moment, and if her car has a GPS tracker, all we have to do is find her vehicle registration number, and enter it into the tracker system and we can follow her."
"yeah but we don't know the make or model of her car, let alone the registration number. so we still have to wait on Archie for that. ok listen put yourself in her shoes, where would you go?"
"quite a way away from here, so she'd definitely be driving a lot, and you said she didn't have much stuff, and that she felt as if she was invisible, so she'd easily go unnoticed. i guess i'd wanna go someplace brand new, somewhere i'd never been before so i could start my life over. how much money did you say she had?"
"not much i don't think, i mean i know her parents hadn't given her any money in a while, and she quit her part-time job when she came to Vegas, and i don't think she got another one. but if she did it would probably be cash in hand coz idon't think she had a bank account. i can probably get one of the guys to check that out for me."
"you've got Brass and all other cops in Vegas circulating her picture right? so why don't you give it to neighbouring cities, maybe the TV stations? oh and definitely check out local diners coz she'd probably be hungry by now, and she's gotta stop somewhere to eat right? i mean i would if it was me.
"yeah. Brass is probably already onto that bit. i told him i wanted her face out there as soon as possible. she couldn't have got that far right?"
"listen i'll call my mom, see if she or the guys have found anything useful yet, while you phone Archie, see if he's got anything on Brooke's car, who knows maybe we'll get lucky? oh and Sara?"
"don't give up hope or give up on her yet ok? we're gonna find her, she's gonna be ok. oh and could you get me another mocha coffee please, oh and a doughnut, i'm getting kinda hungry. thanks."
"sure, i'll be right back. and thanks Lindsey. you know, you're becoming more and more like ypur mother every day. believe me that's a good thing. me and your mom haven't always been close, but she's been there for me in the past, and somehow she always knew the right thing to say. you've obviously inherited that quality from her too."
"thanks. and you're welcome."

sara left the booth where they were sitting and went up to the counter and ordered two more coffees. whilst waiting for them, she called Archie, only to be disappointed with the news that he hadn't found anything yet.....

meanwhile in Brooke's car....
i was trying not to cry as i continued driving down the road out of Vegas, out of the place that had been more of a home to me than my own parents house. how screwed up is that? there was and is a reason i don't let people in, but for some reason i had let Sara in believing she was different. i should've known better i told myself. i should've known. nobody really cares about me. but at least now she can get on with her life, without me dragging her down or holding her back, or interrupting her life. it's better i leave. i can make a fresh start of my life, maybe achieve something, and feel good about myself again. who knows maybe i'll come back to Vegas one day?

i took one hand off the wheel, and wiped the last remaining tears from my eyes, and closed them, just for a second, but that's all it took.....
one second.......

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have finally finished my two coursework essays!! yay! so here you go, here's the next chapter...

i took one hand off the wheel, and wiped the last remaining tears from my eyes, and closed them, just for a second, but that's all it took......
one second.........

Chapter 8.

i don't even remember what happened. i don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing. to be honest i don't think i ever will. maybe it's a blessing that i don't remember, or maybe it's a curse. i will never remember how it happened. i remember driving my car, and taking a hand off the wheel, and wiping tears from my eyes, and the next thing i know i'm on the side of the road, and no idea how i got there.

i'm not exactly sure where i was heading, i still don't. all i know is that i have to get out of here, i have to start again. and it will take a hell of a lot longer now that my car has gone. maybe i'll get a new one, i don't know how, but i will. i loved that car, but it's time to move on, leave the past behind....

the diner....
"sara sidle. hey Archie what's up?"
"hey Sara. listen i've got good news and bad news, which one do you want first?"
"the good news. i could really do with it right now. did you find her?"
"well, yes and no."
"what do you mean? come on Archie, just tell me"
"well, good news is i managed to find her car, and get a read on it from the GPS tracker...."
"you did? that's great where is she?"
"well that's the thing. i found it, and i was following it, but then i kinda lost it. i'm sorry."
"how'd you lose it? do you think she disabled it herself?"
"no, i know she didn't there's no way. you see the thing is, she never stopped so she couldn't have disabled it..."
Sara interrupted "so if she didn't disable it..... oh no..."
"yeah, listen i'm sorry. look i'm sure she's ok. listen i'll send you the co-ordinates of where i lost the signal, she can't have got far"
"thanks Archie, guess i better get moving then. Bye"

Lindsey saw the look on Sara's face during her call and after she had hung up. she knew something was wrong.
"Sara, what's happened? was that Archie? what did he say?"
"Brooke's in trouble. we have to go. now."
they quickly left the diner, and got back into Sara's car, and started driving towards where Brooke's GPS signal from her car had suddenly gone......

(will continue with this chapter soon)

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Chapter 8 (cont.)

whilst Sara drove, Lindsey had a hold of her phone, giving her updates and directions on where Brooke's car had been before the signal had been lost. Sara may had seemes calm whilst driving the car, but inside her brain was going at least 100mph just thinking about what had happened to Brooke. she was worried, and also feeling incredibly guilty. she couldn't help feeling that if she hadn't have been running late, Brooke would never have stormed off and this would never had happened.

Lindsey must have seen her face because she said, "it's not your fault you know. what's happening with Brooke, it's not your fault. we're gonna find her, she's gonna be ok, and you guys can work it all out."
"how did you....?"
"i know you Sara, and it's written all over your face. you're feeling guilty about what happened earlier, and you're blaming yourself for everything and you shouldn't. it's gonna be ok."
"you know, you really are a lot like your mother. she could always tell when something was bothering any of us on the team. i don't know how she does it, but she does. you obviously inherited a lot from her."
"really? ok the lost signal should be just a little further up the road.."
"really? i don't see...... oh no..."
Lindsey looked in the direction Sara was looking.
"hang on that's Brooke's car?"
"I guess so why? Lindsey what?"
"it looks familiar that's all. i think i've seen it somewhere before. i mean i don't know if i saw this exact car, but i definitely saw this make and model before. never mind"
"look let's just see if she's here ok? come on.."
Sara and Lindsey got out of the car, and walked towards the wreck that remained of Brooke's. as they got closer Sara broke into a run, desperately hoping that Brooke was still there and still alive. Sara picked up the speed until she reached the driver's side door and looked in to the car.

"dammit!! Linds, she's not here!"
"what?! but where......?"
"i don't know... but judging by the state her car is in, she can't have gone far. i'm gonna call for some help, things just got a whole lot worse, and we need all the help we can get..."

Sara took out her cell phone, and dialled.
"Hey, it's me"

in the lab......
"hey it's me"
"hey Sara what's up?"
"listen i'm just calling to say that things have gotten a lot more complicated. me and Linds found her car. it's totally wrecked, but see the thing is she's not here, and we have no idea which way she's gone. Cath i'm getting realy worried."
"Sara calm down. she's gonna be ok. listen i'll phone Brass, and organise a couple of choppers. once they're in the air they can split up and try to figure out which way they've gone. we're gonna find her Sara, so stay strong ok. everything's gonna be ok."
"that's just too spooky."
"what's spooky, Sara i'm trying to help you"
"yes i know, but no Lindsey said the exact same thing earlier when i was freaking out. that's what i meant. you know Cath, Lindsey's a great kid, you're lucky to have each other"
"yeah she is. she ok?"
"yeah she's fine. she's looking after me more than i'm looking after her. i mean i know she doesn't really need looking after but..."
"i know what you mean Sara. tell her i love her, and i'll see her soon. listen we'll be out there as soon as we can kay?"
"i will, and thanks Catherine. bye."

Catherine hung up her cell phone and went to find the rest of the team. she knew they'd wanna know what was hppening as soon as possible. and she figured the sooner they all knew, the sooner they could get out there and find Brooke.

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TBC?  Yes!!!!


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thank you to everyone who has reviewed so far. i always like reading your comments, they are what keeps me writing, or at least thinking about writing further chapters, lol. have got exams coming up so won't be writing for a while, but i thought i'd give you the next chapter before i go into exam hibernation, lol. so here you go, hope you like it......

Chapter 9.

once Catherine had hung up her cell phone, she went looking for the rest of the team, to let them know what was happening. it wasn't easy to find them, so she decided to send them a text, hoping they'd immediately respond. at least that's what she hoped would happen when she included the words 'urgent!' and 'asap' in her group text at least twice. she then went to the break room to wait for them, hoping it wouldn't be too long for them to arrive so they could get out there.

ok, so maybe she was ovverreacting, but all she knew was, if it was Lindsey, and God forbid if that did happen, she didn't want to be sitting around for ages wondering what was happening and where she was. she could only imagine how guilty Sara felt, even though it wasn't her fault. thankfully Catherine didn't have to wait too long before at last Grissom walked into the break room.

"Catherine, what's up. i mean i got your text, but apart from the repeat of the words, 'urgent', 'asap' and 'NOW!' it was kinda vague. where's Sara? actually where is everyone?"

"Sara's with Lindsey. they're both fine Gil. they found Brooke's car. listen i'd rather only tell this once, so can you wait for the rest of the team to get here please?"

"yeah, sure, ok"

"thank you. where are they? they should be here by now"

"they'll be here. didn't you say that Sara sent them all off doing different things? so they're probably on their way back here right now."

"well i wish they'd hurry up. the clock's ticking...."

a few minutes later....
"finally! where have you been. i sent you that text a while ago. i thought the use of the words 'urgent', 'asap' and 'NOW!' made it clear to get back here quickly."

"yeah we know, but we were in the middle of something." Nick said.

"you were in the middle of something? please tell me it had something to do with finding Brooke. it's the only case we're on at the minute."

"yeah i know. listen i was with Brass like Sara told me to. i'm sorry Cath, no-one's seen her, but to be honest we weren't hoping for much, i mean the video still was still kinda blurry, even though Archie had tightened it up a bit...."

Catherine interrupted "ok, ok. look will you all just sit down and keep quiet ok."

after seing the look on her face and the tone of her voice, they all sat down without another word. although they were kinda wondering where Sara was. the way they saw it she was lucky she wasn't getting this treatment. but to be fair Catherine did seem kinda worried...

"ok. i'll get straight to the point. Sara found Brooke's car. but the thing is, erm Brooke wasn't in it, and the car is, well let's just say it's a wreck. and we have no idea where Brooke is, or where she's headed apart from probably as far away from here as possible. however with the amount of damage the car is in, i doubt she's able to get very far, or got out of that car uninjured, so the clock is ticking. bottom line-we need to find her before it's too late, and then maybe Sara can talk to her and get things straightened out and stop herself from feeling so guilty. ok you got all that? good, let's go."

with that she immediately got out of her chair and headed towards the break room door. when she realised no-one was following her, she turned around and stared at them all.

"why are you still sitting there? didn't you hear me? we need to go out and help Sara find Brooke now!"

"where do we start Cath? i mean we know Sara found Brooke's car, but we don't know where. i mean she could've taken any road out of Vegas. we don't know which way she went."

"Greg! are you a CSI or not? i know that, but we do have Archie, i'm sure he probably tracked her car down, so here's an idea, why don't we go and ask him, to tell us where he tracked Brooke's car to and go from there. actually, you can go tell Brass what i just told you. Nicky you go with him. tell Brass to organise a couple of choppers to get up in the air, we might find her quicker that way ok."

"got it. come on Greggo. let's go."

Nick dragged Greg out of the break room and out towards his car in order to drive to LVPD to update Brass on the latest and get the choppers up in the air as quick as possible. on the way he texted Archie to send him the co-ordinates for where Brooke's car was, so at least they had a starting point for when they got up in the air.

i had lost track of time. i still had no idea what had happened, or even how i had got out of the car. at least i din't remember getting out of the car. but no-one else was around so i must have somehow. all i knew was that i had to keep walking. i couldn't stop, i couldn't sit down or anything. i knew that if i did i wouldn't get back up again. i had to keep going, i needed to get as far away from Las Vegas as possible. i didn't exactly know why, i mean i had an idea, and all i knew was i couldn't stay here. i was miles from normal, and had no idea which direction i was heading in, or where i was gonna end up.

for the first time in my life, i was free. free to do what i wanted. free to wander anywhere. free of everything that had been tying me down and weighing on my shoulders for so many years. i was free for the first time, and i was loving this new freedom i had. all that was missing was an idea of where i was going. i suddenly realised i could go anywhere. no-one would be looking for me, no-one would be worrying about me-some things never change huh? but the best thing was, i didn't care anymore. i guess after a while i got used to being on my own, and having to care and look out for myself. maybe Sara had done me a favour by not showing up. actually come to think of it, she had. i had no ties or obligations to anything or anyone-i was free to do whatever i wanted. i know i've said that a couple of times before now, but i just love saying it. i am free and i have the freedom to do whatever i want and i love it....

i had no idea where i was heading, but i continued walking in a straight line. maybe at some point i would reach somewhere where i could get something to eat, or stop for a while. i couldn't stop yet otherwise i would never get up. i needed to keep going, keep going to the new found freedom i now had, wherever that would lead me. i didn't know where i would end up, and that was kinda scary, but exciting too. who knows maybe this is part of the new me, being spontaneous. ok so it was caused by something, something that i don't really remember, but hey it's still being spontaneous right? i think so, and i kinda like that idea.

there was a pain in my wrist and shoulder and also in my stomach that i hadn't been aware of before, but i was becoming more aware of it now. it was killing me. funny how i only just became aware of it. must have been the adrenaline, or something why i wasn't aware of it before. it was then i realised i didn't have anything to take the pain away. maybe there was a way i could make it bearable, at least for now. i took of my shirt, leaving my tank top on, and somehow made it into a sling and wrapped it around my wrist. it seemed to ease the pain, even if it was only a little bit. after making that pain ease a little bit, i continued walking, but the pain in my stomach didn't ease, if anything it was getting worse. it was then i saw a piece of glass peircing my stomach, and then i saw the blood. i knew i had to stop it, i hadn't even realised i was bleeding, i don't even know how much blood i had lost while walking, odds were it was a bit at least. i had to stop the bleeding somehow.

i can't explain how i knew, but i knew not to take the glass out as it would make things worse. i needed something to wrap round it to stop the bleeding. the only thing i could think of was ripping part of my sling off to form a kind of make-shift bandage to wrap round the glass. i knew then that i had to sit down somewhere. i could see a tree not so far off in the distance. i continued walking towards it, slowly know, aware of the blood, and holding my stomach and trying not to move the glass as i was walking. eventually i reached the tree and sat down. i took of the sling, and the pain got worse, i mean i knew it would as soon as i took away the support, but still it was bad. using my teeth i managed to rip a part of my shirt off, and wrapped it around the piece of glass sticking out of my stomach, and hoped it would stop the bleeding, if only for a while. i then redid the sling, adjusting it now part of it had been ripped off and tied it back around my wrist and shoulder. when i felt i could i got back up again slowly, and continued walking.

meanwhile back at Brooke's car...
"Sara!" Lindsey called out "Sara, you might wanna come over here!"

coming over towards Lindsey she said "Lindsey what is it?"

Lindsey pointed towards the ground a bit away from the car where she and now Sara was standing "erm, is that blood?"

Sara looked to where Lindsey was pointing "yes. oh no." Sara's face fell. Lindsey call your mom, tell her what you found. i'm gonna see if it leads anywhere. stay here."

she started walking off, following the blood. it was only a little bit, but she knew what could happen. she needed to find Brooke now. she couldn't wait for the rest of the team to get there, she needed to go now.

Lindsey followed her, and ran to catch up with her. "Sara, wait for me. let me help, after all two heads, and four eyes are better than one and two. i can ring my mom at the same time. and i don't think it's a good idea to leave me all on my own. we're kinda in the middle of nowhere."

"ok. but keep up ok. we need to find her. i need to find her. now call your mom."

Lindsey pressed 1 on her speed dial, and immediately heard her mom's voice. "mom, it's me."

"Lindsey, thank god, are you ok?"

"mom, i'm fine. i'm still with Sara. listen i found something by close to Brooke's car, well blood to be specific, and so me and Sara are following it now. see if we can find her. i'm sorry we can't wait any longer, and neither can Brooke. listen where are you guys?"

"we're almost there, probably about 10 minutes away. and don't worry about it, i get it. just stay close to Sara ok. i don't want to lose you out there too. we'll catch up to you ok. just find Brooke, and stay close to Sara and stay safe. i love you Linds. i'll see you in a bit."

"i love you too mom. and i will. see ya in a bit. love you." and with that Lindsey hung up the phone.

turning to Sara she said "ok so i told mom, and she said they're about 10 minutes away, and that they'll catch us up, and just to keep going and find her. she also said for me to stay close to you, guess she doesn't want me to get lost out here on my own. listen Sara we'll find her ok. we'll find her, she's gonna be ok."

Sara smiled at Lindsey, oh yeah so much like her mom she thought to herself. but out loud she said "i know. i just hope we're not too late."

"we won't be."

Sara and Lindsey kept on walking, following the blood trail, realising the blood trail was getting thicker and thicker. Sara realised that Brooke was losing more and more blood and that if they didn't find her soon, it would definitely be too late. she saw the tree up ahead and ran towards it as fast as she could, hoping that Brooke had sat down by it. Lindsey had to sprint to catch up. when they reached the tree, the found more blood, but no Brooke.

"where is she Linds? where is she?"

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hey everyone, exams are over! yay! which means exam hibernation is finally over! yay i'm free!!! lol. ok so i kinda promised you more updates when my exams were over so here goes....

"where is she Linds? where is she?"

Chapter 10.

i had to keep moving. the pain was not as bad as it once was, but i was still in a lot of pain. it was getting harder to keep walking now too. my feet hurt, and i could feel the pain coming back. all i wanted to do was stop, lie down and sleep. sleep forever... when had i last slept, it felt like years ago. had i slept in my car? was that the last place i had slept in? is that why i can't remember much? did i fall asleep at the wheel? as much pain as i was in, i hoped that if that's what had happened, i had been the only one hurt. no-one may have cared about me, but i didn't want anyone else hurt because of me, because of the fact that i existed. maybe it was better this way. Sara didn't know where i was, the guy i met at the cop shop knew Sara, but he didn't know me. no-one would come looking for me, i was truly on my own. and you know what the really messed up thing was, i was starting to like it, i was starting to like being on my own and not being a burden to anyone. how screwed up is that? maybe if i had figured out this sooner, i wouldn't have got hurt again, i wouldn't have let my guard down and let Sara in, and i wouldn't have dragged her into the mess that my life is. at least she was free now. that's what kept me going.... the fact that i had set Sara free.......

i smiled to myself at the thought of that. for once i had done something good. ok maybe on some level i was feeling a bit sorry for myself and the situation i had gotten myself into, but at least i wasn't dragging anyone along with me. it actually felt good to think of it like that. she could go back to her life, her normal life, and i could go back to the life i was used to. the life where i was invisible and anonymous and could disappear without a trace. i smiled again at that thought, well i tried to smile anyway. i kept on walking, slowly but surely, i kept on walking. i still had no idea where i was going, or even what direction i was going in, but i kinda liked that idea, the idea of an adventure, ok an adventure in huge amounts of pain, but still an adventure is an adventure, and i couldn't wait until i found out where i was going......

Sara and Lindsey.....
"where is she Linds? where could she have gone? and where are the rest of the guys they should be here by now? don't they get how urgent this is?"

"Sara, i know you're worried about Brooke, even more so since i spotted the blood. but she's gonna be ok, ok. the guys are only a couple of minutes away, mom told me, and she's already got at least two choppers involved. we'll find her ok, we just have to be patient and not waste time going in different directions. we're already looking for one person, we don't want to waste time looking for yours too if you go off on your own. i know you're worried Sara, but we'll find her ok."

"i know, it's just. what if we're too late, what if she's lying down dying somewhere and we can't find her, and even if we do we could be too late. i let her down Linds, i let her down so much....."

"Sara, you've got to stop thinking like that ok. you're the strongest person i know, well except my mom. we'll find her and you guys will talk, and you'll be able to explain everything to her, and you'll be friends again. hey did you try her cell?"

"there's no point. i already told you she left it at the apartment. i found it when i went there looking for her after she hung up on me and ran out of PD. and i already checked, there was nothing on there. she'd even erased my cell phone number. it's like she was trying to erase everything from her life, so she could just disappear."

"has Archie checked it. i dunno, maybe she erased something else."

"Archie already checked it for me. nothing, nada, zilch...."

"ok" Lindsey interrupted "i get your point. hang on a sec.."

"mom? what's up?" Lindsey said into her cell phone.

"where are you? we're by the car and you're not here"

"ok mom, i'm fine. have you spotted the blood? driver's side of the car, follow it, and after a while you'll come across a big tree, and that's where you'll find us. it's where the blood trail ends. we're trying to figure out which direction she went in. i dunno maybe you could contact the choppers and get them to help us out?"

"yeah Linds i got it. hey Lindsey, you ever think about becoming a CSI? you're good at this. maybe you inherited more from me than we thought or even realised. listen i'll see you in a while ok."

"mom, what about the choppers?"

"don't worry i'll get on to them. Nick and Greg are up there in them, so will give them a call and let them know what's going on ok. love you Linds."

"love you too mom..." Lindsey hung up the phone

back at Brooke's car.....
after Catherine had hung up the phone from talking to her daughter, she immediately sent a message to Nick and Greg each asking them to give them a heads up as soon as they could about which direction Brooke had gone in, after giving them the landmark of the car and then the tree. she figured they would be able to work out the rest.

i couldn't take it anymore. i had to sit down. the pain was really getting a lot worse, and there would be no way that i could continue walking. i knew that if i sat down i probably wouldn't be able to get back up again, but i had no choice. my feet were about to drop off, they probably had blisters on. the pain in my stomach was even worse, and it felt as if my shoulder had fallen out of it's socket, which by now it probably had. i had to sit down... i collapsed. happy that i could rest, and before i knew it and before i could stop it, i was falling backwards onto the ground beneath me, realising i would never get up again......

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i had to sit down... i collapsed. happy that i could rest, and before i knew it, and before i could stop it, i was falling backwards onto the ground beneath me, realising i would never get up again...

Chapter 11.

the thought of never getting up again suprisingly calmed me. it should have freaked me out but it didn't. i was finally at peace with myself i guess. my whole life had consisted of being disappointed and a disappointment to those around me. i had never been told i was special because i wasn't. i was invisible and anonymous. the sad truth was i liked being that, i had got used to it. until Sara. when i met Sara suddenly i wasn't invisible or anonymous anymore, at least not to her. but even then i had been let down, not that i really blamed her. it's the story of my life and it always will be.

i wasn't even aware that i had fallen. one minute i had stopped walking due to the pain i was in and the next i was lying on the ground with my eyes closed and at peace. i knew the chances of me getting up again were minimal and the chances of me dying from exposure were high. but ino longer cared. at least if i was dead i would no longer be disppointing the few people who knew i existed. my parents wouldnt care; i hadn't heard from them once since i moved. the rest of my family didn't care, i hadn't seen or spoken to them in years, and neither would Sara. i would just become another invisible Jane Doe who died. that's if i was ever found. if not i wold leave this earth the way i had lived on it- invisible and anonymous.

that thought brought me peace and slowly i drifted off into unconsciousness.

meanwhile both Nick and Greg had received Catherine's message and relayed the information onto the pilots of the choppers they were in. they may not have known or even heard of Brooke before all this had happened but they were helping Sara anyway. all they needed to know was that she was a friend of Sara's and that she had no-one else. that was it and they immediately got on with their job of helping to find her before it was too late.

after a while they found the wreck that used to be Brooke's car and they immediately knew what had Catherine so worried- they definitely needed to fnd Brooke as soon as possible. Nick couldn't even quite believe that Brooke had survived and managed to get out the car, let alone walk anywhere. however he did know the seriousness of the situation and directed the pilot to head towards the landmark of the tree where Sara and Lindsey had found a smallish pool of blood.

on their way he looked out of the chopper window and saw figures walking at speed towards the tree below, even though they still had quite a way to walk before they reached it. he figured them to be Cath, Grissom and Brass. after all they had gotten to the car before him.

he couldn't imagine what was going through Sara's mind at the moment. he loved Sara like a sister and couldn't bear to think that she was hurting. knowing Sara like he did, he guessed that she was beating herself up about what had happened and was also in all likelihood feeling incredibly guilty about it as well. all Nick wanted to do was to take Sara's pain and guilt away, just like the rest of the team wanted to. the sooner they found Brooke, the sooner that would happen.

Sara and Lindsey had begun walking again but had kept the tree in sight. that way when they saw Catherine approaching they could walk back and figure out which way they would go next in their efforts to find Brooke.

no matter what she did, she couldn't stop the internal guilt that was occupying her thoughts she knew that if she hadn't been running late, she wouldn't have had to ring Brooke to tell her so, and Brooke wouldn't have run off and they wouldn't be where they were now. hoping she could somehow make a connection with Brooke, she suddenly stood still resulting in Lindsey walking into the back of her.

"Sara what's up? why'd you suddenly stop like that?" Lindsey asked.
"i just want to try and see if i can figure out which way Brooke went. i don't know, maybe if i stand still and concentrate and focus on Brooke i'll be able to."
"but isn't that like ... guessing?"
"it's worth a try isn't it?! look we're not too far from the tree where we found the last bit of blood. maybe if i can focus we can stop wasting time and head in the right direction to finding her before it's too late. listen you're the one who said everything would be ok and that we'd find her, so let me try ok?"
"ok, i'll just give you some space." Lindsey then walked a few steps away to let Sara concentrate on what she needed to do.

Sara closed her eyes standing in the same spot and focused her mind on Brooke, hoping she would be able to make some sort of connection. Sara was a scientist through and through, but at this point in time she put her belief into the idea that this would work.

hope you guys liked it.
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hey guys, as promised here is the next update. it would have been sooner, but have been working quite a bit lately, lol. hope you like it, and please review to let me know what you think good or bad. so here goes....

Sara closed her eyes standing in the same spot and focused her mind on Brooke hoping she would be able to make some sort of connection. Sara was a scientist through and through, but at this point in time she put her belief into the idea that this would work.

Chapter 12.

looking out of the chopper window Nick could still see members of the team making their way to the tree, still following the blood. he couldn't see it from where he was, but he stil knew. he hadn't heard from Greg in a while but he hoped his friend wasn't too far behind.

time was running out and they all knew it. at this time of year in the desert it was only a matter of time before Brooke would collapse out of exhaustion and then eventually die from exposure.

Sara had a concentrated look on her face, still. she knew it was very unlikely she would be able to make a connection with Brooke, but something within her wouldn't let her give up. at least she hoped she would make one, if anything to just give them an idea in which direction she had gone. truth be told they sort of already had a connection. the had it the moment that Brooke had started to trust and open up to her. she just hoped that this connection would be enough to help her find her friend. she hadn't found Brooke yet, and that feeling of guilt inside of her was intensifying with every passing minute that they hadn't found her. but she wasn't about to give up. not again. she just needed a bit more time.

time Brooke doesn't have. the nagging voice in her head told her, and kept on telling her. but she didn't care. she wasn't going to give up on her. she couldn't let her down again, especially because Brooke had no-one else, and she knew herself what that felt like. at least she used to and there was no way she would let that happen to Brooke, no way in hell. she made a promise to herself right there and then that she wouldn't rest or stop until she found Brooke and brought her back home.

after filling her head once more of thoughts of Brooke, she tried once again to make a connection to her young friend, hoping against hope that this time she would succeed.

Lindsey felt helpless. all she could do was watch.

maybe if Sara can't make a connection to her, maybe i can. Lindsey thought to herself.

i mean i don't know Brooke like Sara does, but maybe that doesn't matter. after all we do have the whole being a teenager thing in common. maybe i can make a connection to her through that, i don't know. but it's something at least.

Lindsey closed her eyes and tried to tap into the teenager that Brooke was. the long, lost feeling that her world had been turned upside down. she knew that feeling all to well, she had lived with that feeling for a while a few years ago. it was the same feeling she had had and experienced when her dad died. she had just thanked God everyday since that it hadn't been her mom. she didn't think she could've recovered if something happened to her. she hoped that through that long lost feeling she would be able to connect with Brooke through that. it was at least worth a try.

meanwhile the rest of the team had made it at long last to the tree, following the blood trail that Lindsey had told them about. when they saw the blood at the base of the tree, they all immediately knew what had Sara so worried. between the car and the tree, Brooke had lost a small amount of blood, but they knew she would keep losing more if she kept going. it was only a matter of time until she lost enough to collapse and not ge up again.

Catherine, after a few minutes, saw a figure up ahead standing perfectly still. she knew that Sara and Lindsey had continued to walk a little further on and could only hope that they hadn't gone on too far ahead. she didn't know where she got the sudden burst of energy from, especially after walking for miles, but she someho managed to run towards the figure, hoping with every fibre of her being that it was either her daughter or her friend. as she got closer she realised that it was her daughter, and only a few feet ahead of her was Sara, standing in exactly the same position-perfectly still.

she didn't know what they were doing, but she walked round to face her daughter, and tell her that she was here, they had caught up, and that they already had two choppers in the air looking for Brooke. it would only be a matter of time before they found her. but when she faced her daughter she found that Lindsey had her eyes closed, and seemed to be concentrating on something, only she couldn't figure out what. she gently touched her daughter on the shoulder saying her name, but she got no answer.

"i'll be back in a minute" Catherine told Lindsey, not knowing whether she could hear her. she gave Lindsey's hand a squeeze, let it go, and walked over to Sara. she found that Sara was in exactly the same position as Linsdey, right down to the concentrated look on her face, as if trying to connect with something, only Catherine didn't know what.

Catherine put her hand on Sara's shoulder, and told her exactly what she had told Lindsey- that Nick and Greg were in two separate choppers in the air looking for Brooke, and that Gil and Jim were by the tree, also trying to figure out where Brooke could have gone. she told her that none of the team would stop looking until they found Brooke, and that they were all there for her.

she left Sara then, and went back to her daughter. when she reached her, she gave her hand another squeeze and said "i'm back. come on Linds, open your eyes. everything's gonna be ok now, we're gonna find Brooke, just open your eyes." a few minutes later Catherine still hadn't let go of her hand, but Lindsey's eyes opened.

"oh thank God. Lindsey are you ok?"
"yeah i'm fine. when did you get here? where's Sara?"
"it's ok. i got here about fifteen minutes ago, and you and Sara were both just standing there completely still with your eyes closed and you didn't even react. i squeezed your hand and told you to open yor eyes and you..."
"did. i heard you mom. i was just trying to find Brooke. i thought that if i could make a connection to her, maybe i could help find her, and stop Sara from feeling so guilty. she believes this is her fault mom, and i thought that if i could connect to Brooke, then we could find her, and Sara would stop feeling so guilty. but i heard you mom, i was just concentrating so hard, and i thought that if i opened my eyes then i would lose the connection so i didn't. mom i'm so sorry.
"honey, it's ok. did it work?"
"i don't know. i mean i thought that because we're both teenagers i could maybe connect to her through that, and the whole lost feeling maybe i could connect to her through that but..."
"wait Linds, i get the whole teenager connecting thing, but when have you ever felt lost. apart from when.... oh. when your dad died. you started acting out. i guess you were more affected by his death than i thought. Linds why didn't you tell me?"
"because i felt relieved. it sounds really bad, but i was relieved that it was dad that died and not you. i got over dad dying because he let us down so many times, and i acted out because you were working all the time, and all i wanted to do was spend time with my mom. does that make me a bad kid? being relieved that my father died and not my mom?"
"oh Linds, no. do you have any idea how scared i was when you rang me from the car to say that it was sinking into the water that night. i was so scared i was gonna lose my baby girl, and then i got you out and you were fine. and then when you were acting out i thought you hated me."
"mom i never hated you, i never will. i guess i just wanted some attention, and as sad as i was about dad's death, i got over it. i never would have got over it if it had been you. i love you so much mom, and i don't know if i tell you that enough. i love you, and you're my best friend in the whole world."

Catherine threw her arms around her daughter and gave her a big hug, never wanting to let her go. this case hadn't just affected Sara, it had affected Lindsey and Catherine too. in a weird way it had brought them closer together.

"mom, mom. uh mom. i can't breathe. we have to go. we need to find Brooke before it's too late."
"you're right. we'll talk more later ok, when we get home and Brooke is safe."
"sounds good" Lindsey said smiling at her mom.

Sara quickly opened her eyes. "Brooke" she said.
Sara turned round to see Lindsey and Catherine hugging each other.

at least someone's happy. she thought to herself.

she walked over to them, and told them that she thought she had made a connection to Brooke, and that she had an idea of what direction she had gone in. once she had told Catherine, Catherine took out her cell phone and sent a text to Nick and Greg in the choppers, hoping it would give them a head start on where she was and hopefully be able to save her, and make sure she was ok. Greg replied saying he would get a chopper in the air as soon as he could with a couple of paramedics so that they could rush her to the hospital.

"which way?"
"we go back to the tree, and i'll figure it out from there. i have to find her"
"i know and we will"

i just hope we're not too late. Lindsey thought to herself.

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Great chapter! Continue soon.

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know, i know, it's been a while since i last posted, and i am truly sorry about that. things have been a bit hectic around here, and have been working a lot recently, when i realised i hadn't updated in a while. especially after i promised i would update more regularly. i'm really sorry guys, and hope you keep reading this story. so here you are-the next chapter...

"which way?"
"we go back to the tree, and i'll figure it out from there. i have to find her."
"i know and we will."

i just hope we're not too late. Lindsey thought to herself.

Chapter 13.

the minute the thought entered her mind Lindsey regretted it. she had to stay positive and keep thinking positively, not only for Sara's sake, but for Brooke as well. they needed to find her, and they would and everything would be ok again.

but no matter what she did to shake the negative thoughts that were entering her mind, she couldn't stop thinking and realising that there was quite a big chance that they wouldn't find Brooke alive. for all they knew Brooke could already be dead, and when they found her, they would just be finding her body. if that happened, Lindsey knew that Sara might, actually probably would never recover. we have to find her alive, we just have to...." Lindsey thought to herself.

i don't know how long i was out for, whether it was hours or mere minutes. i had no way of knowing. all i did know was that the pain was still there. i guess it was wishful thinking and foolish to think the pain would go away, just because i laid down for a bit. i tried to sit up but i couldn't. it just hurt too much. i was exhausted but determined not to stay there. i needed to get up again. i tried to at least sit up again and again but i just couldn't. the pain got worse and worse every time i tried. i don't know how long i tried to get up, well more like try and sit up, but eventully i had to face reality- i wasn't going anywhere. i had to accept that. my head kept telling me to keep trying. despite everything, i had somehow hung on to my logic, i'm not really sure how. however my heart was telling a different story. my heart told me that there was no point- i wasn't going anywhere, so what was the point in keeping on trying. the sooner i realised that, the sooner i would stop fighting it, and the sooner that happened, the sooner the pain would go away. what surprised me the most, was that that thought didn't scare me.

i had been fighting my whole life. fighting to remain invisible; fighting to remain anonymous; fighting my parents; fighting anyone who took an interest in me; fighting not to let anyone in so i wouldn't get hurt. and in the end i ended up fighting Sara, because i had let her in, because i was stupid and naive enough to think she actually cared for me. i let her in, and by doing that my anonymity disappeared. for the first time in my life i was visible. and then in the space of a few minutes i was invisible and alone again. and in that moment i knew i once again had to disappear and once again become invisible and anonymous.

the irony is when i was fighting before in my life, no matter who or what it was, i was fighting for my life. the life i had  become attached to and was comfortable with. the life where i was invisible and anonymous. now i stopped fighting for that life. i was instead welcoming death. i could remain invisible and anonymous just how i liked to be, how i had lived my life. even better was i wasn't going to leave anyone in pain.

nobody was going to miss me or grieve for me, and as tragic as it sounds- that thought filled me with comfort. no-one was going to suffer when i died. after all, if you were invisible and had no-one like i did, who would be left behind? you can't be grieved for or missed when you have no-one in your life to grieve for you or miss you after you're gone.

i don't really have any regrets. it may sound weird, but i liked how my life was. i liked being the invisible one; the anonymous one; the one that no-one would remember; the on no-one knew and the one that would be forgotten.

that may sound sad and tragic and maybe even a little bit upsetting but that was my life. i know that some may find that difficult to understand but actually it's very simple. i liked being alone and anonymous and invisible. that's how i came into the world, and it is how i will leave it. and the circle of my is complete.

i close my eyes and let the world fade away, knowing that i will never see it again. the ground i am lying on isn't comfortable, but i don't care. it won't be long until the world fades away forever as i leave it- alone, invisible and anonymous......

they had been walking for quite a while now- Sara, Lindsey and Catherine. Brass and Grissom were following. Brass was giving updates to Nick and Greg who were in the choppers every so often. sometimes he asked them to look ahead to see if they were heading in the right direction. not that he didn't trust Sara, he did, but he also knew that the more time that passed, the slimmer that chances were that they would find Brooke alive. so far they hadn't found anything. they were constantly looking at the ground that they were walking on, for any signs of which direction Brooke had headed in. they all knew she couldn't have gone too much further. they had all seen the amount of blood that Brooke had already lost. as time went by, they knew she would only lose more. it was only a matter of time before she lost too much to keep going.

"yeah honey, what is it?"
"we are going to find her right? alive i mean?" Lindsey whispered.
"of course we are. we'll find her soon." Catherine answered her daughter, and put her arm around her.

Catherine looked up ahead and saw that Sara had walked quite a way up ahead and had then stopped. she was fixated on something on the ground. she and Lindsey hurried up to her.
Catherine looked at her friend and said "what? Sara what is it?"
Sara didn't answer. instead she just pointed to what she was looking at on the ground.
Catherine and Lindsey both looked at what Sara was pointing at and both said at the same time
"oh no"..........

TBC?   :)

A/N: what was Sara pointing at? why did Catherine and Lindsey react like that?
both questions will be answered if you want me to continue........

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Chapter 14.

"oh no".

"but hang on, isn't this kinda a good thing. i mean i know it's not good, but at least we know we're on the right path. and if we're on the right path, we're closer to finding her right, and taking her back home."

"well yeah, but it also means we are running out of time, and fast. we need to find her, before anything else happens, and before she loses any more blood."

"ok, ok calm down Sara we will..... Sara don't say it. i know what you're thinking and about to say, but don't ok."

"don't say what Cath? don't say that it's my fault? it is. i let her down. i promised her i wasn't like her parents and everyone else who had caused her hurt during her life, but that's what i ended up doing. i hurt her, and she ran off. it's my fault we're looking for her right now and can't find her. it's my fault her car is now a wreck. it's my fault she's lost all this blood. if she dies it will be my fault. if she's dead when we find her, you might as well have Brass arrest me and throw me in jail for 25 years to life. everything that's happened is my fault."

"no it's not Sara. she made her choice. she chose not to give you the chance to explain. she chose to run off. she didn't know she would wreck her car, she didn't know you would come after her. but she made her choice, she ran. this is not your fault. it's not even Brooke's fault. it's just the way it is."

"listen to me" Catherine said "we will find her. we'll get her to the hospital, they'll treat her and she'll get better, and then you two can talk and work things out. if she still wants to go after that you just have to let her. she has to stand on her own two feet at some point, all you can do is make sure that she knows that you are always there for her and you always will be. we'll find her Sara. and Brass is not gonna arrest you, you didn't kill her. she may not even be dead. ok, so stop thinking like that. you hear me Sidle?"

"yeah, thanks Catherine"

"you're welcome, now come on let's keep going. at least we know we're going in the right direction now."

Grissom and Brass caught up to Catherine, Sara and Lindsey.
"hey are you three ok? why'd you stop?" Grissom asked them. then he saw the look on Sara's face, and the tears in her eyes.

"Sara?" he said putting his hand on her shoulder "are you ok honey?"

Sara turned towards him and smiled weakly "yeah Gil i'm fine. we just found some more blood that's all, and i guess all the guilt and fears and feelings that i had been bottling up just exploded out, and Catherine and Lindsey kinda got the full impact of my rant."

he pulled her into a hug, which she welcomed. "everything's gonna be ok now. we'll find her ok?"

she just nodded against his chest. "i know. at least i hope we do, before it's too late."

Lindsey had walked on ahead. "Mom! Sara!" Lindsey shouted. "you might want to get over here!"

Catherine got there first. "what is it sweetie?"

Lindsey had bent down to pick something up off the ground. "look." she said showing her mom the item she had just picked up from the ground. "is this Brooke's?"

"i don't know sweetie, i never met her. Sara? Lindsey found something. show her Linds." she told her daughter.

Lindsey held out the item that she had picked up only a couple of minutes ago.

"Sara, do you recognise it? i mean is it Brooke's?" Catherine asked.

Sara recognised it immediately. how many times had she seen it before? how many times had Brooke told her the story behind it? "yes" she finally answered quietly. she also knew that Brooke would never take it off. she loved it, it was the only part of her past that she actually liked. the rest she always wanted to forget, but not this.

"her grams gave it to her shortly before she died."

"i thought she hated her family?"

"no she doesn't hate them. she just felt that they were taking her for granted, well her mom and dad anyway. she was really close to her grams before she died, and her grams gave her that necklace because she always loved it ever since she was little, so her grams thought it was only fair that she have it before she died, and have something to remember her by after she was gone. i don't understand though......"

"don't understand what?" Lindsey asked.

"this was her favourite necklace. she rarely took it off. she always wore it. she loves that necklace, she would never leave it anywhere, never." Sara explained.

"well maybe it fell off, and she didn't realise. i mean the clasp isn't that secure. maybe it fell off when she was walking and she didn't realise. i mean that would explain why it was here, and not on her." Lindsey said.

"maybe. listen we have to keep hold of this for her. she needs this back. Lindsey pass it here"

Lindsey passed the necklace over to Sara, who in turn took a closer look at the necklace, and carefully folding the chain she placed it in her pocket. it would remain there until they found Brooke, so that Sara could return it to her.

"let's keep walking."

Catherine once more put her arm around her daughter, and followed behind Sara and Gil who had taken hold of Sara's hand to support her. Jim followed behind with Catherine and Lindsey and sent a quick message to Nick and Greg to let them know what they had found. he also asked them to go ahead of them, to see if they could find Brooke, and let him know where she was. at least if the choppers got to her before they did, the paramedics could at least start to treat her.

a few minutes later they heard the sound of the choppers flying overhead and heading out in front of them continuing on with their search for Brooke.

after a few more miles of walking, Brass got a message from a chopper. it simple said:

keep walking. we just found her, we've told the paramedic chopper where she is. she looks bad. get Sara there as quickly as you can. Brooke's gonna need her. just keep heading in a straight line and you'll see her in about half a mile or so.

Jim quickly read the text, and let Sara know as quickly as possible. Sara let go of Gil's hand as soon as she heard the words we just found her she didn't need to hear anything after that. she ran as fast as she could. after a few minutes she came across Brooke, and as soon as she reached her side, she fell down beside her and grabbed a hold of her hand.......

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Great chapters.  Hurry up and find her.

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after a few minutes she came across Brooke, and as soon as she reached her side, she fell down beside her and grabbed a hold of her hand.......

Chapter 15.

"Brooke" Sara whispered, as paramedics worked around her.

after a while Sara regained her voice, but not once did she let go of Brooke's hand. she knew that she was probably in the way of the paramedics who were working on her, but at that moment she didn't really care. she knew she had to reach Brooke somehow, she had to let her know that she was there, whether Brooke was aware or not.

a few minutes later, Sara was told to let go so that the medics could lift Brooke and the stretcher she was on into the waiting chopper that would take her to Desert Palm. Sara immediately climbed in with her, stating to them "i'm going with her, no arguments", she could be quite determined when she wanted to be. she wasn't about to let Brooke down again.

once up in the air, Sara took a hold of Brooke's limp hand, and began to talk to her, hoping with eery hope in her body that Brooke would be able to hear her, and that they weren't too late. the medics had already started to put fluids into her to at least start rehydrating her, before they got to the hospital. she was in a bad way, Sara knew that, but she hoped that she would get better, even if the chances were very slim.

"Brooke, it's me Sara. listen i know that you probably can't hear me, but i'm gonna tell you this anyway. and if i have to repeat myself later then i will. you are not to die on me ok. i know you think you're invisible and that no-one cares about you, but you're wrong. you are so wrong. i care about you ok. why do you think i helped you all the times you needed help, or that i answered your calls at insane times in the morning when you called? i did that because i care about you. you have to fight now Brooke, ok, you hear me. you have to fight, don't give in, you have to fight do you hear me?"

suddenly there came a long beeping noise.....

"she's crashing" said one of the paramedics. "starting CPR"

"BROOKE!" shouted Sara, tears falling down from her eyes.

"you'll have to move miss. please let go of her hand."

Sara let go reluctantly and silently. she knew the paramedics needed to do their job and save her, and they couldn't exactly do that with her in the way. she moved so that she was now sitting near the pilot watching helplessly as they started giving Brooke CPR.

"come on Brooke" Sara said silently. "come on, come back to us."

after the longest few minutes of Sara's life the paramedic said "okay, she's back."

"oh thank God" Sara said and sighed with relief. "how long til we get to Desert Palm?" she asked one of the paramedics.

"not long, maybe a few minutes. they know we're coming, so she'll get seen to right away."

"so she's gonna be ok?"

"i don't know. hopefully, but you shouldn't get your hopes up. a case like this, she could go either way."

the tears started to form in her eyes again. "thank you." she said simply.

"if you don't mind me asking ma'am, how do you know her? i mean is she a relative?"

"no. she's just a friend. i was helping her out, and there was a misunderstanding and she took off. and then her car got wrecked and i was really worried about her, so i kept looking for her."

"shouldn't you call her family. i mean wouldn't they want to know?"

"no. i mean she has family somewhere, but i don't have any contact numbers for them. and they don't care about her anyway. i'm the only one she has. i don't think she's even contacted them since she came to Vegas."

"ok, we're here." announced the pilot "touching down at Desert Palm."

the second the chopper touched down on the ground outside the hospital, the doors opened and the paramedics rushed Brooke in, announcing to the doctors and nurses who came to greet them what the situation was, and how they had briefly lost her, but brought her back. feeling helpless Sara just followed them. there was no way that she was going to let Brooke out of sight.

"i'm sorry miss, you can't come any further. you'll have to wait here. i'll come and let you know as soon as we have her settled. you family?"

"no, i'm a friend. she doesn't have any family." not any that care about her anyway she added silently to herself.

"ok. listen if you want to go down to the canteen and get yourself a cup of coffee or something, and i'll let you know when i know something. i'm afraid it's probably gonna be a while." the nurse told her.

"it's ook, i'd rather stay here if you don't mind."

"no problem, there's a seat just over there, i'll come and update you as soon as possible ok."

"thank you."

the nurse went back into the trauma room where Brooke was and where the doctors were looking after. "ok what have we got here? the shoulder needs to be put back, and oh dear." when he saw the glass that was still sticking out of her stomach. "ok, can someone call theater and let them know we're on our way up with an 18 year old girl with glass stuck in her stomach. we need to get up there as soon as possible. ok everyone lets move. the family here yet?"

"no." said the nurse "she doesn't have any. a friend by the name of Sara Sidle is outside though. she came in with her."

"ok, let her know where we're taking her, and see if you can find ut how this happened. ok everyone let's move. the sooner we get up there the better." the doctor said.

immediately everyone sprung into action. they knew that this was going to be touch and go, and the sooner they got the girl into theater the better. the nurse went outside and found Sara sitting down with her head in her hands, tears streaming down her face. she went towards her. "Sara?"

"yes, is Brooke ok? can i see her?"

"i'm afraid not. listen they've had to take her up to theater. they need to remove the glass from her stomach, and they can't really do that down here. and they also have to manipulate her shoulder back into place. i need to ask you what happened."


"because she has quite a large piece of glass sticking out of her stomach, and she is heavily dehydrated. plus we have a duty to inform the police whenever we suspect something serious has happened. so could you tell me please?" the nurse asked her.

"ok. but you don't need to tell the police. they already know. i'm a CSI, i work with them."

"oh i'm sorry, i didn't realise."

"it's ok. Brooke is my friend. i'm the only one she has, and her family don't really care about her. it's why she left them and moved to Vegas. i helped her out a lot, and we had a misunderstanding yesterday morning." wow was it only yesterday Sara thought to herself. it seems like it was a lot earlier than that

"anyway we had a misunderstanding and she took off. she went back to her apartment and packed up her stuff and left, and she wrecked her car on her way out of Vegas, and even though she had injuries she managed to get herself out of the car and walk quite a while, even though she was losing blood and then she collapsed. i mean eventually we found her. we had the whole of our team looking for her, and some of PD. she's gonna be ok right? i mean she's not going to die is she?"

"they're doing the best they can. but the glass was in quite deep, they won't know the full extent until they get into theater. i'm sorry that's all  can tell you right now. i'll let you know as soon as she's in recovery. do you need me to call anyone?"

"no it's ok. i need to call my friends and let them know what's going on. they'll be worried."

"are you sure? i mean i can call them for you."

"no it's ok. i need some fresh air anyway. erm, where should i wait?"

"you can go to the waiting room, it's just down the corridor, but you'll have to call your friends from outside ok. it's just cell phones can sometimes interfere with our equipment."

"oh right, of course no problem." Sara replied. "and thank you."

"you're welcome." and with that the nurse walked away leaving Sara alone again.

after a few minutes, Sara walked out towards the exit, and rang Gil's cell phone.
Gil answered after the first ring...
"Sara, are you ok? how's Brooke?"
"she's in theater now. they don't even know if she's gonna make it." Sara was fighting hard not to cry again.
"do you want us to come to the hospital? we're not that far away."
"are you sure? i mean you don't have to."
"we'll be there as soon as we can ok. i'm just gonna let everyone know. where will you be?"
"in the waiting room, just ask at reception, i'm sure they'll be able to tell you where it is. i wasnt quite listening when the nurse told me."
"ok, we'll be there as soon as we can. and Sara..."
"she's going to be ok. she's a fighter, she'll get through this."
"i hope so." and with that Sara hung up the phone, went back inside and after asking for directions made her way towards the waiting room.

"ok people. we've got an 18 year old girl with a severe injury to her stomach and the piece of glass is still inside her. the wound looks quite deep so we're gonna have to be careful. she's already arrested once on the way over here in the chopper, we don't want that to happen again. i need more light here."

"ok, here we go easy does it" said the surgeon as he slowly removed the peice of glass from Brooke's stomach. once free the machines monitoring her breathing and heartrate started beeping, and after a few seconds she flatlined, and a loud long beeping sound could be heard, and she kept on bleeding out.

"dammit. ok paddles quickly people. i need more suction over here."

the surgeon and the doctors worked tirelessly to get her back.

"come on." said the doctor quietly "come on" he shocked her again, and the nurse continued with CPR.

"come on Brooke, come back to us. you're not dying, not today"



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Great, you made me cry.

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ok, here's the next chapter. hope ya like it.....

"dammit. ok paddles quickly people. i need more suction over here."

the surgeon and the doctors worked tirelsessly to get her back.

"come on." said the doctor quietly. "come on" he shocked her again, and the nurse continued with CPR.

"come on Brooke, come back to us. you're not dying, not today."



Chapter 16

i was surrounded by light but i couldn't see. i could hear someone calling my name, but i couldn't work out who. the voice sounded familiar i just didn't know why. i felt peaceful, the pain i was in seemed to have gone away, and i was grateful for it. i didn't exactly know where i was either, but i wasn't scared. i was finally at peace, and had stopped fighting... well.... everything. everything i had fought during my life was gone. i knew there was only one explanation- i must be dead. now if only i could figure out who the voice belonged to....

"Brooke." the voice continued to whisper "Brooke. this way Brooke. that's it keep going. follow my voice."

i don't know why i trusted the voice, it could have been leading me anywhere. but i knew in my heart that i had heard it before, i must trust it. slowly it dawned on me where i knew the voice from and why i knew it.

"Grams? is that you?" i continued to follow the voice, and i found her.

"Grams! it's so good to see you. but how are you here? you died. you died years ago."

"hello Brooke." she said enveloping her grandaughter in a tight hug. "you're all grown up now."

"Grams, how? what? why? how?"

"you had an accident, and passed out in the middle of nowhere. but they found you. she found you, and took you to the hospital. she refused to let go of your hand. she only let go when she had to. you arrested on the operating table. they're trying to save you right now."

"she? who's she? who's they? Grams i don't understand. i mean you're dead. and if i'm here i'm dead too."

"you're not dead yet sweetheart, just in limbo, you have a choice- to fight back and live and go back to her, or simply give up."

"Grams, who are you talking about? i have no-one back there. who is this person you keep refering to?" and what choice? i'm tired of fighting, i've been fighting all my life, and i'm tired of it."

"come on Brooke, you know who i'm talking about. she was there for you, she helped you. you have to fight to go back to her, it's not your time yet."

"it wasn't your time either, but you died. you were supposed to still be there when i turned eighteen, and when i turn twenty-one. but you weren't and you're not gonna be. i don't wanna fight anymore Grams, what's the point when there's no-one to fight to go back to. why can't i just stay here?"

"because it's not your time. and Sara is never going to forgive herself if anything happens to you. she went looking for you after you ran away. she found you and refused to let go of your hand, right up until the very last second when she had to. you really believe that no-one cares for you back there? do you really believe that?"

"you've got it wrong Grams. Sara doesn't care for me. maybe at one time she pretended to, or maybe she really did i don't know. what i do know, is that you're talking a load of rubbish right now- no offense. Sara didn't come after me, she let me disappear, and it's good that she did. now she won't be hurt, when i die, or rather now that i'm dead."

"you really believe that Brooke? come on, i wanna show you something...."

Grams took Brooke's hand and they began walking.

"where are we?" Brooke asked.

"we're at the hospital, through those doors is the operating room where the doctors are still trying to save you. but we're not going there. you need to see something."

in a second they were in another part of the hospital. they passed through a couple of doors until they reached one that said 'family waiting room'.

Brooke was confused. "Grams why are we here? i already know that room is empty, you don't need to show me that."

"just go in and take a look. i'll be right behind you." Brooke hesitated "go on." her Grams told her "it's ok"

Brooke stepped through the door, and her Grams immediately followed. "see" she told her granddaughter. "she never gave up on you. she saved you, more than once. she's not going anywhere. you're her friend Brooke, she's never going to give up on you- not now, not ever. you have to fight to go back to her. make things right. mend your friendship with each other. you have to fight Brooke!"

Brooke was silent. behind them the door opened, and more people came in. she didn't recognise any of them, but Sara did. she looked up at the older woman, smiled slightly and said "thanks for being here Catherine."

"hey it's not a problem, the others are on their way, and Lindsey is just outside getting some coffee, she'll be here in a bit. are you ok?"

"not really. it's bad Catherine, it's really bad. i just feel so helpless. i can't do anything. it's been ages already, and i don't even know how she's doing, no-one will tell me anything."

"hey, it's ok. we're all here for you no matter what. and when Brooke gets better, we'll be there for her too, any time day or night. we'll be there."

"i know. it's just..... if i hadn't have called her to tell her i was running late, or if i hadn't been running late and met her when i was supposed to none of this would ever have happened, and she wouldn't be in this mess right now. this is all my fault."

"none of that Sara" Catherine said sternly "this is not your fault. it was an accident, but it is not your fault. no-one is to blame here, it just happened. you will both get through this. she's gonna be fine Sara."

"see." my Grams said "she does care about you, otherwise she wouldn't be here, or blaming herself for what happened to you. she's scared Brooke, she's really scared. you know what you have to do. you have to go back. you have to go back and fight. fight to live. go!"

"this sucks!" i said. "i just get to see you again, and now i have to go, and grieve for you all over again. it isn't fair. i'll never even see you."

"you don't have to see me to know i'm there. i'm always with you Brooke, i always have and i always will be. me being dead and you going back doesn't change that. i'll always be near you. now go, i love you sweetheart." my Grams said.

"i love you too Grams." and with that i gave her a big hug again, and once we let go i could feel myself being drawn back. i knew i had to, even if part of me didn't want to.

"CLEAR!" the doctor shouted and shocked Brooke again.

"beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp, beeeepp, beep, beep, beep"

hope you guys liked it

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"i love you too Grams." and with that i gave her a big hug again, and once we had let go i could feel myself being drawn back. i knew i had to, even if part of me didn't want to.

"CLEAR!" the doctor shouted and shocked Brooke again.

"beeeeeeeeeeeppppp, beeeepp, beep, beep, beep"

Chapter 17.

"ok, we've got her back, good work everyone."

the surgeon then proceeded to commence stictching up Brooke's wound, that only a while ago had had a piece of glass in it. once she was all stitched up, and the anaesthetic had been removed, they wheeled her into recovery, where they would be able to monitor her progress.

the surgeon, after cleaning himself up, went with one of the nurses to fill Brooke's family in on what had happened, and what it meant now.

they walked into the family room, where they nurse had told Sara to wait for news.

"family for Brooke Tyler?" the surgeon asked.

"yes. is she ok?" Sara immediately asked.

"well, the operation was complicated and we lost her a couple of times due to the amount of blood, but we managed to get her back. she's in recovery right now. when they find her a bed in ICU you'll be able to see her. these first twenty-four hours are critical, but she's a fighter, she should be ok. i'll let you have some time." the surgeon told them, and then left the room.

tears were running down Sara's face, and she was powerless to stop them- not a thing that Sara particularly liked being.

"she's gonna be ok Sara. you heard what they said; she's a fighter she'll be fine." Catherine said, trying to reassure Sara.

"i hope so. i just feel so helpless you know. she's in recovery fighting for her life and there's nothing i can do. she's been fighting her whole life Catherine, she was supposed to stop when she came to Vegas. her days of being invisible and fighting and disappearing were meant to be over. but they're not, not yet. she has to keep fighting, and i don't even know if she has the strength to anymore." Sara said, tears still streaming down her face.

Catherine just looked at her friend, and pulled her into a hug. "she'll be ok" she kept saying. "this is her last fight. she'll get through this and then you guys can talk and work things out. she'll be ok."

Lindsey, who had returned with coffees earlier, just sat in a chair on the other side of the room, watching her mom comfort Sara. she was amazed that her mom was able to keep it together. but she knew her mom was gonna be strong for Sara, they both were. they'd help her get through this, and when the time came, they'd help Brooke too. she put her hand in her pocket to retrieve her iPod- maybe some music would help distract them until they could go and see Brooke. she pulled out her iPod, when something else fell out of her pocket. she bent down to pick it up, and as she bought it closer to her face, she realised just what it was. it was Brooke's necklace that they had found earlier, the same necklace that Sara identified as Brooke's, the one her Grams gave her before she died, the same one that Lindsey had held onto until Sara was able to give it back to Brooke.

Lindsey got up out of her chair and walked the few steps over to her mom and Sara.

"Sara." she said tentitively "erm, this fell out of my pocket. you should go give it to Brooke when you see her. i'm sure she'll want it back, and i know you would like to give it to her."

Sara looked up at Lindsey, and then down to see what she was holding in her hand. taking the necklace from Lindsey, and holding it in her hand she whispered "thanks Linds. you should go home, get some sleep, both of you. really, i'll be fine by myself, and the guys will be here soon anyway. really, i'm fine"

"we are not leaving you here. we're staying. we promised we would and we will" seeing the look on Sara's face, Catherine immediately said "no arguments!"

Sara smiled. she secretly liked the fact that her friends weren't going to leave her, and then the smile disappeared when she remembered that Brooke didn't have this. she only had Sara, and that was only if she'd let Sara in and see her.

a few minutes later, the guys arrived and walked through the waiting room door, arms full of coffee, and doughnuts and pizza and even more coffee.

"figured we'd be here for a while" Greg said, explaining why they had so much stuff with them.

"we figured you'd get hungry at some point, and well we knew you wouldn't leave, and well... hospital food sucks and hospital coffee sucks so we thought we'd bring you some proper food. you know stuff you'd actually eat and not be disgusted by" Nick explained smiling a bit, trying to lighten the mood.

"thanks guys, i'm starving!" Lindsey said, walking quickly up to the guys to grab a bag of food.

"Lindsey Willows!" Catherine half shouted at her daughter.

"what i'm starving. what do you expect i'm a teenager, i need food. come on you have to admit, we need comfort food, which means junk food, which means this, not the hospital . come on mom i know you and Sara are hungry to. we haven't eaten since that diner we went to quite a while ago, and we only had coffee and a couple of bits of cake. come on lighten up."

"Lindsey, i can't believe you just....." Catherine began to say

"mom!" Lindsey interrupted "listen, Brooke might still be a while, we need to keep our strength up, and you never know this comfort food might distract us, and ergo time will go by a lot faster ergo we'll see Brooke sooner, or well Sara will; plus we'll have had something to eat, so we'll feel a bit better."

"she has a point Catherine. plus you know i am kinda hungry myself" Sara said smiling

"ok, let's dig in." Catherine said relenting.

"you guys did get a vegetarian pizza right?" Sara asked.

"yes, her you go." Gil said handing her the pizza. "bon appetite"

they all dug in to the various pizzas the guys had bought from their favourite pizza place, and drank countless cups of coffee, and chatted to each other. for a while they forgot that they were in a hospital, it felt like they were just in the break room at the lab, chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company before their shift.

a few minutes later reality came back, in the form of a nurse who informed Sara that Brooke was now in recovery, and doing well.

"she's still in the critical period, but she's doing well. just let her rest ok, and only one at a time. i'll take you to her now if you want?"

"yeah thanks. you guys can come if you want." Sara said to her friends.

"you'll have to wait outside, but there are plenty of chairs up there, and space to finish eating you pizza and drinking your coffee, just don't take it into the actual ICU. really i should take it off you, but i know the food here sucks, so go ahead. i won't tell." the nurse said smiling.

"thanks." Nick said sheepishly.

"ok let's go" Sara said. and with that they followed the nurse out of the 'family waiting room' towards the elevator that would take them to the ICU.

a few minutes later, Sara was walking through the doors to the ICU, washed her hands with the anti-bacterial soap by the door, and walked towards the bed that Brooke was lying in. she looked so small in the bed, with tubes running down and into various parts of her arm to keep her hydrated, and to account for the amount of blood she had lost.

Sara pulled up a chair for herself, and sat down, taking one of Brooke's hands in both of hers. she looked at the girl lying in the bed. she knew it was Brooke, and she knew that she would be ok, but on some level it didn't even look like Brooke. guess that was just how things were in hospitals.

"hey Brooke, it's me Sara. listen i know you might not be able to hear me right now, but i'm gonna say this anyway, and then when you wake up i'll say it all over again because you need to hear this ok. listen i'm sorry, i am so sorry for what happened to you. you've had enough pain and disappointment in your life to last you a lifetime, and i'm sorry i added to it, even though i promised i wouldn't. i wasn't blowing you off before, when i called you. i was running late on a case, and i called you to let you know that i was on my way, i was just running a little bit late, but you hung up before i could fully explain. and i don't blame you- if i was in your shoes i would've reacted the same way. i did actually a few times whilst i was growing up. i'd be promised something, and it never happened, so i know why you reacted the way you did.

it's ok, i'm not angry with you. if anything i'm angry at myself for making you feel that way, and i'm sorry, i am so sorry. but you have to listen to me now ok. you have to fight now ok, you have to fight to wake up so we can work this out. i know you've been fighting your whole life and it's not fair to ask you to fight again, but this is the last one ok, you only need to fight this one last time and then that's it, no more fighting ok.

but Brooke you have to wake up. i need you to wake up. you need to know that you're special and unique and smart and funny. you can do whatever you want Brooke, you can be whomever you want to be. you can do anything, be anything. but you need to wake up.

when we were looking for you out there, a friend of mine found something that belongs to you, and i figured you'd want it back. i know how important it is to you, and when you're feeling better i'll put it on for you, or you can put it on yourself, whatever."

Sara released Brooke's hand from hers, and pulled the necklace from her pocket and gently placed it in Brooke's right hand, and closed her hand around it. she then held Brooke's left hand in both of hers, and squeezed gently to let Brooke know she was still there, and that she wasn't going to leave her.

a couple of minutes later she thought she felt Brooke squeezing her hand, and a few seconds later ...........


hope you liked it.
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Sara released Brooke's hand from hers, and pulled the necklace from her pocket and gently placed it in Brooke's right hand, and closed her hand around it. she then held Brooke's left hand in both of hers, and squeezed it gently to let Brooke know that she was still there, and that she wasn't going to leave her.

a couple of minutes later she thought she felt Brooke squeezing her hand, and a few seconds later.........

Chapter 18.

and a few seconds later she was sure. she felt Brooke squeezing her hand again, even though her eyes were still closed. Sara pressed the buzzer alarm in Brooke's room, to let the doctor know. the doctor who was taking care of Brooke came in the room almost immediately

"She squeezed my hand. the first time i thought i imagined it, but she just did it again. that means she's going to be ok doesn't it?" Sara said, trying to hide the hint of excitement in her voice.

"we won't know anything for sure until she wakes up, and that could still be a while yet. but the fact she has responded is definitely a good sign. let us just do some quick tests on her ok. i'll let you know when we're done and you can come back in and see her ok?" the doctor told Sara.

"ok. i better let the others know what's happening anyway."

before she left she gave Brooke's hand one last squeeze and whispered to her "i'll be back soon, i promise. i'm just going to be right outside. keep fighting Brooke." and with that Sara left the room, to go back to the waiting room to fill her friends in.

"Sara! is Brooke ok? how is she? what's happening?" all her friends asked at the same time.

Sara had to smile at the concern her friends showed for her friend, even though they didn't know her.

"yeah, she's fine. the operation went well. she's asleep at the moment, she still hasn't fully come round yet. but she squeezed my hand, twice. so the doctors came in and are running some tests on her now to see how she responds. but i mean it's good, it's a good thing that she responded to me, so she's gonna be ok. i mean she's not fully out of the woods yet, but she's doing really good." Sara informed them.

"that's great news!" Lindsey said, walking over to give Sara a big hug.

"thanks Linds. listen, it might still be a while before she wakes up, you guys should go home. you've done so much already. go, i'll be fine."

"Sara, we're staying and that's final." Catherine sternly told her friend.

"but what about Lindsey, doesn't she have school tomorrow?"

"mom and me have already talked about it. i'm having my work sent home for a few days, mom rang them earlier and told them i wouldn't be in for at least the next few days. called it a 'family emergency' and i wouldn't be in. it'll be fine, i'm already a bit ahead anyway, and i can keep up with the work at home, or here."

"Lindsey, i can't ask you to miss school."

"but you're not asking, we're telling. really the school was fine about it, they were really understanding, and i'm not exactly lying to them am i? i mean you guys are the closest thing to family i've got after mom and grandma, so ......"

"thanks Linds." Sara said smiling. "as long as you're sure?"

"will you stop asking us that? of course we're sure. i wouldn't have rung the school otherwise. and it's not going to be happening too often anyway. and to be honest Lindsey and i could use some quality mother-daughter time anyway, whether it's at the hospital or not." Catherine explained to her friend.

"ok. thanks you guys. you wanna come back with me and see her? i know it's only one at a time, but there's a window next to the door you can see her through, kinda like when ......" Sara suddenly trailed off and went quiet as she remembered the last time they were in  there.

"kinda like when i got shot you mean?" Jim said. "it's ok Sara. i'm ok and Brooke's gonna be ok. now what do you say, we go and see the little lady?"

"ok. oh but don't call her that. she'd slap you before you could finish that name." Sara smiled and laughed.

"ok. just Brooke it is." Jim responded.

"let's go."

a few minutes later they were all outside Brooke's recovery room, minus Sara who had already gone in. the doctors were just finishing performing the various tests, when Sara walked through the door.

"so what's the news?" Sara asked impatiently.

"well, it's all good. i mean she's not fully outside the critical period yet, but if she's responding this early it's only a good thing. keep talking to her, it'll help. just don't try to get her to wake up before she or her body are ready. that would only cause harm and hinder her recovery in the long run. i'll be back to check on her in a while ok. you can relax a little bit now Sara, she's should be fine." the doctor told her, giving her a reassuring smile.

"thank you." Sara replied simply.

Sara walked over to the lone chair next to the left side of Brooke's bed, sat down and once again held Brooke's left hand in both of hers.

"you're gonna be ok Brooke." Sara said softly "the doctor said you are gonna be fine. so you just rest now, and concentrate on getting better ok. and then when you're feelng up to it, we'll talk about what's gonna happen ok. you know, maybe you should move into my place for a little bit, just until you get fully back on your feet. or you can stay as long as you want, there's plenty of room, but we can figure that out later ok.

Brooke i am so sorry. i will never forgive myself for putting you here, and driving you away. i didn't mean to i promise. it's just on the day you left, i was running late with a case, and i lost track of time, so i thought i'd ring you to let you know i was on my way, i was just going to be a bit later than planned. i don't know, maybe i worded it wrong, actually i probably did, but i'm so sorry. i let you down, and you deserve to be mad at me. i knew you're history, and the  that yuo've had to put up with, and being constantly let down by your family, and i added to it. i promised you things were going to be different when yuo came to Vegas, but i ended up doing what you're family had been doing to you for years. making you think you were nobody special, and that you weren't good enough or worth anything. but they were so wrong- you are special Brooke. yuo're smart, you're funny, you are good enough. you're good enough to do whatever you want. just hold onto that ok.  hold on to the fact that you're special and unique and you do make a difference, and you're definietely not invisible ok.

you just hold on now Brooke ok. i'm not going anywhere. i'm not leaving you, so you're just gonna have to deal with that. listen there's a few of my friends outside who want to meet you ok, and talk to you. but we're only allowed in here one at a time at the minute, so i'm gonna go just outside this door, and let them in one by one to talk to you and keep you company ok? ok."

giving Brooke's hand one last squeeze, she left the room in order so that one by one her friends could come in and talk to her.

"hey. do any of you want to go in? i'm sure she's love to hear you voices. and then we can introduce you guys properly  when she wakes up."

"yeah, i'll go." said Lindsey, "if that's ok?"

"of course it is. it might help hearing another teenager's voice. take your time Linds. stay and talk to her as long as you want."


hope you guys liked it. another chapter will be posted soon.

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ok guys, here is the next chapter...

"hey do any of you want to go in? i'm sure she'd love to hear your voices. and then we can introduce you guys properly when she wakes up."

"yeah, i'll go." said Lindsey, "if that's ok?"

"of course it is. it might help hearing another teenager's voice. take your time Linds. stay and talk to her for as long as you want."


Chapter 19.

Lindsey entered Brooke's room, from where she had been waiting with the rest of the CSI's, and closed the door behind her. she went straight towards the vacated seat that Sara had left behind on the left-hand side of Brooke's hospital bed. Lindsey had to admit to herself, that Brooke looked a little better than she did when she had first met her. mind you, she no longer had a piece of glass sticking out of her stomach, so that probably helped.

she sat down on the chair, and even though she didn't even know Brooke, that didn't stop her from taking her hand. what surprised her most, was that it didn't feel weird or uncomfortable, it just felt natural.

"hey there Brooke. my name's Lindsey. i'm kinda a friend of Sara's. you see my mom, works with Sara at the crime lab. and over the years they've gotten closer, and we're all kinda a family now. it's a weird one, but there you go. i guess what i'm trying to say is, you're part of that family now. i guess you have been since you came to Vegas, maybe even before then, maybe from when you first trusted Sara and opened up to her. none of us know the full story about you, but we know enough. so i guess what i'm trying to say is welcome to the family. we're all here for you, we always will be.

you're not on your own anymore. you don't have to fight anything or anyone. believe me i know what that's like. you probably don't believe me right? what would i have to fight against, i have a mom that loves me and cares about me. but it was different when i was younger. i lost my dad a few years ago, and although i will never fully get over it, i've moved on. and when it first happened, i rebelled for a bit. i fought against my mom, my friends, the teachers at school, and basically the world in general. when i needed my mom the most she wasn't there, or at least to me she wasn't there as often as she should have been. she worked a lot, and i guess that was her way of coping with my dad's death. they'd been separated, and eventually divorced for a while, but she still found it hard. she never stopped caring for him. i guess i just acted out, because i knew i'd get her attention. and then we sat down and talked, really talked, about everything. and we've just got closer everyday since. she's not just my mom anymore, she's my best friend. i know that must sound weird, and maybe even a bit cliche, but it's the truth.

Sara cares about you a lot Brooke. you should have seen her, when she first realised you'd disappeared. she tried calling and texting, but didn't get any answer. she went to your apartment and found your cell phone, and she realised that you were running again. she felt so guilty, i can't even begin to tell you how guilty. she had the whole of Las Vegas PD looking for you, as well as the grave shift team at the crime lab. she thought i might be able to help coz of the whole teenager thing in common, so she got my mom to come home and bring me to the lab to help.

you have to wake up soon Brooke, because it doesn't matter what you think, Sara really cares about you, we all do. she hasn't even gone home yet. she's stayed here since she brought you to the hospital. she never let go of your hand until she absolutely had to. she's felt do guilty and so helpless, and she truly believes that this is all her fault. you have to wake up Brooke. but you wake up when you're ready ok, not before then, or you'll do more harm than good to yourself and to Sara. she's never going to fully forgive herself for this, but at least when you come back to us, maybe she'll be able to forgive herself a little bit.

listen, i'm gonna go now. but there's plenty of people who want to see you. so i'm gonna go so that they can come in individually to say hi and talk to you ok. you just hang on in there. we'll all still be here whenever you decide to wake up. just don't take too long ok, the sooner you wake up, the sooner Sara will stop feeling so guilty, and then you two can talk properly and work your friendship out ok.

see you soon Brooke."

Lindsey then got up, and after giving a final squeeze to Brooke's left hand, she let go and walked towards the door and walked out of the room, leaving Brooke on her own momentarily. she knew either her mom, or one of the team would go in there shortly after her, it was only a question of who.

Catherine saw her daughter walking out of Brooke's room, and waited patiently for her to come back in to the room where she and the rest of the team were waiting, observing Brooke. they hadn't heard what Lindsey had said, and Catherine was dying to know if her daughter was ok.

"Lindsey honey, are you ok?" she asked her.

"yeah mom, i'm fine. it wasn't too bad actually. i think she heard me. she didn't do anything, but i think she heard me. listen, why don't one of you guys go in? it's not that bad honestly. just talk to her like she's awake. she may not be awake, but she'll hear you. it's strangely kinda comforting, just being able to get things off your chest."

Lindsey looked at Sara and said "she's gonna be fine Sara. and you know what, being in there talking to her has just confirmed to me, that we're gonna be great friends when she wakes up. she's never gonna feel alone again. not with you or any of us being around, and being her friends, and just being there for her no matter what. we're just gonna be adding one more to the family."

Lindsey smiled at Sara, and Sara slowly smiled back at Lindsey, knowing she was right.

TBC??   :)

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TBC??   Yes.

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"........ we're just gonna be adding one more to the family."

Lindsey smiled at Sara, and Sara slowly smiled back at Lindsey, knowing she was right.

Chapter 20.

as dysfunctional as it seemed, they were all a family. it was kinda weird, but at the same time, it was the only thing that made sense. they always had eachother's backs no matter what the time or the place- they were there for each other, and they always would be. having Brooke around certainly wouldn't change that- in fact it just meant adding to it, and having one more person to look out for, who would look out for you. Sara had never had that, not once growing up, and neither had Brooke. but she would have now, it was never too late to have a family looking out for you, even if they weren't related to you by blood. after all, "friends are the family we choose for ourselves", and that was certainly true.

Sara smiled to herself. "are you sure you're only 16 Linds?"

"yeah. believe me she is. i was there. i can't believe my baby can learn to drive now."

"mom! i told you never to call me that. especially in public, i'm not a baby anymore!"

they all laughed.

"oh yeah, she's definitely 16." said Nick.

"Linds, don't you know by now, that you'll always be my baby girl, just because your older, doesn't mean that will change." Catherine told Lindsey.

"ok, but could you at least stop calling me that ok. especially when we're out in public. please mom?" Lndsey pleaded.

"ok fine, i won't call you a baby anymore." Catherine sighed.

"thank you. so not to pressure you guys or anything, but which of you wants to go in next? it's not scary or uncomfortable or anything, it's kinda calming actually. it's not as if you're talking to yourself, she can hear you, she just can't respond much at the moment. honest it's fine." Lindsey told them.

"i'll go." Jim said quietly. "she kinda reminds me a little bit of Ellie, only i'm not being spat at, or screamed at." Jim said smiling sadly.

"sure, take as long as you want. say whatever you want, we won't be ablr to hear you anyway. whatever you say will stay between you and Brooke." Sara explained.

Jim got up from where he had been sitting, and walked out the door, into Brooke's room, and walked over to the chair that had recently been vacated by Lindsey.

"hey Brooke." Jim said sitting down on the chair. "you might not remember, but we met briefly before. remember, you accidently bumped into me at LVPD, whilst waiting for Sara. and then she called you and you ran off, and then all this happened. listen i don't know exactly how this happened, or how you came to be where you did, where we found you, but it wasn't your fault ok, you have to know that. nobody blames you, in fact mostly i think Sara blames herself, but she has no need to. no-one's to blame for what happened, it just did.

i have a daughter, you know. her name's Ellie, and she's a few years older than you. she was a great kid, she was so smart and funny and sweet. she was the cutest kid. i don't know what happened really, maybe i wasn't home enough, or maybe it was just teenage rebellion, but she turned away from me. overnight she became someone else. she got into drugs, and alcohol, and partying and stripping. i haven't even seen her in a couple of years. i mean i've tried, but she doesn't wanna see me. the last time i saw her, she was in LA, and a friend of hers was killed, and so she called me and asked me for help. that's the first time in years she's asked me for anything. i actually thought i could help her, get her into a programme, help her get her life back on track, but i never heard from her. at least not until i got shot on the job. and that's the last time i saw her, when i was in the same position as you, lying in a hospital bed.

you know, Sara's like another daughter to me. i mean we don't get on all the time, but she's family. they all are. that may sound weird, but we've always got each other's backs, we always will. and when you wake up, we'll be there for you, every step of the way, especially Sara. i think deep down she knows that no-one's to blame, but for now, she's still blaming herself. but see that's why you've gotta wake up soon, sweetheart. Brooke you need to wake up, so Sara knows you're ok. she's had so much heartache in her life, she's lost people she cared about, she can't lose you too.

you know, you kinda remind me a little bit of Sara. perhaps that's why she wanted to help you so much. she may not show it, and you may not believe it, but she's been through kinda the same thing. she didn't have much of a family growing up either, and from what Sara's told me, you haven't either. i guess she wanted to mke a difference to your life, before it was too late. Sara found her family, but not until she came to Vegas. she had no-one for years, and i don't think, actually i know, she doesn't want the same for you. she knows you deserve better in your life, and in her own way, that's what she's trying to give you, something better, a better life.

listen you may not believe me, and i suspect Lindsey told you the same thing, Sara cares a lot for you Brooke. but you need to wake up so you can both sort things out, and get your friendship back on track ok. can you do that? ok, i'm gonna go now, and leave you to think about stuff, and give you a bit of peace and quiet. but no doubt one of the family will be in in a bit to talk to you. i don't know who it will be, but please listen to them ok. none of us are going anywhere until we know you're ok. Sara's just outside, with the rest of our dysfunctional family, she's not going anywhere, none of us are, and neither are you, you hear me Brooke? you're not going anywhere. so i guess what i'm trying to say is: welcome to the family Brooke Tyler, however dysfunctional we may be...."

and with that Jim stood up, kissed Brooke lightly on her forehead, and walked out of the room, back to the rest of the team.

"hey guys. Lindsey's right you know. it is kinda calming talking to her, you can say anything, and know she's listening. so who's next?" Jim asked looking at them.

"i guess it's my turn." Catherine said. "just keep an eye on Lindsey for me would you? just while i'm in there"

"mom! i'm not going anywhere, besides, it's not one way glass, you'll be able to see me, and the rest of us if you look our way, we just won't be able to hear you that's all. it keeps it private that way. mom, it'll be fine. go talk to her, she'll listen." Lindsey reassured her mom.

"ok, i'll be back in a bit."

"take as long as you want mom, we're not gonna go anywhere. i'm not gonna go anywhere. we're all gonna stay here ok."

Lindsey walked over to her mom, and gave her a reassuring hug, realising that something else was going on with her mom, something she wasn't going to talk about, but somehow Lindsey knew. "i'm right here mom, i'm not going anywhere ok." Lindsey gave her mom one more hug, and a squeeze of her hand, before letting go so her mom could go and talk to Brooke.

"hey Brooke, i'm Catherine, Lindsey's mom." Catherine said sitting down.

"i don't know what Lindsey's told you about herself, or me for that matter, or if she even has, but she's my only daughter, my baby girl, and she's my best friend in the whole world. i know it must sound strange to you, hearing a mom say that her daughter is her best friend, but it's true. Lindsey's the best thing that ever happened to me. and the rest of our dysfunctional family is a close second, and i guess, actually i know, that that now includes one more person, and that's you. you're part of our family now Brooke, and nothing is gonna change that, not now, not ever. you need to know that.

i didn't always have this. i used to work in a club as an exotic dancer, and after going to night school, and getting a qualification, i joined the Las Vegas Crime Lab. one of the best things i ever did-i get to help people, i give a voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

Lindsey's dad, died a few years ago, and when she rang me to say that she was trapped in a car that was sinking, i panicked. i was so scared i would lose my baby girl, but i didn't. we grew apart for a bit, but then, i don't know we talked about everything, and since then we've just got closer and closer. i know it must be hard for you to listen to this right now, especially considering your family background, but know this, you are a part of this family now, and you will never be alone again.

just so you know, Sara didn't tell us everything, she only told us what we needed to know in order to fnd you. she never gave up on you, not once, and i need you to hold her to that now. don't give up on her ok, she never gave up on you, she refused to stop, until you were found, even if it meant hurting herself in the process. she knows what its like to have no-one to believe in you, to have no-one to fight for you, to make you think you are worth something. she was in the foster-care system when she was a kid, she had nowhere to call home, no family to look out for her. that was until she came to Vegas. Vegas became her home over time, and we became her family, she became part of ours. and now you're a part of that family.

just hang in there ok Brooke. and when you wake up, we'll all be here for you, every step of the way. day or night, you need anything, you just let us know, and we'll be there. Sara will be there. so you just rest now, and we'll talk later. ok, bye."

Catherine gave Brooke's hand one last squeeze, and then left the room, leaving Brooke on her own temporarily, knowing that another one of the family would be in in a little while. she then entered the room where the rest of the team were, and immediately walked over and enveloped her only daughter in a big hug.

she knew that Lindsey was ok, and that she wasn't going anywhere, but she just needed a reassurance. "i'm ok." she said. "i just realised i need to spend more time with my daughter, and less time at the lab, that's all. i guess i just experienced some flashbacks i thought i'd dealt with and locked away. i'm ok now really. but maybe one of you guys should go in and talk to her, or sit with her. i don't think it's a good idea to leave her without company for too long."

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hey guys, sorry for the delay with the next couple of updates, things have been a bit hectic, but here ya go, here's the next couple of chapters, so read, enjoy and review (if ya want).

"..... i'm ok now really. but maybe one of you guys should go in and talk to her, or sit with her. i don't think it's a good idea to leave her without company for too long."

Chapter 21.

"yeah sure. i'll go in now, unless one of you guys wants to go in?"

"no, it's ok. you go in first and talk to her, or sit with her or whatever, and we'll go in after."

so he left the room, they had been waiting in, observing her, willing her to wake up, or move slightly, even if it was just one of her fingers. they all knew that the longer Brooke was unconscious, the longer Sara would be silently beating herself up and feeling guilty over something that wasn't her fault, it had just happened.

"hey Brooke, i'm Greg. listen i know you can't see me, you're unconscious so of course you can't see me. but i'm just gonna sit in this chair next to you, and chat to you for a bit ok. i mean, i know i could use someone to talk to at the moment, and you can just listen. well of course you can, you can't speak at the minute. i'm rambling, sorry, i do that when i don't know quite what to say or how to say it. ok i'm still rambling, but i'm gonna ramble on to you for a bit, so just be patient and stay with me ok? ok.

i work at the crime lab with Sara. i used to just be a DNA lab tech, but then a few years ago i moved out into the field, that did mean a bit of a pay cut, but it was worth it. now that i'm working in the field i can't really imagine going back into the lab, and doing lab work. to be honest with you, i used to kind of have a crush on Sara, but that kinda went away, and she became one of my best friends, and when i started out in the field, she became a kind of mentor to me as well. she helped make me into the CSI i am today actually.

she's a great girl, and a great friend. we're lucky to have her in our lives, i know i am thankful for that everday, and you are too. because no matter what you might think of her, Sara is very loyal to those she considers friends and family. and she deifinitely considers you to be a part of that group, so don't you ever doubt that. you know, our team at the lab is kind of a dysfunctional, non-traditional family. we are always there for each other, and the family and friends are considered part of the extended family. so what i'm saying is, or well trying to say is, that you're a friend of Sara's so you're part of our extended family, so welcome i guess.

listen i don't know when you're gonna wake up, or when you're gonna be recovered, but i do know that whenever that is, Sara's gonna be there for you. we all are. so take as long as you need to recover ok, coz we're all gonna be there when you do. Sara's still beating herself up about what happened to you by the way. i don't think she's ever gonna fully forgive herself, but when you wake up, maybe you can help her do that, and in turn she'll help you, like she's been doing for a while.

anyway, i'm gonna go now, but one of the team who hasn't been in to see you yet, will be in to see you in a bit, so just hang on ok. see ya soon Brooke."

Greg then got up, and walked out of Brooke's room, back to where the rest of the team were standing, knowing that they had been watching him the whole time he was in there with her.

he rejoined the rest of the team, and asked Nick and Grissom which of them would like to go in next. after a couple of minutes, Nick decided that he would go in next, and then after he came back Grissom would go in.

"hey Brooke, my name's Nick. i work with Sara and the rest of them at Las Vegas crime lab, but you might already know that. i don't know how much Sara has told you about us, or even if she's told you anything about us. you have probably already been told, that we are not all just colleagues or friends, we're kind of like family to each other as well, and since you're a friend of Sara's, that means you're part of this family too. Sara's kind of like a sister to me, we argue sometimes when we have a disagreement, but we always make up, and we never let it interfere with our work, well we try not to anyway, unless we're arguing over a case, and then we try to compromise.

this isn't fair what happened to you, but no-one's to blame, it was just an accident, something that happened. but i can tell ya now, Sara doesn't see it that way. she's beating herself up about it pretty hard man, and the only person who can stop her from doing that is you. but you can't really do that when you're unconscious. listen i know it might seem unfair to you, but you need to wake up man. you need to let her know that you don't blame her for this. otherwise, shes gonna keep blaming herself, and she might self-destruct, and i know that is something none of us want to see happen.

so come on Brooke, why don't you wake up soon, ok, just put her mind at rest. she's gonna be there for you everyday you're recovering you know that. so do this one thing for her-wake up and help her forgive herself. can you do that, please?"

after receiving no answer, he said goodbye to Brooke and left the room, knowing that Grissom would see him leave, and know that it was his turn to go in.

Grissom was the first person to turn away from the window, away from Brooke and see Nick enter the room. even though he knew he should go in and introduce himself to Brooke, he found it hard to let go of Sara's hand. he thought that as soon as he let go Sara would fall. he knew that that was very unlikely, after all she was the strongest person he knew, but he also knew how much this had affected her. she knew Brooke, she was her friend. but he also knew he had to let go sometime, and the sooner he did, the sooner he could come back and hold it again.

he gave her a kiss on the cheek, whilst everyone else was still observing Brooke, looking for any signs of improvement (he was still very much a private person) and left to go into Brooke's room.

"hello Brooke. my name's Gil Grissom, i work at the crime lab with Sara, and everyone else who has been in to see you, apart from Lindsey obviously, she's Catherine's daughter. but you've probably already beeen told this by everyone who has come in to see you.

i don't know how much Sara has told you about me, or even if she has told you anything about us. all i will tell you is that i love her very much, and i have done for a very long time. but we've only been together for about two years now. what i do know is that she cares about you a lot. she was so worried when you hung up the phone on her, and she got more and more worried as she continued to get no answer from you. so if you want to believe that she doesn't care about you, you are quite wrong.

i think you remind her of herself when she was younger. i mean your backgrounds aren't exactly the same but they are smilar. i'm not going to tell you anything about it, it is Sara's business, but if she hasn't already told you and if she wants to, maybe someday she will. but it has to be on her terms, and in her own time. she'll tell you when she is ready. just like you'll wake up when you're ready.

i'll leave you alone for a bit now. and you can think and digest everything you've been told about us, and you, and how affected Sara has been by it all. we are just outside, and no doubt Sara will be in in a bit to talk to you some more, or just sit with you and keep you company.

goodbye for now, and we'll meet properly whenever you wake up."

with that Grissom stood up, left the room, and went back to the others where his han quickly found Sara's and held onto it again, knowing he would never let go.


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thanks for the review billyjorja. am glad you're still reading and liking the fanfic. sorry for the really long delay, but have been on holiday and have just got back. anyway here ye go- the next chapter....

"... goodbye for now, and we'll meet properly whenever you wake up."

with that Grissom stood up, left the room, and went back to the others where his hand quickly found Sara's and held onto it again, knowing he would never let go.

Chapter 22.

she couldn't quite explain it, but the instant Grissom's hand was in hers again, she felt that little bit safer, as if everything was going to be ok. the team knew about their relationship, on some level they always had, but once they had officially told them, the whole team was stronger than ever. nothing had really changed, except that Catherine now did Sara's reviews instead of Grissom, but that was just to keep Ecklie happy.

they all stood at the window looking in on Brooke, constantly trying to work out if something had changed, and whether she was improving. but she hadn't moved, not even a finger, she just lay there.

after a while Sara told the team to go home. she'd stay here, and the moment there was any news, she would call them.

"Sara, we're not going anywhere. we're here for you, and for Brooke. don't push us away please. we're all staying here for as long as necessary, so get used to it." Catherine told her friend.

"but nothing's changed. there's no point all of us being here and hanging around. honestly Catherine, i'll be okay, take Lindsey home, get some sleep all of you." Sara argued.

"Sara, look at me."

Sara turned her head.

"we are not going anywhere. Mom's not taking me home, none of us are going home, and do you honestly think we'd get any sleep tonight knowing you were here on your own worrying about Brooke. because we wouldn't, we'd be worrying about both you and Brooke. we want to be here just as much as you do when Brooke opens her eyes. she may not know it, but she's part of our family now, and family stick together. at least that's what Mom's always told me. and somehow i don't think Grissom would leave your side anyway, not when he hasn't let go of your hand the whole time we've been here. well apart from when he went to see Brooke. he loves you Sara, we all do. just let us be here for you, don't push us away thinking we don't wanna be here, because we do." Lindsey told Sara, the whole time never looking away.

"Lindsey's got a point. and here was me thinking i'd never agree with a teenager." Greg said smiling.

"hey!" Lindsey said, at which she looked at her mom, who gave her a slight nod of the head smiling. after silently getting her mother's permission, Lindsey hit Greg on the arm.

"hey!" Greg almost shouted "what was that for?!"

"that was for making fun of me." Lindsey informed him.

"Catherine, don't you have any control over your daughter?"

"course i do, i just thought you deserved it. Lindsey takes after me in a lot of ways Greggo, and you might not have realised this, but she has an uncanny ability to say exactly the right thing to someone, even though it might not be what they want to hear. she inherited it from me. besides Lindsey's been great this whole time, that and she's right. we wouldn't be able to sleep if we went home anyway." Catherine replied.

" i hate it when you're right." Greg sulked.

Lindsey smiled at her mom "thanks"

"anytime sweetie" Catherine told her daughter.

Sara just smiled, knowing that no matter what her 'family' would always be there for her. and knowing that they would always be there for Brooke, made her feel even better.

she slipped her hand out of Grissom's and walked out the room to go and sit with Brooke again.

"hey Brooke" she said walking up to Brooke's side and sat on the chair, that she had put there when she walked in the first time.

"i see you're still hanging in there, that's good. just so you know, we're all staying here. we're not going anywhere, not til you wake up, and not even after then, so you're stuck with us sorry. listen i just wanted to tell you to take as long as you need to come back, don't rush ok. we want you to get better, of course we do, but it has to be in your own time. we don't want you to wake up too soon, and have it hinder your recovery, so you take as long as you need, just rest. i'll .... we'll all be here for you whenever you wake up. i don't know what happened to you after you packed up your stuff and sent me that text. but i want to know, but i know you'll tell me whenever you're ready to. and in return i'll tell you more about me and my past ok. i'm just going to sit here a while if that's ok. ok. just rest Brooke, everything else can wait."

and Sara just continued to sit by Brooke's side letting her rest and trying to figure out what she was going to tell her about herself and her past when the time came. only a couple of people knew the full story about her past, the rest of the team with exception to Grissom only knew bits and pieces, and Lindsey knew none of it, unless Catherine had told her herself. she knew there would be a time, where she would have to tell them everything, but she couldn't right now.

she would know when the time would be, but for right now, all that mattered was Brooke.


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she knew there would be a time, where she would have to tell them everything, but she couldn't right now.

she would know when the time would be, but for right now, all that mattered was Brooke.

Chapter 23.

i was at peace. at peace with the world, with myself, with everything. i wasn't dead i knew that. Grams had told me to go back, to go back to Sara and make our friendship right, or fix something. so i had gone back. the only thing was i wasn't completely back yet.

i was aware of voices, but i couldn't really hear them or make sense of what they were saying, or even if they belonged to different people or the same person. everything was blurry, nothing was concrete or familiar. i was somewhere in the middle. at least that bit was familiar, i had been in the middle of something my whole life, at least i had been. before things had changed, before i had gone to the edge where i had become invisible and taken for granted. i was remembering things, but they were all jumbled up. nothing made sense where i was. maybe if i could go fully back, they would make sense again. but i couldn't get back there yet. something was blocking me, but i had no idea what.

maybe if i figured out what was blocking me things would make more sense. but first i had to work out what could be blocking me. i tried to move my arms, but they wouldn't move, neither would my legs. i tried concentrating even more i tried moving my hand again, but nothing moved, not even my pinky finger. i couldn't understand why.

i could hear a voice again. it sounded familiar, but i couldn't place it. it sounded safe so i listened, trying really hard to make out what they were saying. after a while the voice went away, and i still didn't know what they had been saying.

i silently tried to call Grams, hoping she would hear me, hoping she would help me, like she had done before, like she had done numerous times before she died. i kept trying, i knew my Grams would hear me eventually, she never gave up on me. she had always believed in me even when no-one else did, even when i didn't believe in myself. she wouldn't let me down, i knew she wouldn't. i just had to wait.

a few minutes later i heard her voice, well it was a voice and i hoped it was hers. it was so clear, all the other voices had been distorted and too whispered so i could hear and understand. she was telling me to relax, and if i did that and fully let go i would go back and wake up whenever i was ready, and only when i was ready not before.if i went back before i was ready, i would hinder my recovery, and do more harm to myself than good. i trusted that voice, i trusted her so i listened, and obeyed.

there was a bright light, but after a while my eyes became accustomed to it, i blinked, and a sound came out of my mouth. there was something blocking it, and it hurt. i couldn't breathe properly, my throat was dry, and i couldn't even take one breath.

the room was deadly quiet, but then Sara heard a sound, and after giving one look at Brooke, she knew it came from her. she took hold of Brooke's hand again, and told her soothingly to calm down, that everything would be ok. she had a breathing tube in her mouth for when she was in a coma, and she would get someone to take it out.

"hey Brooke, just relax ok. someone's coming now to take that thing out. just relax, don't close your eyes just relax, stop fighting it. it'll all be ok soon, i promise. just relax Brooke. i'm here, i'm not going anywhere. it's ok."

a few seconds later the doctor came into Brooke's room, and after checking on her, asked her to give one big cough so that they could take the tube out, which she did. immediately Sara gave her some water to dampen her throat, and make her feel a bit better. it seemed to help a little bit.

a few minutes later, the doctor left, saying he would be back in a half hour or so to check on her, and that if they needed anything to just press the button, and one of the nurses would come and help.

within seconds of the doctor leaving, Catherine, Lindsey and the rest of the team all walked into Brooke's room, glad to see that she was awake, and on the way to a full recovery.

"Sara, what happened? who are they? why are they here?" Brooke asked.

"it's ok Brooke. these are my friends, i work with them, and that's Catherine's daughter Lindsey, she's a couple years younger than you. she's a great kid. they were here to support me, and see how you were doing. they helped me find you. what do you remember?" Sara asked softly.

"erm i don't know it's all jumbled up. it got really bad at home, so you asked me to come to Vegas. i stayed with you for a couple of days, after driving here, and then you got me my own place, and told me to ring you or text you anytime i needed anything. we chatted a lot. i tried to find a job, but nowhere was hiring. and i remember driving somewhere else, you told me to meet you there. i think it was the police department, but i don't remember anything else, it just gets all jumbled up. i'm sorry." Brooke told her.

"it's ok Brooke, don't worry about it. you'll remember soon, though i'm not sure you'll want to see me when you do. you were pretty angry with me."

"but you helped me. Grams said so. Grams said you came after me, and that you found me and bought me here and wouldn't let go of my hand, not until they made you. you saved me Sara, more than once, why would i be angry with you?" Brooke asked confused.

"Brooke, i thought your Grams was dead. you told me she died a couple of years ago. it was one of the first things you ever told me."

"i know i did. listen this is going to sound crazy, but i saw her. i had this dream, well i think it was a dream and she told me what you did, what you all did. she took me to the family waiting area, where you were sitting all on your own. you had your head in your hands and..... i remember now, i was at the PD and you were running late that's why you called me. after everything that's happened i took it the wrong way and hung up. when i saw Grams she took me to the family waiting area, and i asked her what the point was, as i would have no-one there waiting to see if i was ok, as i had no family. she pushed me through the door and i saw you. you had your head in your hands, and i think you had tears in your eyes as well, and i couldn't understand why. Sara i'm so sorry. i never meant to put you through this. it's just so many people have let me down before, and when you rang, i thought you were another one wanting me out of your life, so i did what i always did, i lashed out and hung up, and wanted to disapear all over again. i'm sorry, i'm so so sorry." i said, tears streaming down my face.

"sshh, Brooke. it's all going to be ok. you're going to be ok" Sara said.

"why don't we go get some coffee, and something decent to eat. leave these guys to talk. we'll come back and see you later ok Brooke?" Lindsey said.

"ok, Lindsey right? you couldn't bring some coffee back for me could ya. i've missed it." i asked.

"yeah sure no problem. you won't want to drink what the hospital passes for coffee anyway. any preference what one you want?"

"erm, mocha if you can get it, otherwise just a normal cappacino." i told her.

"sure, no problem. see you in a bit then. see ya later Sara."

"bye Lindsey, bye guys. hey can you get me my usual coffee as well please? thank you."

with that Lindsey and the team all walked out the hospital to go get themselves something to eat and some coffee, leaving Brooke and Sara to talk in private.


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Yes, I'm still reading and enjoying.  It's totally different from most ff I read.

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It's totally different from most ff I read.

that a good different or a bad different??

anyway, here's the next chapter. sorry it took so long to update.

"bye Lindsey, bye guys. hey can you get me my usual coffee as well please? thank you."

with that Lindsey and the team all walked out the hospital to go get themselves something to eat and some coffee, leaving Brooke and Sara to talk in private.

Chapter 24.

"you think they planned that?"

"maybe" Sara replied. "but you never know. i mean they haven't eaten in a while, and Lindsey, well Lindsey really loves her coffee, so it probably was a legitimate reason. anyway, you need your rest, and they probably figured you'd get more if they left you alone. well at least for now. if i were you i'd make the most of it, coz when they get back they're gonna be asking at least twenty questions about you. it's just they way they are."

"so why didn't you go?" i asked Sara.

"honestly, because i didn't want to leave you on your own again, and besides they'll bring me something back."

"oh. i don't know why. i mean, i don't remember everything that happened and why i ended up here, but i have a vague recollection of yelling at you. so why are you here Sara?"

"because it wasn't your fault. and there's nothing you can ever do that's gonna make me give up on you. i'm not going anywhere Brooke, and you really need to start believing that."

i smiled. "thanks. i don't know why, but thanks"

"see, you can smile, i'd almost forgotten what you looked like when you smiled. it suits you." Sara said smiling in return.

"they seem nice, the people you work with. and Lindsey seems nice too. has she always been like that or did she go through a bratty phase like all other teenagers?" i asked.

i don't know why, and i couldn't explain it, but suddenly i wanted to know more about these people that were in Sara's life. i just hoped i wasn't coming off too nosy.

Sara laughed. "yeah, Lindsey's grown up quite a bit in the last couple of years. when her father died she was a bit bratty for a bit. she drove Catherine, that's her mom, nuts. she'd always get called away by her school coz she'd been fighting or something. poor kid just wanted her mom's attention, i mean she'd already lost her dad, guess she felt like she was losing her mom too, since she was working so much."

"oh. so i guess things between Lindsey and her mom are better now. i mean they seem so close."

"yeah. they sat down and talked and really listened one night, and things got better. Catherine cut down on her hours, well she started to work less doubles and triples, and if she really needed to she called Linds, and Linds would sometimes come to the lab just to hang out. it was kinda good actually spending more time with Lindsey and getting to know her as a person, and not just Catherine's daughter."

"sounds nice. i mean you guys are all one big happy family, and i guess i never realised what i was dragging you away from each time i called you or texted you or emailed you to tell you what was going on with me. i'm sorry Sara."

"hey hey, what have you gotta be sorry about? i told you you could call or text or whatever anytime you wanted to speak to me, or needed a shoulder to cry on. you were never dragging me away from anything. i promise you that. and you know what else? they're you're family too now. i mean you're gonna be staying in Vegas, and we're gonna be here for you anytime you need us day or night. you're never gonna have to be alone again ok."

"listen Sara, i know you're never gonna give up on me. but it's not fair of me to drag them into the mess my life is as well. it was unfair to drag you into it in the first place."

"Brooke, i'm not just saying that. Lindsey said the exact same thing when she came to us after speaking with you, when we were first allowed to see you. they don't know the full story about you, or your past. if you want to tell them you can, but they've all said that you're part of our family now, dysfunctional as it is, you're a part of it. which means we will all look out for you, and be there for you anytime you need us. there that's at least twice i've said the same thing to you, please don't make me say it again, although i will if i have to. i'll say it as many times as it takes for you to believe me."

"you don't have to say it again." i told her, "i get it now. thank you."

"good. so what else do you want to talk about?" Sara asked me

"i don't know. how's everything at the lab?" i asked.

"it's ok. you know, same old same old." Sara replied "Ecklie's still a pain, but then he's Ecklie. and we still go out invstigating crimes, trying to catch the bad guys, and be a voice for the victims. but i don't particularly wanna talk about work right now. so what else do you wanna talk about?"

"wow. Sara Sidle doesn't want to talk about work? that's a new one." i say trying not to laugh.

"haha very funny. what else do you wanna talk about?" Sara asked again.

"i don't know. hey how long do you think i'll be stuck in here? i hate hospitals, i just wanna get out as soon as possible."

"i don't know Brooke. it depends on what your doctor say, i'll ask him later ok."

"ok. it's not as if i hav anywhere to go when i get out of here anyway. i returned my old key to the landlord before i left, so i can't exactly go back to my apartment, from what i remember my car is absolutely wrecked, so i don't even have anywhere to sleep. maybe it's just as well i'll probably be stuck here for a while."

"hey Brooke, you know how i said you're part of the family now? well you can always crash at mine, or at Catherine's or at one of the guys' places for as long as you want. really we wouldn't mind, and you're not gonna be fully back on your feet for at least another couple of weeks after you get discharged, so we can help you out anyway. and then when you're ready you can get your own place. but until then you can stay with one of us."

"are you sure? i mean i don't wanna intrude."

"you won't be intruding. i'm telling you, you'd be welcome to stay at any of our places, although Greg's place doesn't really have much room, so you might not wanna stay there. i mean, if you want you can stay with me at my place. i've got a spare room, so you'd have somewhere to yourself. but it's completely up to you."

"thanks Sara, i'd like that. only if you're sure though."

"Brooke, if i wasn't sure i wouldn't offer now would i? of course i'm sure."

"thanks Sara. i really appreciate it." i say.

"hey no thanks needed, but you're welcome."

"hey Sara, can i ask you a question."

"sure, anything."

"where did you find this?" i ask holding out my hand to show the pendant my Grams gave to me.

"i found it in the desert, while i, while we were looking for you. actually Lindsey found it, but when she showed it to me, i immediately recognised it as yours so i kept hold of it. as soon as you were out of the OR i gave it back to you. it must have come loose in the accident and fallen off while you were walking. i mean i knew you would never intentionally take it off and leave it anywhere. so i held onto it, and gave it back to you as soon as i could."

"oh, well thanks i guess. could you do me a favour? could you fasten it at the back for me please? i kinda feel a bit weird without it on. i know that doesn't make any sense but.....

"of course i will. can you sit up. take your time, i don't want you to pull anything."

i slowly started to sit up, holding on to Sara's arm to help me. the bed had already been raised a bit, so i didn't have to get up too far, but it still hurt quite a lot. Sara moved slightly so that she could put her arms around my neck in order to fasten the pendant at the back of my neck. about a minute later she was helping me lie back down on the bed, in order that i would be more comfortable. she then sat back down on the chair beside me.

"thanks. hey could you fill my water jug up for me please. my throat's getting a little dry."

"sure. i'll be right back ok. just stay here."

"erm Sara, where exactly am i going to go?" i said smiling.

Sara smiled back, "oh good point. i'll be back in a couple of minutes."

"ok, see ya in a bit" i replied.

i was getting bored. it felt as if my legs had gone to sleep. i couldn't get up, i couldn't go anywhere, and i was alone in my hospital room. i must have been more tired than i thought, as i soon felt myself drifting off to sleep......


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"ok, see ya in a bit" i replied.

i was getting bored. it felt as if my legs had gone to sleep. i couldn't get up, i couldn't go anywhere, and i was alone in my hospital room. i must have been more tired than i thought, as i felt myself drifting off to sleep......

Chapter 25.

everything was silent. i couldn't hear anything. it was so peaceful here, even though i didn't exactly know where here was, it was familiar, i knew that much, i just didn't know why. i kept walking, hoping that if i kept going i would figure out why this place was so familiar. so far i had come up with nothing, but i kept going, hoping to find the answers.

then i heard a very familiar voice, i knew immediately who it was. that voice had been with me the whole time. it had convinced me to go back, it had helped me go back. it was my Grams voice, i heard her again. she believed in me, she was the only one that did until Sara came along. and even though she was dead, and had been that way for a couple of years, she was still helping me out. i had no idea how or why she was doing it but she was, and something within me told me she would never stop.

"hey Grams."

"hey Brooke. you doing ok sweetheart?"

"you know what? i am. Sara and i talked a lot actually. we haven't sorted everything out, but she told me i was part of her family now. so that can only be a good thing right. after all these years, i actually belong somewhere again. you know somewhere where people actually care about me. i met the people she worked with, and this girl called Lindsey. she's Catherine's daughter, and i guess she's a couple of years younger than me, but she's still pretty cool.

for the first time in my life, i think i've got friends, real friends that will look out for me, and help me out, and stand up for me. i still have a lot to work through, i know that, but for the first time in my life i think everything is going to work out, at least i hope it will. i really hope i haven't just jinxed it."

Grams just smiled at me.

"what?" i ask.

"nothing" Grams replied "i just don't think i've seen you this happy in a while. i'm glad you worked things out with Sara. she's a good person. she still blames herself a little bit you know. she's putting on a brave face for you, but she still blames herself. you have to help her work through that, it's not going to be easy, but you'll help each other through this Brooke, i know you will."

"i don't understand. why does she still blame herself? none of this was her fault, and i'm okay now. i am okay now right?"

"of course you are. but you and Sara still need to talk, about everything. and i think hearing from you that it wasn't her fault will help her a lot. she's been there for you, and she always will be, but you need to be there for her as well."

"i know that Grams and i will. erm Grams...?

"yes Brooke"

"where exactly are we? i mean i recognise this place, it seems so familiar, but i don't know why. i mean i know i should know where we are, but its blocked in my head if that makes any sense. and i'm trying to remember why it's so familiar."

"of course it's familiar. if you go down the street a little more, you'll come to the house where i used to live years ago, when you were a lot younger. you used to visit quite a lot. you'd stay over for the weekends once a month, and visit every week, or every other week, depending on the mood of your parents. i used to love having you stay, and i hated seeing you go home, because i'd miss you so much when you left. you used to love coming here too. you and your sister. oh we all used to have such fun."

"sister? Grams i don't have a sister, i never did. what are you talking about?"

"oh Brooke. i wish i had told you this sooner, or at least your parents should have done."

"should have told me what? Grams what's going on?" i asked

"ok. when you were very little you had an older sister. she was only a year or so older than you, but she was your parents favourite. i don't think they intended to treat you and your sister differently but they did. and then when you were three, you both got very sick, but somehow you pulled through. you kept on fighting, and eventually you got better, but your sister didn't. she died, and your parents never got over her death. they couldn't understand how she hadn't pulled through and you did. i guess as you got older that they came to resent the fact that you survived, and their favourite daughter died. i don't think they meant to treat you like that, they do love you, but unconsciously, whether they admitted it to themsleves or not, they loved your sister more.

"wait so you're saying, the whole reason why they took me for granted and treated me like i was invisible, was because i wasn't the daughter they wanted to survive. thanks for that Grams, that makes me feel a whole lot better."

"Brooke. Brooke. listen to me ok, i wasn't like your parents. after your sister died i told them to get counselling, and focus on the fact that they hadn't lost you both. but they didn't listen. when they kept dropping you off at my house with no warning, i warned them i would go to Child Services and ask them for custody of you, but nothing worked. i couldn't prove that they neglected you. things seemed to get better for a while. you probably don't remember, but for a while they took you everywhere with them, they didn't want to let you go. and you know what i was happy. i thought finally, that you were back on track and being a real family again. you look so much like your sister, its uncanny. when you were a baby, and your sister must have have been one, people thought you were twins you looked so much alike."

"what was her name? my sister who died, what was her name?"

"Sophie, her name was Sophie."

"why didn't anyone tell me? all these years i was growing up, with the ghost of my sister beside me, why didn't anyone tell me about her?"

"i don't know sweetie. you deserved to know the truth, i don't know why they didn't tell you. i guess maybe, after all these years it still hurt too much to talk about her. if they told you about her, maybe they were afraid you'd ask a lot of questions about her, questions they felt would hurt them to much if you asked them."

"so instead they lie to me, take me for granted, treat me like i'm invisible and don't bat an eyelid when i leave them to come to Vegas. you know what, next thing i know you'll be telling me i'm adopted which is why they loved her more than me."

Grams stayed silent.

"you've gotta be kidding me. i'm adopted as well. so my sister who died wasn't even my real sister, and the people who adopted me didn't really care about me as much because i wasn't even their real daughter. no wonder they treated me like i was invisible, i wasn't even really their daughter. who am i Grams? who am i really?"

"you're Brooke Tyler, and you're my granddaughter. that's all that matters. they were your parents Brooke. they may not have acted like it, and they may not be blood relations, but they are your parents!"

"yeah, parents are meant to love their child unconditionally, no matter what. i guess that isn't what happens when your natural child dies, and you're left with the adopted one. tell me something Grams, did they adopt me before or after Sophie died?"

deadly silence was all that filled the air.

"come on Grams, it's a simple question, did they adopt me before or after Sophie died?"

"before. they adopted you a few months before you both became sick. everything i told you is the truth. you both became sick a few months after the adoption was finalised. they couldn't have anymore kids, and the desperately wanted to give Sophie a sibling to play with and grow up with, and they chose you. then a few months later you both became very sick and you fought and pulled through, but Sophie died."

"i can't believe this. i trusted you, and you've lied to me my whole life. what's my real name Grams?"

"i told you, i've only ever known you as Brooke, my granddaughter Brooke Tyler. your mom and dad never told me the name your biological parents gave you, maybe they didn't know. they do love you Brooke, they may not show it but they do love you."

just then i felt a weight on my hand.

"i have to go. bye Grams."

"bye sweetheart. i love you."

"yeah. love you too Grams."

i felt myself going back, but i knew exactly where i was going.

after i few minutes i opened my eyes, and after adjusting them to the bright lights of my hospital room, i turned my head to see Sara sitting on the chair beside me holding my hand.

"sara..." i whispered

Sara looked up, "hey there sleepyhead. you feeling any better. you've been asleep for over an hour."

"yeah a little bit. can i have some water please?"

"of course" Sara filled the plastic cup on the bedside table with some fresh cold water and held it to my mouth while i took a couple of sips. unfortunately, and frustratingly i still hadn't got all of my strength back yet.

"listen Sara, i need to tell you something. but you can't interrupt or judge me. it won't make any sense, and i don't really know what to do myself, but could you please just listen?"

"of course i will. Brooke what is it?"



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"listen Sara, i need to tell you something. but you can't interrupt or judge me. it won't make any sense, and i don't really know what to do myself, but could you please just listen?"

"of course i will. Brooke what is it?"


Chapter 26.

"erm, well..... i don't even know where to begin."

"just take your time. you don't have to tell me now if you don't want. it can wait..... sorry i know, no interruptions." Sara said

"ok here goes. you know how i told you my parents constantly acted as if i was invisible, and anonymous and would take me for granted, expecting me to loads of stuff round the house? back when i still lived with them i mean? well turns out that there was a reason behind it. not a good one, and not one that excuses their behaviour, but still, there was a reason."

"ok. i'm confused. i mean how do you know?"

"Grams just told me. i think she thought i had already been told, but i hadn't and i guess she thought i deserved to know the truth."

"Brooke, i thought you said your Grams died over two years ago. ho could she tell you, if she's dead?"

"look, i know it doesn't make sense, and you probably don't believe me. but when i was asleep i saw her. i've been seeing her quite a bit recently, ever since the accident, whenever i go off to sleep she's there. i don't know quite how to explain it, but i hear her voice and see her. i know i must sound crazy right?"

"just take your time Brooke. so what did she tell you?"

"ok, here goes. she told me, that when i was very little i had an older sister. she was only about a year older than me and her name was Sophie. i guess that's why i don't remember ever having a sister, i was so little, and there were never any photos up of her, none that i could see anyway, and my parents never talked about her, guess it was too painful. anyway when we were little, we both got really sick, i don't know what from. but only i survived. Sophie died, and i survived, and i guess my parents couldn't understand why.

i got a bit mad, that i had never known about her, or never been told anything about her. and the next thing i know, is that Grams told me i was adopted when i was a baby. she never knew my real name, and she wasn't sure if my parents, or should i say my adoptive parents knew either. they couldn't understand how they could lose their natural child, when their adoptive one survived. in a way i guess they blamed me for her death, and that they felt i should've been the one to die and not Sophie.

for a while i guess after their grieving period we went back to being a normal family, but after a while things apparently went downhill. they started leaving me at Grams' house more and more often, and for longer periods of time. i think after a while Grams got tired of playing permanent babysitter, and apparently told my adoptive parents that if they kept it up, she would take them to court and ask for full custody of me. they must have changed, because Grams saw less of me.

i know they never fully got over Sophie's death, and once i hit my teenage years, things really got worse for me. it was then that i really started to notice how things really were. i was treated like i didn't even exist. to them i guess i didn't, not really anyway. i mean they sometimes acknowledged me, but most of the time i just kept to myself, or shut myself in my room.

i needed to know if they adopted me before or after Sophie died. i needed to know whether they adopted me to fill the void that Sophie left, or if they adopted me because they wanted me to be part of their family. turns out they did want me to be part of their family, to be another daughter to them, to be a sister to Sophie, but all that changed when we both got sick and Sophie died.

i know it doesn't excuse their behaviour towards me, but in a weird way i kinda understand it. they hoped and prayed for their daughter to get better, but instead she died and they were left with the adopted daughter, the daughter that didn't really fit in."

tears were streaming down my face as i told Sara my story, and when i looked up into hers i could see tears falling down hers. but not once throughout my story had she let go of my hand.

"oh Brooke, i'm so sorry." Sara said simply.

"it's ok." i told her "i guess i got used to how they behaved towards me after a while, even though i didn't know what i had done wrong. i guess now i do. i was the one who was supposed to die all those years ago, and Sophie should have survived, but instead i fought and survived."

"i guess it wasn't your day to die, and it's still not. you're a fighter Brooke, you always were and you always will be."

"thanks Sara. doesn't really make much of a difference now. i've gotta put the past behind me and move on with my life. maybe i'll find my birth parents, maybe i won't, but i can't change my adoptive parents, and i guess i have to accept that."

"you'll be fine Brooke, i'll help you, we all will. and if you decide you want to find your birth parents then we'll help you with that too. a perk of the job is that over time you gain contacts who you can call in a favour to every now and again." Sara said smiling.

"thanks Sara. you do know that what happened to me wasn't your fault don't you? so stop blaming yourself ok. i just overanalysed something, so i threw my defenses up again so i wouldn't get hurt, but i know that in not hurting myself, well apart from the obvoius pain, i hurt you, and i'm so sorry for that. i really am Sara, i'm so sorry."

"Brooke, it wasn't your fault either. how about this, we both move on from it, and not let it happen again ok?"

"ok" i said quietly. "friends?" i ask questioningly

"friends" Sara said smiling leaning over to give me a quick hug, being careful not to hurt me.

at that moment........


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"Brooke, it wasn't your fault either. how about this, we both move on from it, and not let it happen again ok?"

"ok" i say quietly "friends?" i ask questioningly

"friends." Sara said smiling leaning over to give me a quick hug, being careful not to hurt me.

at that moment...........

Chapter 27.

at that moment the doctor walked in.

"excuse me. i'm sorry for interrupting but i need to check over Miss Tyler."

"oh sure no problem. i'll be right outside if you need me ok Brooke."

"don't leave me" i say. i know i must sound really pathetic but i don't want to be left on my own. not again. especially in a hospital, i hate hospitals.

"is it ok if i stay?" Sara asked the doctor

"are you family?" the doctor asks

"yes" Sara answers quickly before i can answer the question myself.

"well if the patient has no objections i don't see why not."

"hey, i have a name you know. i'm still here. you know my name you just said it about two minutes ago." i say with a hint of annoyance in my voice.

"sorry of course you are. i'm just going to check your wounds and give you something for the pain, and then i'll leave you alone."

"ok" Sara and i say at the same time.

after a few minutes the doctor leaves, but only after watching me swallow the painkillers he gave me. i think he thinks that if he doesn't watch me i won't take them, as if i actually like being in this kind of pain. after the doctor left, Sara and i started talking again, about anything and everything. kind of like just like we used to before my accident.

after about half an hour or so i was fighting to keep my eyes open. Sara must have noticed because she told me to just rest and go to sleep. i'm not gonna lie i was thankful for that, i guess i was more tired than i thought i was, either that or the painkillers were starting to really kick in. in no time at all i had drifted off to sleep again. i don't know what time it was, or how long i had been asleep for, all i knew was that someone or something had woken me up.

when i was fully awake i thought the voices sounded familiar and then it hit me. they were the voices of my parents, well my adoptive parents, specifically my adoptive mother. i knew they were here for me. and you know what else, i was kinda surprised they had found me. i mean i hadn't left them a note telling them where i was going when i left, and i knew that Sara wouldn't have contacted them, so i guess someone at the hospital must have done, not knowing that they were the ones i had run away from, and one of the reasons i had come to Vegas in the first place.

i could hear them coming closer and closer so i pretended to be asleep. it wasn't really that hard, i was still pretty tired. i guess i was hoping that if they saw i was asleep, they would go away and leave me alone. realistically i should've known that would never have happened. now that they had found me, they were never gonna let me go.

"Brooke? oh my God, Brooke what happened to you?" my adoptive mother Rebecca said.

"i'm sorry. this is going to sound really weird, but exactly who the hell are you?" Sara asked.

"we're her parents. i'm John Tyler and this is my wife Rebecca. when we got the call about our little girl we were so worried, we left town and came straight here." my adoptive dad John said, "who are you? how do you know our daughter? why are you in here?"

"my name is Sara Sidle. i'm a friend of Brooke's. wait you're her parents?" Sara said

"yes. we've come to take her home with us as soon as her doctors say we can. we've missed her so much." said Rebecca.

"how did you know she was even here?" Sara asked "i mean she left your house weeks ago, why not come then, why now?"

"we didn't know where she was and then we got the call that she was at Desert Palms Hospital in Las Vegas. hang on, how do you know she left our house weeks ago?" Rebecca asked Sara

"i'm her friend. she told me everything. about how you treated her, about how unhappy she was at home, how she just wanted to get away from everything and from you." Sara said forcibly but quietly, tryng not to wake me up.

none of them knew i was just pretending to be asleep and that really i was listening and hearing every word.

"how dare you!" Rebecca half-shouted "we were going frantic, out of our minds with worry when she left. we came home one day from work and her stuff was just gone. no note, no car, no nothing. we didn't know where she'd gone, or even where to start looking for her."

"calm down Becky. none of that matters now. all that matters is that we've found her now and when she's better we can all go home." John said soothingly trying to calm his wife down.

"i wouldn't count on that happening" i heard Sara say under her breath. luckily neither John or Rebecca heard her. now was probably a good time to wake up and stop pretending.

"Sara?" i said sleepily

"hey sleepyhead. you feeling any better?" Sara asked

"a little. can you pass me some water please?" i ask her

"yeah sure. do you want help sitting up or are you okay?"

"i'm okay" just as i am sitting myself up i notice my adoptive parents, well properly at least. "Sara? what are they doing here?" i ask her

"i'm sorry Brooke. the hospital rang them. i swear i had nothing to do with it." Sara told me.

"get them out of here!" i say

"Brooke, sweetie thank God you're ok. we were so worried about you." Rebecca said

"everything's going to be ok now honey. we're gonna take you home as soon as the doctors say it's okay." John said

"get away from me! you hear me? leave me alone. i'm not going back with you, i'm already home. you can't make me go back there. i'm staying here in Vegas with Sara. Sara tell them to leave me alone." i shout.

"i think it's best if you just go. now, both of you" Sara tells John and Rebecca "leave, now"

after a minute or so John and Rebecca realised that they weren't going to get anywhere so they grudgingly left. just before they did Rebecca said "we're not leaving Brooke. this isn't over!"

"i'm sorry Brooke. i should've realised the hospital would call them, i'm so sorry." Sara said

"it's ok. at least you've met them now, i mean you always wanted to right? you know what they're really like. they're not gonna give up you know. they'll stop at nothing in order to get me to go back with them." i told Sara.

"well then" Sara said "they'll have a fight on their hands. you're a part of our family Brooke and we're not gonna let you go. not now, not ever ok."


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Chapter 28.

"thanks Sara, and i know that. i don't want to go back there, believe me i don't, not now not ever, but maybe it would just be easier if i did. that way none of you guys would get hurt. i mean it's my mess, it's my family, i need to be the one to sort it out. i really appreciate you guys wanting to fight for me, and for welcoming me into your family but, maybe this is something i need to do on my own."

"no way Brooke. you're a smart kid, but if everything about what you've told me about your parents is true, and after what i've just witnessed you're gonna need our help. so just let us help you please?"

"okay, but can i make one thing clear, they are not my parents, they are my adoptive parents, and they were barely that. i know in the eyes of the law they're my parents, but to me they were just two adults i happened to share a house with and do everything for."

"ok. if you want we can get an emancipation order from the court. we get you and John and Rebecca to sign it, and then legally your separated from them. they can't make you do anything. i know you're eighteen so legally you're an adult anyway, so they can't make you do anything you don't want to, but they seem to have forgotten that, and so this emancipation with serve as a hefty reminder. plus you'll have something on record, if that's what you want. it's comepletely up to you, you don't have to if you don't want to."

"no, no i want to. how soon can we get that emancipation order?" i ask

"i can call in some favours and get it processed through pretty quickly, and then we'll get you to sign it, and then it depends on them. if we have to take them tyo court we will, but hopefully it won't come to that. obviously if we don't have to take them to court it will go through a lot faster."

"Sara i can tell you now, that we're gonna have to take them to court. they're not gonna let me go quietly. and how am i going to pay for a lawyer, i haven't got any money. i'm not even sure if i have health insurance. how am i going to pay for all my hospital bills?"

"hey Brooke, calm down. we'll help you out, and you don't need to worry, you don't need to pay us back either. we'll pay for your lawyer, after all we're all going to be on record for this so in a way he'll be representing all of us. and i can find out if you have health insurance, something tells me your parents, sorry John and Rebecca definitely got ya covered."

"great. listen can you do me a favour? can you find out how long i have to stay here. it's just i hate hospitals and i just wanna get out of here and go home"

"yeah sure. here take these and drink some more water and i'll be right back ok. oh and listen i called the guys while you were asleep and they're on their way back, so they should be here soon, and yes Lindsey remembered your mocha coffee. she's gonna sneak it in to you as i don't think you're really meant to be drinking coffee just yet, but they won't tell if you don't." Sara said smiling.

"don't worry i won't tell anyone, i've really missed my coffee. anyway if i'm gonna be stuck in here for a while, i might as well enjoy the coffee while i can right?" i said smiling

"ok. i'll be back in a bit. i'll leave this with you so you don't get bored. there's some good stuff on there you might like." Sara said handing me her iPod. i smiled graciously and thanked her, and as soon as she left the room i plugged it into my ears and pressed shuffle.

about twenty minutes and quite a few songs later Sara walked back into the room.

"hey" i say taking out the earphones "so what's the verdict?"

"hey, well i spoke to the doctor, and he said you were doing a lot better than they thought you would be doing this early after the surgery..."

"so does that mean i can go home soon?"

"he said you could probably go home in a couple of days. he just wants to keep you under observation for a bit longer, just as a precaution. but you're still going home earlier than you should be, so that's good"

"yeah it is. i guess i can put up with a couple more days in here. listen i totally understand if you've changed your mind, but is it still okay for me to stay at your place for a while when i leave this place?"

"yeah that's fine. i told you you could stay at mine for as long as you wanted remember? i still mean that."

"thanks Sara. but what about Grissom?"

"what about Grissom?"

"well you guys are together aren't you? what does he think about me staying at your place. i mean i can't imagine that he's completely happy with you inviting me to stay at your house."

"ok, Brooke yes Gil and i are together, and we have been for a while. but he knows how much i care about you, and how guilty i felt when you ran away and i let you down. he won't mind. besides if he finds too much of a problem with it, well then he can stay at his townhouse can't he?"

"so you two aren't living together?"

"well no, not officially. listen i said you could stay at mine, and you can. it's your room for as long as you want it to be."

"ok. listen i'll get a job, and i'll help with rent and bills and stuff while i'm staying there ok."

"you will do no such thing. i mean if you want to get a job you can. i'm not gonna stop you, and i'll even help you if you want, but i am not taking your money for bills or anything, you hear me. don't even think about it." Sara said.

i was about to argue back, but the look on her face told me there was no point, she wasn't going to budge on this one. but i wasn't going to back down either, i would do something to pay her back. maybe i could do jobs around the house to help her out.

"ok" i said simply "if you're sure"

"of course i'm sure." Sara said simply.

i just smiled at her. it had been well, more or less forever since i felt as if i actually mattered and that someone cared for "thanks Sara, for everything."

"you're welcome Brooke. so what are you thinking, you wanna get a job when you get better, or go back to school? you're a smart girl, you could easily get a degree or something and do something you love for a living. what do you like Brooke?"

"i don't know. i mean i went to school when i used to live with John and Rebecca and i was quite good, i used to get teased coz when i wasn't in class i was in the library. i remember thinking that i could use school to escape. i thought to myself if i did really well in school then maybe i could get a scholarship to college, and even if i couldn't i could go anywhere i wanted, and the further away i could get the better. you know maybe i could go back to school. but i'd probably have to get a part-time job to help put myself through."

"listen, you look at colleges and decide what you want to do, and i'll have a look at your grades and at the places you want to do, and i'll see if i can get you a full, or at least partial scholarship okay? that sound ok?"

"ok? that sounds great Sara thank you. thank you so much." i leaned over and gave her a big hug to show her how much this meant to me.

"you're welcome. just be careful of your stitches and that shoulder ok. we don't want you to cause more harm to yourself and end up staying here for even longer do we?"

"nope. definitely don't want that." i say smiling.

a few minutes later.........


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Chapter 29.

a few minutes later we heard some scuffling outside the door to my hospital room, and a few seconds later Catherine, Lindsey and the rest of the guys walked in carrying the promised coffee for myself and Sara, plus another cup for themselves each. once the coffees had been handed over to myself and Sara, and put down the guys went in search of extra chairs so that could all sit down comfortably and chat to one another and find out more about me, the newest member of their dysfunctional family.

i wasn't really up to talking much, so Sara did most of it for me while i just sat back enjoying my mocha coffee and seeing my new family interact with each other. it was nice, i didn't feel left out at all, in fact for the first time in my life i actually felt as if i belonged somewhere, as if i was actually home. and that was a feeling i haven't felt since my Grams got sick and then died a few years ago. i liked having that feeling back, it was a nice feeling.

i was thankful for having an actual cup of proper coffee, actually scratch that, just to have coffee in my hands again. it felt like forever ago since i had last had a cup. i don't know how long i have been in the hospital for, and to be honest i don't think i want to know, all i do know is that i can't wait to get out.

as of yet, no-one had asked why i was in Vegas, and how i had come to wreck my car in the first place, even though i know they were all dying to know. maybe Sara had told them not to ask, but to wait to see if i bought it up. i didn't want to tell them my life story, so i decided that i would wait until they asked me. after all if they really wanted to know, they'd ask at some point wouldn't they? my mocha was still a bit too hot to drink so i put it on the table beside me waiting for it to cool down, before i could drink some more.

"ok, everyone this is Brooke Tyler." Sara said "and Brooke this is everyone. that's Catherine, and her daughter Lindsey. That's Nick over there with Greg. that's Jim Brass, and over there in the corner, that's Gil Grissom." she pointed to them all in turn.

"hi" i said. i had met them briefly all before the coffee and food run, but now i had been introduced to them properly, and had faces to go with the names and stories that Sara had told me about them. "nice to meet you, properly i mean."

"it's nice to meet you too Brooke." Catherine said.

"hey Brooke, if you don't mind me asking, why'd you disappear, or at least try to disappear in the first place?"

"Greg! not now. she's not a suspect, she doesn't need you interrogating her. just drop it ok." Sara exclaimed.

"no Sara, it's ok. they deserve to know why it was so important you find me. they deserve to know the truth about me, especially since i'm gonna be sticking around this time and staying with you for a while." i say.

"you're staying with her? Sara this girl's gonna be staying with you? are you sure about this? i mean we barely know her, you barely know her." Greg said


"actually that's not true, we've known each other a year or so, ever since i went to give that talk on forensics that Grissom sent me on to that high school. Brooke was a student there, and we got talking, and i guess eventually she trusted me enough to open up to me. we kept in contact after i left." Sara explained.

"oh" Greg said.

"so i believe you wanted to know why i was here? cliffnotes version, i was tired of being invisible and being taken for granted at home, so i called Sara up and she invited me to come and stay in Vegas with her for a while. after a couple of months i moved out, got my own place and started being more independent. anyway after a while i decided to go back home to get some more of my stuff. i stuck around for a few days until i had emptied my bank account and packed up all my stuff. i found myself a little apartment, and got my stuff unpacked. i called Sara, and as per usual she said we could meet up and chat. anyway she was running late, called me, i took it the wrong way and i did what i thought was best i disappeared again. i knew she would try track my cell phone so i left it in my apartment. got in my car and started driving, wasn't paying too much attention to the road and went off the road, and ended up flipping my car over a couple of times. i got out somehow, i don't know how and started walking, and you know the rest." i told them.

"guys, there's something else you should know about Brooke." Sara looked at me and i nodded, indicating it was ok for her to tell them. "it turns out Brooke is adopted, and her adoptive parents want to take her back home. they've already been here once, and the likelihood is they'll come back again."

"hang on a second, Brooke you're eighteen right?" Lindsey asked.

"yeah. but they don't see it that way. see legally i'm an adult, but to them i'm still a stupid kid who is acting out and doesn't know what she wants." i say.

"so i'm asking you guys, can you make sure there is one of you here with her at all times, and if it's Lindsey maybe one of you could stay here as well? it's just for the next couple of days, until she's allowed to go home, and by home i mean my place." Sara says.

"i'll square it with Ecklie Sara. don't worry. we'll take shifts ok." Grissom calmly told Sara.

"thanks Grissom."

"you know with any luck they won't come back." Nick said.

"you don't know John and Rebecca like i do. they'll come back, and if they don't it's because they're planning something, and that's never good. they won't give up without a fight, and they won't back down easily. not without trying to take at least me down with them." i said "i'm really sorry i dragged you into this guys."

"it's ok. we've had to deal with worse before. besides you're a part of this family now. we're not gonna let you go." Catherine said.

i just smiled and said "thanks".

i reached over, picked up my coffee and drank some more "now that's good coffee" i say smiling

"see i told you." Lindsey said knowingly with a smile on her face.

and with that we went back to talking about anything and everything, trying to forget, if only for a while the oncoming storm that would be John and Rebecca Tyler, my adoptive parents, trying to force me to come home, not knowing that i already was......


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Of course Gil will understand.

Love the way you write.

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Love the way you write.

thank you. i really like your stories too. anyway here's the next chapter, hope ya like it....

i reached over, picked up my coffee and drank some more "now that's good coffee" i say smiling.

"see i told you" Lindsey said knowingly with a smile on her face.

and with that qw went back to talking about anything and everything, trying to forget, if only for a while, the oncoming storm that would be John and Rebecca Tyler, my adoptive parents, trying to force me to come home, not knowing that i already was........

Chapter 30.

it's funny i thought those couple of days until i was able to leave hospital would drag by, but instead they passed by quite quickly.

true to his word Grissom somehow squared it with Ecklie so that they could all take shifts sitting by my side. i don't know how he did it, but i'm grateful he did. i'm not sure what would've happened if i was on my own when my adoptive parents showed up. it was weird i kept expecting them to show up, and drag me out of there shouting and screaming at them to let me go. but they never showed, not even once. in a way i suppose i was glad and relieved. them not showing up meant none of my new friends/family got hurt. however i was also kinda scared. i mean if they hadn't shown up because they were planning something that could only mean one thing: TROUBLE..... and lots of problems.

although they had all been great and stayed with me, i occasionally got the feeling that Greg wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea. i don't think he fully trusts me, and i guess i can't really blame him, i mean it's not as if any of them knew about me before i went missing. but if he doesn't trust me, i hope at least he trusts Sara, i mean they work together, and have done for a while, so i hope he trusts her judgement. who knows maybe in time he'll come to like and trust me, i'll just have to wait and see.

"hey Brooke, you ready to go?" Sara asks.

"you have no idea!" i say smiling.

finally i was able to get out of the hospital, and i couldn't be happier about that. i really hate hospitals, and i hoped i would never see one again, or if i had to, at least not for a very long time.

"ok, let's go. hey about tonight i treat you to a proper welcome home dinner? what do you want? you can have anything you like." Sara said.

"ok, how about takeout pizza? everyone can come over, we can watch movies, listen to music, talk, and eat lots of pizza." i told her

"are you sure you just want pizza? we could go out if you like." Sara said

"honestly Sara, i'll just be glad to be able to eat proper food again. i'm sure, pizza and the guys at your place sounds perfect." i replied

"okay. are you ok?"

"yeah i'm fine. i guess i'm just a bit worried." i told her.


"well my adoptive parents never came back after you told them to leave. i guess i'm just worried about what they're up to. i mean i know they're not just gonna give up, and quietly go back to where we used to live, where they call home. i don't want you guys getting hurt or caught up in this mess because of me." i confessed.

"Brooke, listen to me. we're already involved. i have been since you first opened up to me about your family. and the rest of them,  you heard them at the hospital, they're not gonna let you go without a fight. at the end of the day, you're an adult, they can't force you to go back with them, and we can't force you to stay with us. we can only invite you and hope that you do. if you don't want to go back with them, you won't have to, ok." Sara said.

"i hope you're right. and you're wrong, i don't think Greg really trusts me."

"Greg is just being an over protective little brother. he's just looking out for me, even though there's no reason to. he'll calm down once he really gets to know you, and realises you're not going anywhere. it'll be fine Brooke, just trust me."

it was at that moment i realised i do trust her. i always did, and it was that i think that scared me before into disappearing again. i trusted Sara, she was one of the few people i had let in behind the walls i had put up to protect myself. "i do trust you" i said quietly.

i'm not sure if she even heard me, but then i saw a smile break out on her face, even though she was concentrating on the road, and i knew that she had. it felt kinda nice to acknowledge that i did trust Sara, and that maybe it was time to start letting the walls fall slowly and let more people in instead of pushing them away if they got too close.

before i knew it we were outside Sara's apartment waiting for her to open the door with her key. Sara showed me to her guest room, which would now be my room.

"Sara, are you sure this is the guest room?" i asked.

"yeah why?"

"nothing, it's beautiful, and it's quite a bit bigger than i'm used to. honestly Sara i'd be quite happy to crash on the couch for a couple of weeks."

"Brooke Tyler, you are not crashing on my couch for a couple of weeks. this room is yours for as long as you want it, i already told you that. now i'm gonna go and let you unpack and settle in. i'll just be in the living room. if you need anything just let me know ok."

Sara left the room, and i was left alone. i couldn't quite believe that i was staying here. Sara must have redecorated since i was last here, because i don't remember this room. or maybe it used to be smaller i don't know. i did know that there was way too much room for me. i quickly put my stuff away and went out to the living room to join Sara.

"everything ok for you Brooke?" she asked.

"yeah, everything's great Sara. have you redecorated or something, coz i'm sure that room never used to be there. you haven't moved have you? i mean it's the same building as i remember."

"Brooke you're rambling. and i guess you could say i moved. i sorted a load of my stuff out that i didn't need or want anymore, and once i did that i found out that room was a bit bigger than i thought it was, so i turned it into a proper spare room. it's amazing how much more room you have when you get rid of junk, and boxes and stuff." Sara explained.

"oh. well the room is great Sara thank you. so anyway all my stuff is unpacked what do ya wanna do now?" i said.

"you're unpacked already?"

"well yeah. i mean i don't really have much stuff. and i don't have any money so it's not as if i could buy myself some more clothes. besides i'm ok, i don't really need that much stuff anyway." i told her.

"well ok. what do you wanna do?" Sara asked

"erm i don't know. hey do you think it would be ok to stop by the lab on the way to get pizza. i just want to say hi to everyone, and i guess to thank them for everything that you and they have done for me over the past few days, possibly weeks. but if it's not i totally understand.."

"no that's fine. the guys would love to see you. come on let's go."

i had never actually been to the crime lab before. i mean i had been to LVPD obviously, but i had never actually been to the lab where Sara worked, and i was kinda looking forward to it. it would also give me the chance to invite them all over for pizza tonight, and also see what they were like when they were working.

it would be good.

just as we were driving past LVPD on the way to the lab............


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Nice chapter.

That reminds me must have a clear out of my junk soon.

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i had never actually been to the crime lab before. i mean i had been to LVPD obviously, but i had never actually been to the lab where Sara worked, and i was kinda looking forward to it. it would also give me the chance to invite them all over for pizza tonight, and also see what they were like when they were working.

it would be good.

just as we were driving past LVPD on the way to the lab...

Chapter 31.

oh no. i thought to myself.

i looked over towards Sara, but she still had her eyes on the road, and must not have seen. we weren't pulling in, so i kept my mouth shut. maybe i had imagined it. i hoped i had anyway but something in the back of my mind told me, that what i had just seen was real. and at some point i'd have to deal with it. which also meant that at some point i'd have to tell Sara.

a few minutes later we arrived at the lab, and Sara parked in the car park.

"hey listen, why don't you go and sit in the break room for a while, and then i'll give you the tour of the lab later ok?" Sara told me.

"you haven't told them i'm coming in have you?" i told her.

"not exactly. i thought it would be better as a surprise."

"uh huh. Sara it's fine. i'll see you later. i'm sure i'll find something to do."

"ok. listen i won't be long. if the guys finish their cases before shift is over, they'll probably go in the break room to grab something to eat and chill out for a bit. i'll come find you later. are you sure you're going to be ok?"

"yeah. listen i know better now. i'm not gonna run off again ok. besides i know you'll only come after me anyway." i say with a smile on my face.

Sara looks at me.

"Sara, relax it was a joke. i'm not gonna go anywhere i promise, ok."

"ok. but it's a bit too soon for you to be joking about that."

"ok, no jokes yet. i got it."

Sara pointed me towards the break room, while she went in search of, well whoever she was looking for, presumingly Grissom.

i had only been in the break room for maybe twenty minutes, when this guy in a blue jacket came in. i'd never seen him before, and i couldn't remember Sara or any of the others mentioning him.

"you're not meant to be in here." he said.

"it's ok. Sara said i could be in here. and anyway how do you know that? i could be new. you shouldn't just assume things you know." i said to him.

"uh huh. you haven't got ID, you're here on your own, and i know everyone around here. so who are you?" he asked.

"my name is Brooke Tyler, i'm a friend of Sara's. and i'm kinda staying with her at the moment. she said it was ok for me to wait in here. she's just got some last minute work to do or something. you can go ask her if you don't believe me. anyway, who are you?"

"oh i will. and i'll let Gil Grissom know that Sara Sidle is bringing in strange people to the lab, and leaving them unsupervised."

"go ahead. Grissom won't have a problem with it. he knows me, as do the rest of the grave shift team actually. i met them all through Sara."

"yeah right." he takes out his cell phone. after a while he speaks into it. "hey Gil. listen there's a girl in the break room all by herself. she says she's a friend of Sara's. just thought you'd want to know."

i couldn't hear what Grissom was saying down the phone. "sure thing boss." he said and hung up.

"tattle tale. so what's your name, and why are you hassling me? i'm sure you've got work to do, and you'd much rather be doing that. something tells me your a kissass." i say smiling.

"Hodges. who are you hassling now?" when they saw who it was "oh hey Brooke. you ok? what are you doing here? i didn't know you were coming in today. does Sara know you're here?"

"oh so that's your name. you know you could have just told me. and hey Catherine. i'm fine and yes Sara knows i'm here. she had something to check up on or something so she told me i could wait in here. she said it would be ok. this kissass here said it wasn't and tattled to Grissom. how's Lindsey doing?"

"she's fine. Hodges don't you have work to do or something? she's ok, but if you're scared i can stay here with her. i've wrapped up my case anyway."

"thank you Catherine. and i'm not scared, i'd just rather not babysit. you can't be too careful you know."

"whatever Hodges. she's not a killer you know, and she's not a baby."

"how do you know? i mean we never suspected the miniature killer worked here. this could be that all over again. Ecklie's gonna go nuts when he finds out Sara left someone unsupervised in the break room."

"shut up Hodges and go back to work."

knowing that he wasn't gonna win this one, the guy in the blue jacket, who i now knew was called Hodges left.

"have i got Sara in trouble?" i asked

"no. it's ok. that's just Hodges, he's our resident kissass lab rat. don't worry Brooke you haven't done anything wrong. so why are you here anyway? not that i mind."

"erm, i came to ask if you and Lindsey, and the rest of the guys fancied coming over for pizza tonight, and maybe watch a couple of movies, or we can chat or whatever. but only if you're free, it's kinda las minute and you probably have plans, and you don't have to come if....."

"Brooke" Catherine said interrupting me "you're rambling. and Lindsey and i would love to come. what time?"

"really? great, erm how about after shift? that ok for you?" i asked

"yeah that'll be good. i'll call Lindsey now, and ask her to come to the lab. you guys can catch up in here, whilst i go tell the rest of the team. unless you want to ask them yourself?"

"no it's ok. it'll be good to catch up with Lindsey actually. she's a great kid." i say honestly.

"yeah she is. have you had the grand tour yet?"

"no not yet. Sara said she'd take me round when she came back."

"ok how about this, it's going to take Lindsey a while to get here, and we don't know how long Sara is going to be, so how about i take you on the grand tour, and then bring you back here when Lindsey gets here? that sound okay?"

"that sounds great." i say smiling. "you don't mind?"

"i wouldn't have asked otherwise would i? besides it'll be fun. come on."

we both got up and she led me out of the break room towards the reception desk. and from there we went to all the different labs: to Trace; to the DNA lab; to the Fingerprint lab; to the AV Lab, which was really cool; we also went to Ballistics, and i got to look at the different guns which was really interesting (i wasn't allowed to touch any of them though). she then led me to her office which was filled with books, and pictures, (there was an older photo of Lindsey on her desk); we passed by the locker room; and then went to Grissom's office. he wasn't there, but Catherine said i could have a quick look round. it was amazing- there was stuff everywhere. there was bugs on the wall, and i singing seabass above the door, a couch, bookcases filled with textbooks and journals and articles. there was even a foetal pig on the top of a book shelf. i stood in awe taking it all in.

"wow" i said looking around.

"yeah, Grissom's unique. he's one of the top entomologists in the country. anything you want to know about bugs, he's your guy." Catherine explained.

"it's amazing. this whole place is amazing. i mean all the labs, and procedures and ways you can get the bad guys, and your offices. i'm surprised you ever want to leave this place."

"yeah, i guess it's pretty cool. we don't see it that way though. i mean "we meet people on the worst days of the lives" to quote Grissom, and we get to speak for the victim in that we find out what happened, and hopefully bring closure to their families, or the loved ones left behind." Catherine said. "come on, Lindsey will be here in a minute, we should get back to the break room."

"ok." i say taking one last look round Grissom's office, before closing the door again behind me.

however on our way back to the break room.......


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Oh that was good.  You got Hodges down just right.

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Catherine said "come on, Lindsey will be here in a minute, we should get back to the break room."

"ok" i say taking one last look round Grissom's office, before closing the door again behind me.

however on our way back to the break room.....

Chapter 32.

"hey Lindsey."

"hey mom, hey Brooke. i thought i was meeting you guys in the break room, what are you doing out here?"

"your mom was giving me the grand tour of the lab. we just finished and were on our way back to the break room now. Sara was gonna give me the tour, but she had some work to do and your mom just wrapped a case so wasn't doing anything, and she offered and here we are." i explained.

"erm Brooke, you're rambling. and it's cool, i mean i remember the first time i took a tour of the lab. i was a lot younger, but i kinda understood why mom used to stay here so long. it's a kind of cool place." Lindsey said.

"that's funny, i don't remember you acting that way whenever i was late picking you up from school or dance class." Catherine said smiling.

"well duh. mom if i said that you never would have come home." Lindsey said with a smile on her face trying not to laugh.

"yes i would. do you know how much i missed you when i was working?" Catherine said.

"ok guys, this trip down memory lane is great for you guys, but do you mind if we went back to the break room, i promised Sara i wouldn't go off on my own for too long. besides if she's finished her work and gone back there, if i'm not there she'll start to worry i've done a disappearing act on her again." i said

"sorry Brooke. i didn't think. hearing this family stuff musty be hard for you huh." Lindsey said cautiously

"no not really. i got used to the fact that i would never have a happy childhood a long time ago. besides i'm an adult now, and i'm learning to put the past behind me and live in the present and for the future, not dwindle on my past and what i didn't have." i told them honestly.

and with that the three of us started walking back to the break room. we were a couple of feet away when a voice said "so who have we here?"

"" Catherine muttered.

she turned around, and Lindsey and i followed suit.

"hey Conrad" Catherine said "what's up?"

"hello Catherine. okay so i know the one on your right is your daughter-why is she here anyway?"

"i have a name you know, it's Lindsey." Lindsey muttered.

"i called her. i'm off the clock, and asked her to meet me here. we'll be leaving in a couple of minutes i just need to grab my stuff from the locker room." Catherine explained quickly.

"which is why you were just about to enter the break room clearly. and who is that?" he said pointing at me.

"first off it's rude to point. and secondly my name is Brooke Tyler, i'm a friend of Sara's. i was told it would be ok to wait in the break room. only i didn't know where it was, so i got Catherine and Lindsey to show me. after all you wouldn't want me just wandering round unsupervised would you?" i said.

"oh, so you're the one that had my graveyard shift team looking for you, and getting strings pulled are you? funny that because Hodges told me you were in here earlier, and said that Sara had dropped you off here personally while she went to finish some paperwork was it? so which story is the truth? the one you just told me, or the one Mr Hodges told me thirty minutes ago?" Conrad said

i remained silent. we all did.

"ok, so maybe i did meet Hodges earlier in the break room. but i'm outta here as soon as Sara comes back, so don't worry. i'm sorry i didn't quite catch your name Conrad what was it?" i asked

"my name is Conrad Ecklie, and i run this lab. why aren't you wearing a visitors badge?" he asked.

"i wasn't aware i needed one, sorry. listen i'm not gonna touch anything or break anything. i'm just gonna sit quietly in the break room for Sara ok. good, glad we got that straightened out. i'm gonna leave you now and sit down. i can't say it was exactly nice meeting you, but at least i have a name to put with a face now, so bye." and with that i turned round and walked into the break room.

a few seconds later i heard Lindsey walk in with a very big smile on her face, and i could tell she was trying not to laugh. "oh my God. i can't believe you just did that. i've wanted to do that for years! actually i think ther whole team have wanted to do that, but they couldn't otherwise they'd get fired, but that was amazing. how do you feel?" then she saw the look on my face "Brooke are you okay?"

"yeah i'm fine Lindsey. it's just.... i've wanted to be able to that to my parents, sorry to John and Rebecca for years, but i never did. but i come here, and within minutes i've said it to someone i've only just met. i mean is that weird or what?" i say.

"well yeah kinda. but you lived with John and Rebecca the whole time you were growing up. maybe you just didn't want to hurt them. it takes a lot more to stand up to someone you care about than someone you've just met. don't worry about it Brooke ok. when the time comes you'll be able to tell them what you've always wanted to, you just have to give it some time. you'll get there i promise." Lidsey told me.

i just smiled "thanks Linds."

"anytime. after all that's what family does right. sticks by each other and helps them out." Lindsey replied.

unbeknown to both of us, Catherine had heard our entire conversation.

"you know, they're right. you are quite a lot like me." Catherine said.

we both jumped a little.

"mom! how long have you been standing there?" Lindsey asked.

"a while. we're all here for you Brooke, no matter what happens with your parents ok."

"you mean adoptive parents." i corrected her.

"they may not be your biological parents, but they're still your parents. i know they didn't always act like it but they are still your parents, they always will be, you can't change them." Catherine said.

"i know that. i guess i just wish they would every once in a while. i can't change who they are, or how they behaved or treated me in the past. but maybe if i could just get them to understand how i was feeling, it might change our relationship in the future. or maybe they'll learn to let me go. live my own life you know?" i say

"yeah i do. i think you just have to give them some time." Catherine said

just then my cell phone started to ring.

"hey Sara. listen Catherine and Lindsey are with me in the break room. they're both okay to come over tonight, if that's still ok." i said.

"yeah Brooke it's fine. i sent texts to the rest of the guys, and they're all really looking forward to it. listen Brooke are you okay?"

"yeah Sara i'm fine why? what's up?"

"nothing, i was just checking. you sure you're ok?"

"Sara i'm fine. you're starting to freak me out a little bit what's wrong?

"it's nothing. i'll tell you later. really it's probably just me overreacting."

"okay, now i'm worried. Sara what's going on?" i ask

"Brooke really it's nothing. listen i'm on my way back to the break room now okay. and when i get there we'll go to the video store, rent a bunch of dvds, go home and get a load of pizzas delivered ok. how does that sound?"

"that sounds great Sara. are you sure you're ok?"

"yeah i'm fine. i'll see you in a bit. bye"

"bye" i said and hung up my cell.

"Sara's gonna be here in a bit, and then we're gonna go to the video store. do you wanna come?"

"sure ok." Lindsey said.

a couple of minutes later Sara walked into the break room, and we left the lab in the direction of the video store in preparation for my official welcome home gathering/party thing.


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First Hodges, now Ecklie.  Poor Brooke and Lindsey with those two about.

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"Sara's gonna be here in a bit, and then we're gonna go to the video store. do you wanna come?"

"sure ok" Lindsey said

a couple of minutes later Sara walked in to the break room, and we left the lab in the direction of the video store in preparation for my official welcome home gathering/party thing.

Chapter 33.

it was kinda funny how i thought of Sara's place as home now, even though it was totally her place, and i had only just moved my stuff in a few hours ago. but the thing is it felt like home, well i thought of it as a kind of home. i felt more comfortable and safe there than i ever did at John and Rebecca's house. i also found it strange how i had quickly become used to calling them John and Rebecca now that i knew the truth instead of mom and dad, like i had called them my whole life.

hearing the truth from a dead person, well ok it was my Grams, but still, it had felt really weird, like i had been dreaming or something. which i must have been. after all the dead can't really talk, can they? but after she told me, and i had had my suprise outburst, i have to admit, a lot of things that had happened whilst i was growing up suddenly made a lot more sense. everyone knew i was adopted now, apart from the people who adopted me. i mean of course they knew, but they didn't know that i knew, if that makes any sense.

i glanced over at Sara occasionally, but she didn't look at me not once. she hadn't even talked to me since she rang me earlier. it was weird and something was definitely going on with her, i just couldn't figure out what. i hoped she wasn't changing her mind or regretting me to move into her place, even if it would be only for a while.

but if that was the case she would have talked to me about it-right?

we had picked up quite a few DVDs at the video store. i knew we wouldn't get through them all tonight, but at least there was a choice, so we could each pick a DVD to watch. that way hopefully everyone would be happy.

at least i hope so.

Lindsey and i were in my room, well the room where i would be sleeping at Sara's anyway. Catherine was in the lounge/  with Sara. i don't know what they were talking about, but maybe Catherine could figure out what was bothering Sara.

if anyone could get Sara to open up it would be Catherine, right? at least i hope so.

"so this is your room then?" Lindsey said

"kinda. i'll just be crashing here until i get sorted out." i told her.

"but i thought Sara said you could stay here?"

"she did, but i don't want to be any trouble. besides i think it'll be easier when i get my own place you know. i won't be under her feet all the time. and she can stop worrying about me, coz she'll know i'm fine."

"Brooke, are you serious? Sara'll probably worry about you more if you've got your own place. and after what you told me happened at the hospital with your adoptive parents, they're less likely to come here if they figure out where you are. Sara can be pretty damn stubborn at times. no way she's letting them in here." Lindsey smiled.

"i know. but how are they gonna find me if i move out? they won't. and then they can't blame Sara for holding me against my will or anything because i won't be living with her. see that way everyone wins, and John and Rebecca will get the message." i explained.

"but Sara's not holding you here. is she?"

"no of course not. i wanted to come here, and i wanna live here, if only for a while. but they won't and don't see it that way."

"oh, so you're trying to spare Sara? yeah won't work." Lindsey said matter-of-factly.

"why not?" i asked

"Sara's used to being around people who are stubborn. she works with a whole team of people who are stubborn in their own way. i mean, she stood up to your adoptive parents before, so she'll keep doing it until they go away, and leave you alone. just trust her ok Brooke. everything's gonna be fine." she said giving me a hug.

pulling out of the hug i said "you do know you're becoming more like your mother don't you?"

Lindsey smiled "yeah, so i've been told. i'm gonna take it as a compliment though."

i smiled back "you should. it is one."

we carried on talking and laughing, and exchanging stories when we heard the doorbell ring.

"that's probably the guys, come on." i said

"yeah. ok let's get this night started. pizza, movies, the whole family here...what could be better..." Lindsey replied.

we walked out of my room, down the hallway and through to the lounge.

"Brooke, could you get the door for me?" Sara asked.

"yeah sure." opening the door "hey guys. come on in. glad you could make it."

"hey, we're just glad you're ok." Nick said

"bet you're happy to be out of the hospital" Greg said

"you have no idea. i thought you were meant to get better in those places, not feel as if you were on hunger strike." i said laughing

"well, you're out of there now, and that's good." Grissom said.

"yeah it is. hey Jim"

"hey kiddo, you doing ok?"

"hey! what did i tell you. it's Brooke not kiddo" i said

"i know, i'm kidding." Jim said smiling. "glad to see you're back to your old self again" he said giving me a hug.

"actually this is a whole new me. you wouldn't want me to be my old self, not as much fun." i say smiling.

after they had all entered the house, i closed the door behind them. "Sara the guys are here" i shouted

"i know, i could hear them from in here." Sara said smiling.

"are you saying that we're too loud?" Greg said

"of course not... ok maybe a little" Sara confessed. "erm Greg, why did you bring beer?"

"it's a party right? did i get told the wrong information again?"

"no it is. it's just this is Brooke's party, and i don't think it's very nice if we drink when she can't."

"Sara honestly it's fine. you guys have you beer, it's cool. me and Lindsey have non-alcohloic stuff we can drink anyway. it's not as if you're gonna get drunk anyway. are you?"

"no of course not. we'll have a couple of beers and that's it."

"so it'll be fine. let's just get the pizzas ordered ok. who wants what?"

"you haven't ordered them yet?"

"no. i thought we'd wait til you guys got here, and then order so that everyone gets what they want. i'm sorry"

"hey Brooke it's fine. besides beerman over here changes his orders every time. we never know what he wants. don't worry he's just a bit crabby coz he had a run-in with Ecklie earlier." Nick said.

"you too? really? what did he say to you?" out of the corner of my eye i saw Catherine and Lindsey shaking their heads.

"what do you mean you too?" Sara asked.

"nothing? it's just i mean you told me how Ecklie likes having a go at you now and again, i guess i was just being nosy you know. i know what he says to you, i guess i just wanted to know if he says the same thing to everyone, or gives people different speeches." i said hoping she would believe me.

"Brooke....." Sara said.

i know that tone. she doesn't believe me.

Lindsey and Catherine were still shaking their heads. Sara saw me looking in their direction, and looked at them too. they immediately stopped shaking their heads.

"guys what's going on? did something happen at the lab?"

"Sara it's fine honestly. nothing happened when i was at the lab today."

"Brooke was at the lab? why didn't you come say hi?"

"yes she was at the lab. i thought i was only gonna be a couple of minutes so i told her to stay in the break room." Sara said

"and you guys were busy with cases, i didn't wanna disturb you." i continued "look, why don't we order the pizzas, watch some movies and chat like we planned, and you guys can drink beer if you want ok."

"ok" they all said in unison

"Brooke we'll talk later ok. i know something happened and i'm gonna find out what, but i'd rather you tell me yourself." Sara warned.

"so what pizzas do you all want? and what movie do ya wanna watch first?" i said ignoring what Sara had just said. i knew she'd find out at some point, and knowing Sara it would be sooner rather than later (after all she is a CSI) but i ddin't wanna talk about it right now. right now all i wanted to do was enjoy my first night out of hospital and have a good time.

a few hours later, we were still eating pizza and popcorn. we had watched two movies and were just to put in a third when the doorbell rang.

"i'll get it." i said. "don't stop the movie, i'll be back in a minute."

i got up, walked out the lounge and opened the door..........


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Great update.  More please.

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a few hours later, we were still eating pizza and popcorn. we had already watched two movies and were just about to put in a third movie when the doorbell rang.

"i'll get it" i said "don't stop the movie, i'll be back in a minute."

i got up, walked out the lounge and opened the door................

Chapter 34.

it was weird how quickly i had felt at home at Sara's place. both Sara and me were fine with me answering the door, even though it was her place and i was just crashing there.

i opened the door, but i didn't recognise the person standing on the other side.

"hey" i said

"hi, is this Sara Sidle's place?"

"who's asking?" i asked suspiciously

"sorry. i have something to give to her and was told this is where she lives. my name is James Fletcher. so does she live here?"

"oh ok. erm yeah she does, but Sara's not available at the moment. but if you want i can give her whatever it is." i said

"well i was meant to give it to her personally. but if she's not available i suppose i can give it to you. do you promise to give it to her though?" James said

i put my hand out waiting for him to give me the envelope. "i promise to give it to her. she's just busy at the minute." i said

it wasn't exactly a lie that i had told him. Sara was busy-watching movies- but still.

"listen here's my card as well. tell her to call me" James said

"sure. can i ask what this is about?"

"sorry it's priviledged. thanks though, bye."

"bye" i said closing the door as he walked away.

the curiosity of what was in the envelope was eating away at me, but i knew i couldn't look in it. whatever it was was private, and obviously for Sara's eyes only. if she wanted to tell me what was it it was her choice, but it wasn't up to me to go through whatever was clearly only for her. i took another look at the card he had given me. a proper look this time, not just a fleeting one, and saw that he was an attorney. i silently began thinking about what he wanted with Sara. as far as i knew Sara wasn't in any trouble and hadn't done anything wrong.

apart from throwing John and Rebecca out of my hospital room, and shouting at them for their treatment of me i silently thought. but i pushed that thought to the back of my mind, at least for now, and walked back to the lounge where everyone was silently watching the movie.

"who was that?" Sara asked me when she saw me re-enter the room. "you were gone a while"

"erm a guy named James Fletcher. he was asking for you. i told him you were busy, so he gave me this to give to you. he also gave me his card, and told me to tell you to call him" i told her, handing over both the envelope and his card.

"oh thanks Brooke." Sara said quietly.

she didn't look at me as i handed them over. she was focused solely on the envelope and the card with his number on it. i knew instantly by the look on her face that something was wrong, but i knew she wasn't about to tell me, especially not in front of everyone. she was hiding something, but i couldn't figure out what that was. but i decided to leave it for tonight, so we could enjoy the evening and my welcome home thing. i knew that whether it was important or not she would tell me at some point, at least i hoped she would. we promised each other no more secrets, and i hoped that she trusted me with hers as much as i trusted her with mine. after all she already knew most if not all of mine, yet i still didn't know much about her. but i had to give her time, she would tell me when she was ready, just like i did with her.

after a couple more movies the rest of the guys had fallen asleep, and the empty pizza boxes were scattered everywhere. i looked at Sara and saw that she was also sound asleep, with her head resting on Grissom's shoulder. i immediately got up and started to tidy the empty pizza boxes into the , and put them in the bin. i then picked up the bowls that had held the popcorn, and carried them into the  also, and put them into the dishwasher. i knew where Sara kept the spare blankets and went along the hallway to get them. once i was back in the lounge, i carefully unfolded them and placed them over the sleeping CSIs. i smiled-i was home, this was my family. i put the movies in a pile by the TV, and then went to my room, after locking the front door. you could never be too careful. after giving the sleeping CSIs one last smile and checking to see if they were ok, i went to my room, where i read for a little while, before falling asleep myself.

the next morning i woke up pretty early, and when i went into the lounge they were all still asleep, and in the same positions as i had left them in last night. i knew that they might have hangovers this morning after all the beer they had drunk last night, and so i quietly crept into the  and started making breakfast. i quickly and quietly found everything i needed to make breakfast. after all they had done for me, i thought the least thing they deserved was pancakes, something i actually knew how to make. i didn't know what kind of pancakes they liked so i made a few different sorts, hoping that i wouldn't wake them up.

about half an hour later, i heard someone walk into the .

"what's all this?" Brass asked

"i thought i'd make breakfast as a thank you. you know for last night, and i guess for everything that you guys have done for me. i mean i know this doesn't cover it, but it's something."

"you made pancakes?"

"yeah. it's the only breakfast thing i know how to make, and i didn't know which kind you guys like so i made a selection. i think i might have got carried away though. wait, you guys like pancakes right? i can't believe i didn't think to ask, i mean i should've chekced......"

"Brooke. you're rambling again. and yes we all love pancakes. so what ones have we got?" Brass asked smiling at me

"erm, well we've got plain, chocolate chip, blueberry, honey, cinnamon, there's ones with raisins in over there, and there's sugar, lemon and choc sauce just there for the plain ones, so take what you want. do you think there's enough, or should i make more?"

"Brooke relax, i think you've made more than enough. come on why don't we take these through, and they can have them when they wake up. you never know, the smell of them might wake them up sooner. they look and smell delicious."

"thanks Brass." i said with a big smile on my face.

"you're welcome, but call me Jim ok."

"ok. thanks Jim." i said.

after a couple of minutes Jim and i had managed to carry through all the pancakes i had made as well as other plates for us to put our pancakes on and the sugar, lemon and chocolate sauce for the guys to put on their pancakes if they wished.

a few minutes later i saw Lindsey stir from her sleep. trying to open her eyes she smelt the air. slowly opening her eyes, she said "that's funny i can smell PANCAKES!!" she shouted upon seeing the plates of pancakes infront of her.

"what's wrong? Lindsey are you ok?" Catherine asked with a striken look on her face after hearing Lindsey shouting.

"mom i'm fine, look pancakes." she said smiling

"where did they come from? hang on this is Sara's place?" Catherine said with a look of confusion on her face.

"yeah, you guys fell asleep during one of the movies last night, or early this morning, one of them. so i cleared up and made sure you guys were comfortable. and then i made pancakes this morning. sort of a thank you for last night and everything else you've all done for me recently. you eat pancakes right?" i explained.

"that's a rhetorical question right? but you didn't need to do this" Catherine said

"i know i didn't have to, but i wanted too, honestly" i told her

"mom, stop complaining and just the pancakes ok. they're really good by the way. when did you learn how to make these?" Lindsey asked

"my Grams taught me. i used to spend quite a bit of time at her house when i was younger, and one of the things we did was cooking. so she taught me how to cook pancakes. i used to eat them a lot when i was a kid, so i guess she thought if i ate them, i might as well know how to make them as well." i explained with a sad smile on my face.

"oh. well that's cool. she did a good job by the way, these are awesome." Lindsey smiled

a few minutes later the rest of the guys slowly began to wake up, and became aware that we were all sitting around eating pancakes.

"hey are they just for you, or can anyone have some?" Nick asked

"no you can have some, help yourself. but you better make it quick or Lindsey will eat yours for you." i said jokingly

"hey!" Lindsey said "but true" she laughed

"oh my God, these are amazing. seriously these are like the best pancakes i've ever had, who made them?" he said looking at Catherine.

"don't look at me. i only woke up a few minutes ago myself. Brooke made them! so tell that to her not me." Catherine said

"really? ok Brooke these are amazing" Nick said in between mouthfuls.

"are they chocolate chip?" asked Greg reaching for a plate.

"yeah, here you go. knock yourself out." i said handing the plate of chocolate chip pancakes over to him.

"thanks" Greg said with a smile. "you know i could get used to having you around. sorry about how i acted before in the hospital. i guess i was just in shock, and being protective"

"it's ok Greg honest. you were just looking out for Sara, it's fine." i told him.

"hey are there any blueberry pancakes left?" Grissom asked "i haven't tried one yet and they're my favourite"

"sorry Grissom, i think Lindsey just had the last one. i can make some more though. it won't take me too long. honestly i don't mind. anybody else want any more pancakes made?" i asked

"you don't have to make any more. i was just asking." Grissom said

"no honest it's fine. listen since i'm going in the  anyway do any of you want any coffee?" i asked

"Brooke would you just sit down. the guys can manage with the pancakes that are left. you shouldn't have done all this in the first place, but thank you anyway. you stay here and chat and i'll go make the coffee. everyone wants one right?" Sara asked

"yeah please" they all said in unison.

"right, well give me a few minutes and i'll bring them through." Sara said getting up

"she's gonna need some help. i'll be right back." i said walking after Sara.

"hey Sara?" i said putting my hand on her shoulder "are you ok? you've been acting kinda weird. and you haven't looked at me since that James Fletcher guy came round yesterday. what's going on?"

"it's nothing Brooke. honest. just go and enjoy your pancakes with the others ok. i'll bring the coffees out in a bit." Sara said, still averting her eyes

"Sara, look at me? what did that guy want? what was in the envelope? why did he want you to call him?" i asked

Sara looked at me. "Brooke would you just leave it ok! look thank you for your concern but everything is gonna be ok. it's all just a misunderstanding, but everything is fine!" Sara said forcibly

i looked at her in shock. normally it was me shouting at her to leave me alone, not the other way round. i knew something was wrong, and i had a feeling i knew what it was, and it was all my fault.

seeing the look on my face she immediately said "oh Brooke i'm sorry. i shouldn't have snapped at you like that. i'm sorry. look we need to talk, but not now ok. we'll talk later when everyone has gone home. i promise" she said looking me in the eye, and never faltering her gaze.

"ok." i said simply "you need any help?" i asked

"no, it's ok. go back to the others. i'll be out in a minute."

"this thing you need to talk to me about? it's about John and Rebecca, my adoptive parents isn't it?" i said calmly and coldly

"i'll talk to you later ok. can we just drop it for now? please?" Sara begged

"ok. we'll talk about it later." i said calmly. but i knew exactly what and whom we would be talking about later, and something told me i wasn't going to like it.........

after a couple more hours and once all the dirty dishes and mugs had been taken back into the , we all talked for a little while longer. the subject seemed to change constantly from Lindsey's school to her college choices, to the lab, to what a pain Ecklie was, catching up on each others lives, or in my case finding out more about them, and them finding out more about me. it was weird talking about my life and actually being listened to and not interrupted, but it felt nice too. i was completely comfortable talking to these people, and i hadn't even known them that long. i was never this open with anyone else in my life, not even my Grams, and she was the only member of my family i could actually really talk to. i could feel the walls i had put up to protect myself come crumbling down to the ground around me, and surprisingly i didn't feel afraid of that. i actually felt free for once in my life. i guess that meant i was finally moving on and dealing with everything that i had gone through, and Sara was a big part of that. if it hadn't been for her i would still be the same girl i had left home as. i would still be living at home, i would still be alone and invisible and anonymous and being taken for granted. and i never would have met Lindsey or Catherine, or Jim, or Grissom or Nick or Greg. i wouldn't have any friends, i would still be alone in the world. and i was so grateful that i had Sara. i had changed who i used to be, i was happier now and i had friends and i knew i wasn't invisible or anonymous, or anything like i used to be. i had people that cared about me now....... i had my family!

but something told me whatever James Fletcher had asked me to give to Sara was about to ruin that, or at least rock the boat a little. i had heard nothing from John and Rebecca for a while, and if i'm honest with myself i was scared. the longer the silence went on the more scared and afraid i got. but i was careful not to let it show. i didn't want anything to pop this little bubble that i seemed to be living in. i was safe here, and i knew that as soon as that bubble burst, i was in for a real fall that would leave me battered and bruised, but hopefully not broken.

after a while the guys all left after saying goodbye to Sara and me, and that we should do this again some time. they even begged me for the recipe for my pancakes, but i smiled and simply said "sorry no can do, it's a secret. i promised my Grams that no matter what happened to her or to me, i would never give it away. apart from you guys, she was the only one who made me feel safe and secure. tell you what i'll make you a deal. whenever you guys end up staying over after a night in, i'll make you pancakes ok?" they smiled at that idea, and Sara said "you're going to be making lots of pancakes then. i swear they're gonna be over here all the time now."

after they left Sara closed the front door, turned and after taking a deep breath said "Brooke we need to talk about something...."


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"...........tell you what i'll make you a deal. whenever you guys end up staying over after a night in, i'll make you pancakes ok?" they smiled at that idea, and Sara said "you're going to be making a lot of pancakes then. i swear they're gonna be over here all the time now."

after they left Sara closed the door, turned, and after taking a deep breath said "Brooke we need to talk about something......

Chapter 35.

even though i thought i knew what it was that she wanted to talk to me about, i guess a part of me was hoping i was wrong, and that until she said the actual words, i could fool myself into thinking that she wanted to talk to me about something else.

"Sara what is it?" i asked

"ok Brooke. that guy that you answered the door to earlier this evening, he's an attorney............ he's your parents attorney."

"John and Rebecca are not my parents. they are just people i happened to live with for the past eighteen years." i said angrily. "what do they want? or rather what did their attorney want with you?"

"regardless, in the eyes of the law they are still your parents, and they are refusing to sign the emancipation forms i sent them. you know those papers you signed during your hospital stay. well since they refused to sign them, it means if you want to become emancipated then you'll have to do it through the courts, and prove to a judge that you can look after yourself. you're over eighteen, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but you never know. Brooke, John and Rebecca aren't willing to let you go, so you're.... sorry we're.... going to have to fight them, if that's what you still want. John and Rebecca want to see you before we go to court. listen i can be in the room with you if you want, and their attorney is going to be there, and i can arrange for your lawyer to be there as well. but it's totally up to you. you don't have to decide anything right now." Sara explained.

"i want to meet them. i want them to be able to look me in the eye and answer for everything they've put me through. i want to know why they have been lying to me all these years. i want them to know how i've been feeling all these years, and how Grams' death affected me. i want to see the look on their faces when they realise i know the truth. i want them to tell me who my real parents are, and what my rea name is. i just want some answers Sara. i need them, otherwise i'm never going to be fully able to move on and leave my past exactly there, in the past."

"ok Brooke. it's ok, everything's going to be ok" she said enveloping me in a tight hug, and placed a soft kiss on the top of my head, trying to get me to calm down.

after a few minutes i had managed to calm down a little with Sara's help, and my heartrate and breathing returned to normal. "this is going to sound really pathetic, but will you come with me to meet them, and stay in the room with me? i don't think i can face them alone. i know how they work, if i go in there alone, i'll crumble and cave into doing what they want me to do. please Sara?" i asked.

"of course i will. i told you before Brooke, i'm here for you every step of the way." she said enveloping me in a hug again. "everything's going to be ok. i'm just going to call James Fletcher ok, and organise a time and place for a meeting where you can talk, okay. just give me a couple of minutes."

"thanks Sara." i said simply.

Sara walked away in the direction of her bedroom to make the call. i was suddenly very nervous. i hadn't seen John and Rebecca since that day in the hospital when i had first woken up, and i hadn't really spoken to them in years. i didn't know what i was going to say to them, actually i did, i just didn't know if it would come out right, and although i had a fair idea, i had no real idea of how i was going to react when i saw them again, or how they would react to seeing me. at least i would have Sara with me, supporting me the whole time, and that in itself was comforting; knowing that i had someone there who was on my side and would support me no matter what.

"ok Brooke, the meeting is scheduled for the 27th. i know that it's only a couple of days from now, but unsurprisingly John and Rebecca wanted to meet with you as soon as possible. they actually wanted a meeting tomorrow, but i said you were going to be busy for the next couple of days, and i thought that that would be too soon. at least this way you've got a little while to prepare."

"thanks Sara. for everything. you really have no idea how much this means to me." i said with a small smile on my face.

"no thanks necessary Brooke, but you're welcome anyway, anytime you know that. so what do you wanna do today?" she asked

"i don't know. i mean i'd love to go to the lab again, see what you do in person, but something tells me Ecklie wouldn't be ok with that. i mean i don't really wanna run into him again, and i definitely don't want to get you into trouble. so i don't know maybe we could go shopping or something. i need some new stuff, and i'm gonna need something to wear to court, and i can always ask around to see if anyone's hiring. there you go we'd be killing three birds with one stone." i said hoping my last argument would convince her.

"ok we'll go shopping. but you don't need to look for a part-time job yet. why don't you wait until things have settled down a bit, and after this thing with John and Rebecca has been sorted, then maybe we can start looking for a part-time job for you ok? deal?" Sara stated

"deal." i said firmly

after a couple of hours we were still looking round the shops, despite the fact that we had already spent much more than necessary, and we still apparently had more to do. who knew shopping could be so fun, yet so exhausting at the same time?

after a couple more hours, and stopping to grab a bite at a local cafe we headed home. before we knew it we had arrived and we were carrying our purchases inside and into respective bedrooms, in order to put them away later. it was quite late by that time-the blessing and the curse of late night shopping- so we headed straight to bed and saying that we would see each other in the morning.


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Is that the end?  Loved it.

Guess what I will be reading from start to finish over the next few days.

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no it's not the end, i know i sorta wrote it so it sounded that way but it's not. new chapters will be up soon, just gotta write them before i post them on here lol. but glad you're still loving/liking the story though. it's those sort of comments that encourage me to keep writing whenever i can.     :)

hopefully will be able to post the next chapter or two up tonight, or tomorrow. but they will be posted soon.



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after a couple more hours, and stopping to grab a bite at a local cafe we headed home. before we knew it we had arrived and were carrying our purchases inside and into respective bedrooms, in order to put them away later. it was quite late by that time-the blessing and the curse of late night shopping-so we headed straight to bed, and saying that we would see eachother in the morning.

Chapter 36.

the next couple of days were a blur, they passed by so quickly, i couldn't remember what i had been doing, and i didn't know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. in a way it was good as it meant the sooner i saw them, the sooner this whole thing would be over with; but it was also bad as i still wasn't exactly sure on what i was going to tell them, i was so nervous, and i didn't really have any real reason to be, after all Sara would be there the whole time.

Sara had been great the past couple of days, i mean she had been great the whole time, even when i pulled my disappearing act a few weeks ago, but especially lately. she helped me with what i was going to say, she answered questions about what would happen if the meeting went well, and if it didn't go well what would happen. the rest of the guys, who i now considered my family had been great too, they even offered to come with me as moral support. but i didn't want to get them all in trouble, and i didn't want Lindsey to miss any more school than she had done so i told them i would be ok. it was hard enough for Sara to get some time off, probably a lot harder than she had let on, but i wasn't going to push it. i was grateful she was doing this for me. i knew she didn't have to, and she knew that, but she kept telling me that she wanted to, and it felt really good hearing that. it had been a while since i had had someone on my side completely, and i had missed it, which surprised me in itself.

the morning went by so quick i don't know where the time went, and before i knew it, and to be honest before i was ready, it was time to leave to meet up with John, Rebecca and their attorney James Fletcher. if he had recognised me when he had come to Sara's house, he certainly hadn't shown it, and i was beginning to wonder if he actually knew what i looked like. if he didn't, he was certainly going to get a shock when i turned up.

i guess Sara could sense i was nervous and see i was having trouble, because before we went in she pulled me to one side and said "Brooke are you sure you want to do this? we can always reschedule if you're not ready ok. you don't have to do this today. we can just go home if you want."

i looked at her and replied "i know that, but i want to. honestly i don't think it'll matter when i see them, i'm always going to be nervous about it. but it's better to do it sooner than later isn't it? that way it'll be over sooner, and i can move on with my life, and they will leave me alone, and i can stop looking over my shoulder all the time always waiting to see if they're behind me, just waiting until i'm alone so they can drag me back where i used to live. i'm ok Sara really. are you sure you're ok to come in with me? i know you're meant to be working, and if you need to be there i get it. really it's ok."

"i'm not going anywhere. i said i would be here to support you today, and that's what i'm going to do. i'll go to work when all of this is sorted out, and if Ecklie or anyone else has a problem with it they can talk to me about it ok. i'm not leaving you on your own to face them. i know you can do it on your own, but i don't want them to take advantage of you ok. i'm coming and staying with you, and that's the end of it. but if you don't want me in there, i understand and i'll just wait out here for you." Sara told me.

"of course i want you in there. i feel like if i don't have someone in there with me, then i'll just cave and end up going bck to the house i hated, to the life where i was miserable. i don't want to be that girl again Sara, i can't be that girl again."

"and you're not gonna be ok. you ready?"

not trusting my voice again, i just nodded my head as we walked into James Fletcher's office where John and Rebecca were already sitting and waiting for us.

"hey sweetie." Rebecca said standing up to give me a hug. she didn't get the chance as i immediately stepped back, not wanting to be anywhere near her.

"Brooke, what's wrong? are you ok." John asked standing up too.

"i'm fine." i said coldly

"what's she doing here?" Rebecca said angrily noticing Sara standing behind me closing the door.

"i invited her." i said simply

"this is nothing to do with her. it's to do with our family, and she's not part of it." Rebecca said, trying not to raise her voice

"actually, she is. she's part of my family, and if you can't deal with her being here, then i guess we're just wasting our time. come on Sara let's go. i knew there was no point in coming here." i said angrily

"no it's ok. she can stay." John said

Sara smiled at me and we sat down on the opposite side of the room to John and Rebecca.

"wait a minute, this is your daughter?" James asked

"adopted daughter" i muttered under my breath, but they didn't hear me.

"yes, what's wrong?" John asked

"i saw her, when i went to give Miss Sidle that envelope you gave to me. she answered the door, i didn't realise." James said

"must have been a shock to see me here then huh?" i said cheekily

"what do you mean you saw her?" Rebecca asked James "Brooke are you living with her? we thought you were still in the hospital. why didn't you tell us you had been released?"

"yeah i'm staying at Sara's place. and i didn't tell you because i didn't want to ok." i said

"but why? why would you hide this from us?"

"i didn't hide it. i simply chose not to tell you. i wasn't the one hiding secrets for years, that was you two!" i shouted

"Brooke, calm down ok. remember what we said, we'd see what they had to say, and you would talk to them, and not raise your voice." Sara said resting her hand lightly on my arm.

"i know, sorry." i said turning towards her.

"it's ok. so what did you two want to talk to Brooke about?" she said addressing my adoptive parents.

"we just want our daughter to come home, where she belongs. i don't understand why she signed an emancipation order, or why she didn't tell us that she had been released from the hospital. talk to us honey." John said

"i am at home ok. Sara's place is my home now. i'm sorry, but that place i used to live was never my home. it was just somewhere i happened to live in for the past eighteen years. it was never my home. you don't have to hide the truth from me anymore. i know the truth about who i am and what happened when i was younger. i'm sick of the way you guys used to treat me, so i ran away. that's why i want the emancipation order, i'm not your daughter anymore, i never was. ever since i came to Vegas i'm not invisible anymore. i'm not taken for granted. i have friends and a family who care about me. so please just grant me this one thing. i've never asked you for anything before now, but i'm asking you now, just sign the emancipation order." i said, my voice growing stronger and more confidant the more i spoke.

"what do you mean you're not our daughter? of course you are, you always will be. we never hid the truth from you, we've always been honest with you. what's going on Brooke? what lies has she been telling you?" Rebecca asked.

"don't you dare talk about Sara like that. she hasn't lied to me about anything, she's always been honest with me. i can't say the same for you. even now you're lying. maybe it's because you've been lying to me for so many years even you can't remember the truth anymore, but it's still there. i know the truth now, and you denying it all isn't going to change it. John, Rebecca can you please just be honest with me, just this once?"

"Brooke, what are you talking about? it's us, it's mom and dad. what happened  to you? do you think her accident caused this?" Rebecca asked John

"i'm not sure. i mean she knows our names. she just doesn't recognise us as her parents. maybe we shuld give her some time, it might come back to her." John answered.

"the accident didn't cause this. if anything it brought me to the truth. i know that you adopted me when i was a baby. that you had an elder daughter but we both got very sick when we were toddlers, but i fought and got better, whereas she died. you never got over her death, and you resented me for the fact i, your adopted daughter survived, whereas she, your biological daughter died. but that wasn't my fault ok, i didn't kill her, and i'm sick of being treated as if i didn't exist by you two."

"Brooke..... what..... how did you find out?" John asked sighing.

"Grams told me. she told me everything. she told me how you wouldn't even look at me for about a year after because of what happened, and that i was handed over to her at every opportunity. she told me how she was going to fight you for custody over me if things didn't improve. but they did, at least for a little while anyway, but it came to an end. instead you started treating me as if i was invisible, and take me for granted, getting me to do every little thing around the house, and not thanking me for anything. and you know what the sad part is, i got used to it. i got used to being ignored. no matter whether i was at school or at home, i was treated the same. but then Sara came, and after a lot of waiting i opened up to her. she was there for me whenever i needed her. i could call her anytime, day or night and she would answer the phone. she did and does more for me than either of you two ever did." i said, with tears starting to fall down out of my eyes because i was so angry at them.

"what do you mean Grams told you? Grams died over two years ago. why didn't you talk to us before?" John asked, Rebecca had fallen silent

"she didn't tell me two years ago. she told me when i was in the hospital. i was unconscious and i saw her, and she told me everything. she didn't mean to, she thought i already knew. when she realised her slip she tried to cover it up, she tried to cover for you, but i made her tell me. and you know what i'm glad she did, because on that moment a lot of things made sense. but you should've told me John, you and Rebecca should've told me." i explained

"i know sweetie. but we couldn't, i couldn't. you're still our daughter. ok you may not be ours biologically, but you're still ours, and we love you." John said

"just sign the emancipation order. if you love me just sign it. maybe sometime in the future we can have some sort of relationship, but not now. it's too hard, and i just can't forgive you for the way you treated me. you didn't treat me as a daughter, i was invisible to you. you don't treat someone you love that way, you just don't. please just sign the emancipation order, and let me move on with my life, you have to let me go." i said looking John straight in the eye.

after a few minutes he said "ok. if that's what you truly want Brooke, we'll sign it."

"it is, thank you." i said

"no! John what are you doing?" Rebecca pleaded

"i'm listening to our daughter for once in her life. she's right honey, we didn't treat her like we should have done. i didn't even realise that at the time, but looking back i know where she's coming from. we have to do this for her. we have to let her go." John said softly

"John i can't. i've already lost one daughter, i can't lose my other one too. please Brooke....please don't make me do this" Rebecca cried

"i'm sorry Rebecca." i said "maybe things will be different in the future, i don't know, but you have to let me go."

"we have to do this honey. believe me, i don't want to do this either, but maybe if we do this we have a shot of regaining a relationship with our daughter, and not losing her forever. you know this is the right thing to do. i know in your heart you feel the same way." John cried holding her hand and looking in her eyes.

slowly Rebecca nodded and then collapsed into John's arms sobbing.

a few minutes later the forms were signed, and i had got what i wanted. i had a fresh start, with nothing and no-one holding me back.

"guys, i just have one question, who are my real parents? you know my biological parents, who are they? what are they like? what are their names? do i look like them?"

ok so that was more than one question, but i guess i really wanted to know.

"all we knew were their first names. your mom's name was Claire, and we never knew anything about your dad. to be honest we didn't want to know back then." John explained.

"well do you know where she lives? or why she gave me up?" i asked

"after you were born we heard she moved to Miami or something. but we haven't heard anything from her since. she may not be there anymore. i'm sorry sweetie." John told me

"it's ok. i guess i just wanted to know a bit more about who i was, where i come from you know. thank you. i'm sorry it came to this i really am." i said truthfully, and after giving both them and James one last look i stood up and walked outside. i didn't even have to turn around to know that Sara had followed me out and was now standing right behind me.

"are you ok?" she asked

"actually yeah i am. i can't believe they actually listened to me and did what i asked them to." i said

"i know, but you did it. everything's going to be ok now. so how about we go to the lab, and you can tell everyone the good news, and we go out and celebrate tonight? sound good?" Sara asked

"yeah, that sounds great. listen Sara, i know i just got emancipated from one set of parents, but do you think you'd be able to help me look for my biological mom? i think it's just something i have to do you know?"

"yeah sure. you know we've only got a slim chance of finding her don't you. i mean we only have her first name and the fact she moved to Miami shortly after you were born. it's not a lot to go on, i just don't want you to get you hopes up."

"i know that. but at least this way i can give it a try. it's worth a shot isn't it?" i asked

"of course. how about we go out and celebrate tonight, have a relaxing weekend, and then start looking for her on Monday. that ok?"

"Sara that's great. anyway if we don't find her it's ok, i mean i already have a family-i've got you and Lindsey and Catherine, and the rest of the guys at the lab. it's just...."

"you want an idea of where you come from?" Sara said finishing my sentence

"yeah" i said smiling "wow that's weird, you're finishing my sentences for me now, am i that predictable?"

"no, i'm just that good." she said laughing as we walked back to the car, and started driving towards the lab to tell everyone what had happened.....


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You had me worried, glad there is more to come.

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Chapter 37.

when we got to the lab, we found out from Judy (receptionist) that everyone was out on cases at the moment, it had been a really busy night in Vegas. i suddenly felt guilty that i had kept Sara away, when it was obvious that the team had really needed her tonight. but Sara really must know me to well, i guess she could probably tell from the expression that was written all over my face because she said "it's not your faut, i wanted to be there."

"erm Judy, just to keep off Ecklie's radar, can i have a visitors pass for Brooke please? you know how he is." Sara asked

"yeah sure. here you go" handing over the visitors pass.

"thanks" i said taking the pass

"so do you want that tour of the place i promised you?" Sara asked

"sure, that would be great. Catherine already showed me around, but i'd love another look, if that's ok." i stated

"wait, when did Cath show you round?"

"when i was here the last time. i was in the break room waiting for you, and this guy called Hodges.. i think his name was? anyway he started hassling me about being in the break room unsupervised blah blah blah. so anyway Catherine heard him and told him to go back to his work, which after a few comments he did. so she showed me round after that. we were waiting for Lindsey to arrive, so she said she'd show me round the place."

"oh. and when you say Hodges...?"

"yeah he came in, at least i think that's what Catherine said his name was; tall, greying hair though he'd deny that and kind of a kissass. he called Grissom when he found me."

"oh yeah, that's definitely Hodges. he gets on well with Ecklie."

"yeah i figured. he mentioned you by the way. said you'd get in a lot of trouble with Ecklie for leaving me unsupervised, and that i could be a killer or something about not knowing that the last time...."

"he didn't? actually i can believe he did. and he was just refering to an old case that's all. nothing to worry about."

"ok. so am i allowed that tour now?" i asked

"err sure, come on. just make sure your visitors pass is visible."

unfortunately we couldn't spend too long in each of the labs, as they were all really busy and i knew we would just get in their way, but it was good to see them again and the lab techs, and watch them working. well maybe with the exception of Hodges, he didn't seem to pleased to see me again. ballistics was still one of my favourites, i loved looking at all the different guns, and how they could match a bullet to a gun based on certain characteristics. maybe that makes me weird i don't know, but it was really interesting.

after a while we made our way to Grissom's office, but the door was locked.

"guess we'll have to wait til Grissom comes back." i said

"we could, or we could go in now. Grissom gave me a key a couple of months ago. come on he won't mind." Sara reassured me

once she had unlocked the door, i was taken aback about how much stuff he had in here, even though i had been here before. i took my time looking around this time, as i ventured further into his office. i took down a couple of books and had a look through them. it felt weird having a big book like this in my hand again, but it felt kinda good as well. it had been a while since i had had a textbook in my hands, but it felt kinda nice.

"Sara, i want to go back to school." i said suddenly


"i want to go back to school. i want to study again, i wanna go somewhere, be someone. and school can help me with that. you don't think it's a good idea do you?" i said

"no Brooke, i think it's a great idea. if that's what you really want. do you know what you want to study?"

"i've got a few ideas, but nothing set yet. so do you think i start looking at colleges?"

"yeah sure. and as long as you find the right place for you, it doesn't matter where it is, whether it be here in Vegas, or further away. of course if it turns out to be further away, i'm going to miss you, we all will, but you have to do what is right for you, not what is right for everyone else." Sara explained

"thanks Sara. there isn't a computer i can use by any chance is there?"

"wow, someone's keen."

"yeah, it's weird, now that i know what i want to do, i just wanna get started. you know what i mean?"

"yeah i do. listen, we can't really use the computers at the lab, as the techs need those, so how about we go buy you your own computer ok, maybe a laptop or something. you're gonna need one for your studies anyway, so we might as well get you one now. what do you think?"

"i think that's a great idea, but i don't have enough to buy one. i haven't really got any money, and i haven't even started looking for a part time job yet. how am i supposed to pay for it?"

"you're not. i will. think of it as a 'good luck with your studies' present or an 'i'm proud of you for sticking up to John and Rebecca' present."

"Sara, i can't ask you to do that, you've done way too much already."

"Brooke you're not asking me, i'm offering ok. i want to do this for you"

"ok. but nothing too fancy or complicated."

"ok fine." Sara stated "come on let's go."

"go? go where?"

"to get your laptop."

"what now? i thought we were going to tell everyone what happened today?"

"well we were, but they're all busy with cases right now, so we'd be waiting a while, might as well go get your laptop now, and then by the time we've done that they should be back, and we can tell them then. and then we can all go out and celebrate. unless you don't want them to come out with us?"

"no of course i do, they're my family now, and so are you........ ok let's go." i said smiling

a few hours later, we had brought my laptop, and a printer, and paper to go in the printer and ink cartridges. we didn't bother with the security package, that i thought we would need, but Sara didn't seem to think so. after a look round the shops as well, which ended up with both of us buying more clothes, we walked back to the car, and put everything in the trunk, and the backseat of the car. we then drove back to the lab.

we were just walking to Grissom's office to see if he was back yet, when we heard...


"dammit, and today was going so good" Sara muttered.

"hey Ecklie."

seeing me he said "you again? what are you doing here?"

"again? what do you mean? have you two met?" Sara asked confused

i kept quiet.

"yes. we met the last time you brought her here. she was quite rude actually."

"hey! i'm right here. i have a name you know, it's Brooke, remember?"

"what is she doing here Sara?"

"hmm i thought i'd lost my invisibility, now that i've got it back should i use it for good or for evil?" i said

"Brooke. i'm just showing her round the place. well i was, and now we're just meeting up with the rest of the team. look she's got a visitors badge on, and she's with me, she's not just wandering around. so what's the problem?"

"i just don't think she should be here. we've got a lot of open cases right now, and i don't need her contaminating anything or costing us convictions ok."

"i'm not gonna touch anything. i'm not stupid. i know how important the work you guys do is. it keeps the bad guys off the streets, i'm not gonna muck it up for you." i said

"it doesn't matter. all the defence has to do is get wind that you were in the labs while the techs were doing their work, and the whole evidence chain is called in to question. so do us all a favour, just get out of my lab!"

"fine. i knew we shouldn't have come here. can't say it was nice bumping in to you." i said walking quickly away from Ecklie, from Sara, from the entire lab.

"Sidle my office now!"

i turned round one last time, to see Sara looking at me apologetically, and mouthing "wait outside". she then followed Ecklie.

i don't know what exactly happened in Ecklie's office, but i knew i had probably got Sara in trouble. but i wanted to apologise to her so i waited outside the lab like she said. about ten to fifteen minutes later Sara came walking out of the lab, and upon seeing me said "come on let's go home."

"Sara what happened?" i asked but she remained quiet. we walked to the car in silence and the drive home was uncomfortably quiet. i didn't know what had happened, but something obviously had, and i wanted to know what.

"Sara what happened?" i asked again when we had unloaded the car, and walked inside. but she didn't answer me. i'm not sure if she even heard me. "i'm sorry Sara." i said putting my hand on her shoulder. "i didn't mean for any of this. if you want me to go i get it, i'll just go."

"Brooke, none of this was your fault. Ecklie had no right talking to you like that. and of course i don't want you to go. come here." Sara said, giving me a hug.

"so where do you wanna go for your celebratory meal?"

"i don't mind. wherever you guys wanna go is fine. what's good round here?"

"well there's a couple of places off the strip, or there's the ones in the hotels. actually there's a great italian place about twenty minutes drive from the lab, i can't remember the name of it though, that's annoying." Sara said smiling


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Chapter 38.

a couple of hours later, between us Sara and i had sent texts to everyone to let them know to meet us at 8:30pm at Giovanni's (Sara had finally managed to remember the name of the place), and under no circumstances to be late. that i had something to tell them.

Sara and i had gotten there early, so we could secure a table for the eight of us. we had booked it under my name, which felt kinda weird, but good weird. a few minutes later Catherine, Lindsey, Jim and Grissom came in, and after spending a few seconds looking for us walked over.

"hey guys, glad you could make it." i said honestly

"hey, we're happy to be here. why are we here?" Catherine asked.
"erm if you don't mind do you mind waiting until Nick and Greg get here, i want to tell you guys all togther. but feel free to get yourself a drink from the bar while we wait."

"great. can i have a double vodka and coke then?" Lindsey asked cheekily

"sure, only minus the double vodka." Catheirne answered

"fine. it was worth a shot right?" Lindsey asked looking at Catherine and then me.

"don't worry about it Linds, i can't drink either." i say smiling

"ok so what do you guys want?" Catherine asked

"beer for me" Jim said

"yeah me too" Grissom agreed

"ok, so how does this work, have we got a tab set up, or are we all paying for ourselves?" Catherine asked

"just put everything on the tab, we'll sort it all out at the end. the tab's under Brooke Tyler" i informed her

"ok. i'll be right back." Catherine said leaving the table and heading in the direction of the bar.

a couple of minutes later, she came back carrying the drinks.

"hey look who i found!" Catherine said

"hey Nick, hey Greg. glad you could come. you want anything?" i asked

"it's ok. Catherine already got us one. something about a tab?" Nick said

"yeah. everything is going on a tab. just makes it easier and we can sort it all our at the end." Sara explained

"ok so what's up?" Greg asked

"well,..... why don't we order first and then we can talk whilst we're waiting." i said

after a while the waiter came over and took our orders and our menus so that the table was clear when our meals came out.

"Brooke, Sara what's going on?"

"i have something to tell you" i said "erm ok.... well you know how when you guys were round at Sara's place for movies and pizza and the doorbell rang?"

"yeah, you went to answer it, and you came back with an envelope for Sara. guy names James Fletcher bought it round or something." Nick said

"yeah well, what i didn't know was that James Fletcher is an attorney. he was John and Rebecca's attorney. when i answered the door he didn't know who i was, but then he realised when we met him today."

"oh. hey wasn't today that meeting with your parents?" Greg asked

"my adoptive parents yeah. anyway so we went in, and we sat down, and i might have lost my temper a little bit at the beginning. but Sara calmed me down, and reminded me why we were there."

"so why were you there?" Lindsey asked

"Lindsey!" Catherine said forcibly

"no it's ok. we went there because they had asked to see me. and i guess i wanted Sara there for moral support or something. anyway, so they told me they didn't understand why they had been given an emancipation order that i had already signed."

"you wanted an emancipation from your parents? sorry adoptive parents?" Grissom said

"yeah. i mean i knew that as long as they were still legally my parents they would never let me go. and this way i thought that i could move on with my life properly. so we went to see them at their attorney's office. i was calling them John and Rebecca, which they couldn't understand either, as they said they were my mom and dad, and thought that maybe the accident had caused me to not recognise them as my parents or something. so that got me a little mad. so anyway we had this long talk. or rather i talked and they semi-listened. i think i stunned them when i told them that i knew the truth-that i had been adopted by them as a baby, and that i knew they had had an elder daughter who died when we both got sick as toddlers. i told them everything i had been burying for years, about how i felt, how they treated me, everything. Rebecca kept denying it, but John eventually accepted it, and wanted to know how i had found out." i explained

"and how did you find out?" Greg asked

"my Grams told me. when i was in hospital and during the time i was unconscious i saw my Grams, and she let slip that i had had an elder sister, and that i had been adopted by my sister's parents when i was a baby. she tried to cover it up, but it was too late, i already knew the truth. and in that moment a lot of things suddenly began to make a ot of sense. anyway so once i confronted them, John eventually realised that i was right, they hadn't been treating me like a daughter, and that they needed to let me go, and sign the emancipation order. Rebecca was less willing, but John talked to her, and they both signed it. they both cried, they actually cried. not once for they there for me growing up, but at the moment i stood up to them and asked them to do something for me, they cried."

"wow. so what they didn't fight you on it or anything? what did they say when they found out you were living with Sara?" Jim asked

"no. i think they realised that this was something i wanted. and yeah when they found out i was living at Sara's and was out of the hospital they were a bit shocked, and said some things, which kinda made me really mad." i explained

"you should have seen her in there guys, she was incredible. she lost it a bit at the beginning, but she did it. as she spoke more and told them everything she had been bottling up she grew more confidant in herself. you would have been proud of her, just like i am." Sara said smiling at me

"thanks Sara. that means a lot to me." i said smiling back.

Lindsey looked up "err guys, hate to interrupt, but it looks like the food's here."

"finally" Greg muttered. after seeing the looks on our faces he said "what, i'm starving" at which we all laughed.

after we had finished our meals, the empty plates were taken away, and the desert menus were given to us.

"would anyone like another drink?" the waiter asked

"yeah, same again please all round, so what that's five beers, two cokes and one white wine spritzer. thank you" i said

"you're welcome, i'll bring them right over" the waiter said and walked away

about an hour later the table had been cleared, but we were all still chatting away.

Sara said "okay guys, Brooke's got some other news for you."

"what? you're not leaving are you?" Lindsey asked

"well i've decided i'm gonna go back to school, get a degree or something."

"oh my God Brooke that's great" Catherine said

"any idea on what you wanna do?" Grissom asked

"i've got a couple of ideas, nothing absolute yet. i'm still looking at my options" i told them

"cool. so you're staying here then?" Lindsey said

"i don't know yet. i mean i love Vegas i do. but it depends what i want to do and where i can do it. but if i end up going away, i promise to come back often and visit and keep in touch while i'm away. i mean you guys are my family now, this is home" i said

and i realised that as i said it, i really meant it. this was home now, and these people were and are my family. nothing would change that. strange how things turn out isn't it....

these people had made me visible and with their help and with the help of Sara i was no longer invisible, i would no longer be taken for granted


thanks for all your reviews so far, hope you are still liking the story, more will be up soon ;)


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Chapter 39.

at least i hoped they knew that. i was a better person now because of them. they gave me the strength to face up to John and Rebecca, the people who i thought were my parents. they believed in me and enouraged me. they made me believe that i could do anything i wanted, be whomever i wanted to be.

they welcomed me into their family, and Sara welcomed me into her home. her home that she said was now my home for however long i wanted it to be. this was what i wanted my entire life, but what i had never had. i had dealt with my past, and John and Rebecca had finally let me go. i had my own life, and wasn't afraid to let people in beyond the walls around my heart. i trusted people now. i wasn't scared or constantly looking over my shoulder for John and Rebecca to drag me to the house i had lived in.

i was free. free to do whatever i wanted. free to go wherever i wanted. free to be whomever i wanted to be. and this feeling of being free, it felt as if a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders, as if my heart had broken free and escaped from the prison that it had been kept in. and it was a great feeling....

after we left the restaurant and had paid the bill, leaving a tip we left and got a cab and went back to Catherine's place, to continue the celebrations. you'd think it was someone's birthday, not just me getting emancipated from John and Rebecca, but i wasn't complaining. before Vegas, it had been a long time since i had gone to a party, let alone had one thrown for me. when i was growing up my birthday had no cause for celebration, it was just another day of the week, and i was just another year older. the same thing happened every year, nothing special happened, there was nothing to celebrate.

something told me that that was going to change now. if this was what happened when we were celebrating something that wasn't that special, i could only imagine what happened when they were celebrating a birthday or another special occasion, and i couldn't wait to find out.

i had never been to Catherine's house, but i immediately could see why they all liked coming here. it looked so homely and welcoming, it was a wonder why people would leave in the first place. there were pictures out on display everywhere. there were ones of Lindsey and Catherine, Lindsey on her own, and a couple of the team. there was one of Catherine standing next to another guy, with chocolate brown eyes and skin, and both of their faces were lit up smiling at each other. from the angle and the way they were smiling and looking at each other, i don't think either of them knew that their picture had been taken.

Catherine caught me looking at all the photos and walked over to me. i turned and saw her there, and asked "who's this?"

a sad smile came over her face as she said "that's Warrick. he used to work with us, he was a great CSI and an even better friend. he was murdered a year and a half ago. wow, i can't believe it's been that long, seems like yesterday when i went to the scene and saw his body there." a tear was falling down her face as she spoke about that night.

"i'm sorry. i didn't mean to upset you. i just wanted to know who he was, i'd never met him." i apologised

"no it's ok. it's good to talk about him. we were all just so shocked when it happened, and then we immediately tried to find who was responsible and then we found out he had a son, and then there was his funeral. and then we all had to get on with our lives. we all still miss him, i know we do, we just don't like talking about it." Catherine replied

"you loved him didn't you." i said

"yeah, we all did. he was part of our family."

"no i mean, you really loved him didn't you. he was more than a friend to you." i whispered

"how did you know? and yeah we flirted back and forth for years, and then he got married, and then divorced, and then he got shot."

"you never knew if he felt the same way. and you never told him how you felt. you were scared." seeing the look on her face i said quickly "i'm sorry. it's none of my business. just forget i said anything."

"no Brooke, it's ok. you're right. neither of us said anything and now it's too late. and he's not coming back, no matter how much we all want him to." Catherine whispered back.

putting the photo back she said "anyway enough of the tears from me, why don't we find the others and do some more celebrating. this is your night Brooke Tyler. so what do you want to do now?"

"are you sure? and i don't know. listen i know this might be hard for all of you, but would you mind telling me more about him? i mean he was a part of your family right, which means he was a part of my family. and he doesn't stop being just because he is't here anymore. i'd like to know what he was like. but if it's too hard for you guys i get it, is i'll just shut up now." i finished seeing the look on her face.

i walked away, giving Catherine a few minutes alone to compose herself.

"hey there you are, did you get lost?" Sara said smiling when i entered the back garden.

"no, i was just looking at some photos." i said guiltily.

"where's Catherine?" Grissom asked

"she'll be out in a minute. i just passed her, she's just making drinks for everyone or something." i said trying not to let my face tell the truth.

"oh ok." they all said in unison.

"so what were you guys talking about?" i asked

"not much really. i was giving them some ideas on what to get me for my birthday. i've already told my mom a couple of things" said Lindsey

"yes and i don't know why because your birthday isn't for another couple of months!" Catherine said

"mom! you scared me" Lindsey said

"sorry hun."

"yeah, but this way i'm giving you all plenty of warning, so you've got lots of time to get it. i know how busy you guys get, and this way i'm more likely not to get the same present multiple times." Lindsey said looking at Grissom and Nick

"oh come on Linds, that happened once on your eighth birthday. when are you gonna let it go?" Nick said

"why what happened?" i asked

"well it was my eighth birthday, and i decided i didn't want a party, i just wanted to spend the day with my mom. anyway the guys each got me a birthday present, and Nick and Grissom had both ended up getting me this chemistry set. i mean, i didn't even need one, but then i got two!" Lindsey said

we all laughed at that, even Grissom and Nick.

"so what do you want for your birthday Linds?" i asked

"oh Brooke, you don't have to get me anything."

"i know, but i want to. so what do you want?" i asked again

"Sara's got the list. you can pick anything off of there if you insist on getting me a present." Lindsey said smiling

"Catherine are you ok?" Jim asked, his voice full of concern

"yeah i'm fine. my baby's just growing up too fast that's all. it just seems like yesterday she was taking her first steps and saying her first words, and in a couple of months she's gonne be eighteen. God i'm old." Catherine cried

"oh mom, you're not old. and i can't believe i'm actually going to say this but you know i'll always be your baby right? ok so i'm a lot older and bigger now, but i'm always gonna need you. you're not just my mom, you're my best friend too." Lindsey said getting up to give her mom a hug.

"thanks sweetie. that makes me feel a little better" Catherine smiled giving her daughter a hug. "listen i know none of you probalby want to have this conversation, but Brooke found an picture of me and Warrick, and wanted to know who he was. so i told her, and..."


hope you guys liked it. more will be posted soon ;)


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Wow 3 chapters this time.  Just going to make a cup of coffee so I can read all three chapters in one sitting.
Keep them coming.

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heya just wanted to say that i'm really sorry i haven't updated this story in a while. have been meaning to but have been working quite a bit, and then went back to uni so haven't been able to unfortunately.  :(

however i will update soon. there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, lol.

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hey guys, again i want to apologize to you for taking so long to update this story. i will try not to let it get that long before i update ever again, but work and uni kinda got in the way. and by the time i got home from work it was always late, and i was knackered, lol. ;)

anyway, here's the next chapter, hope you like it......

"oh mom, you're not old. and i can't believe i'm going to say this but you know i'm always gonna be your baby right? ok so i'm a lot older and bigger now, but i'm always gonna need you. you're not just my mom, you're my best friend too." Lindsey said getting up to give her mom a hug.

"thanks sweetie. that makes me feel a little better." Catherine smiled giving her daughter a hug. "listen i know none of you probably want to have this conversation, but Brooke found an old picture of me and Warrick, and wanted to know who he was. so i told her, and ......"

Chapter 40.

"you don't have to tell me anything about him guys, honest. he was a part of your family, and you all loved him. i don't need to know anything about him now. i can see by the looks on all your faces that this is still way too painful to talk about so just forget it ok. i want to know about Warrick, and what he was like, i really do, but not at the expense of opening up those wounds and hurting you guys." i said interrupting.

without another word, i left them in the garden just looking at each other. i knew i had made a mistake the first time i had opened my mouth and asked Catherine who he was. i had hurt her, and i wasn't about to hurt anyone else, even though they were my family now. i went back to the photo of Warrick and Catherine that i had picked up earlier and just stared at it.

he'd always be a part of their family, even though he had been taken from them, and i realised that there was no way i would be able to replace him in their hearts, nor did i want to. placing the picture back in its place i walked out of the house. they all needed to be alone right now, they didn't need me there, so i left. i opened and closed the door as quietly as i could and walked away. it was the hardest thing not to just walk back there, and enjoy the rest of the evening, our evening together with them, but i knew i had to. they probably wouldn't be able to have a good time now anyway, and not look like they were forcing smiles if i had stayed. i had hurt them already just by mentioning Warrick's name, and wanting to know about him. who knows how much i would have hurt them, if i had got them talking about him.

i just continued walking, i had no idea where i was going, or which direction i was walking in. i kept my head down, and concentrated on walking. that's all i could think about right now, because i knew that if Warrick popped into my head that i would end up running back there. damn! ok i need to stop thinking about Warrick, stop thinking about Warrick. think about something else, like..... what i'm gonna do now. yeah that'll do. what am i gonna do now?

i think i was warming to the whole going back to school thing, but there was a part of me that was being more logical, and said that i needed to get a job. you need money to go to college, it's expensive which is why i hadn't gone before. John and Rebecca hadn't allowed it. ok i need to stop thinking about John and Rebecca as well. that'll only get me down and end up in me rushing back to Sara, which i can't do. i need to start getting myself through things, and not rely on other people to pick me up when i'm down. ok, so school....

i knew where i was going now. i needed to get home. i needed to get on the internet and start researching courses and different colleges and all my options. maybe i could work for a bit, earn myself some money instead of relying on other people all the time. Sara wouldn't lend me money indefinitely and i wouldn't want her too, i already knew i had to pay her back the money i owed her, and i was nowhere close to doing that right now.

now that i knew where i was going, and what i needed to do my legs seemed to take on a mind of their own, and started walking faster. before i knew it i was there, i was home. i let myself in, locked the door behind me, and switched on my new laptop something else i was going to have to pay Sara back for

after i had researched all kinds of courses and colleges i printed them off, and went and picked up the paper and started looking for job vacancies. i wasn't bothered what i did, i just needed a job that paid, and i would be happy doing anything, as long as it was earning money. i needed to pay Sara back.....

about a half hour later, i hear the front door unlocking, and i knew that Sara must be home. a few seconds later i heard her shouting my name over and over again waiting for a response. after a few minutes i walked out of my bedroom, well what i had come to call my bedroom, and found her sitting on the couch.

"hey." i said

turning her head round, and seeing me there, Sara immediately got up and gave me a big hug.

"oh thank God" Sara sighed

"listen Sara, i'm really sorry about before, and what happened at Catherine's place. i wanna know about Warrick, i really do, but like i said, i don't wanna hurt you guys. you are my family now, and i don't wanna cause you pain just because i want to know who Warrick was, and know more about him. he was obviously a big part of your family, and i know that in your hearts he can never be replaced, and i know i definitely can't replace him, nor would i want to. but like i said to Catherine, just because he isnt here anymore, it doesn't mean that he stops being part of your family. he will always be a part of it, that will never stop. i guess i just wanted to apologize for bringing up all that pain again. it's why i left, i couldn't stay there and talk to you guys without seeing the looks on all your faces, that i put there just by saying his name. i couldn't stand the thought that i had inflicted that pain upon you, or rather brought it all up again." i explained.

Sara smiled.

"what?" i asked

"nothing" Sara said simply still smiling

"no Sara, really what?" i asked again

"i just can't believe it. i mean i knew you'd get there, but to be honest i didn't think it would be this soon. i mean it was only this morning that you got emancipated from John and Rebecca, and now look at you. you're a completely different person."

"what do you mean? i'm still me, i'm still the girl you met all those months ago."

"no you're not Brooke. you've changed, and for the better. you're not scared anymore, you trust people, you've let people into your heart and your life. and you just said the right thing to me. you didn't run away when you thought you'd hurt us, you came home and you stayed. you've changed Brooke. you've become the girl i always thought you could be when i first met you all those months ago. why do you think i kept pushing you to open up to me? i saw who you could be, and i knew if i got you to open up, you would become that person. the person who you are today. and that's why i'm smiling Brooke. you've dealt with your past, and you've stopped running away, and i am so proud of you."

i smiled back. i knew what she said was true. i had changed and i hadn't even realised it.

"i'm sorry Sara. i never meant to hurt any of you." i said

"i know." Sara sighed, giving me a hug "and you didn't. you actually helped us."

"what do you mean?" i asked confused

"well after you left, we all got to talking, about Warrick and how we all felt about his death, and how we had been coping after everything. it actually helped talking about him. we hadn't talked about him or really mentioned his name since the funeral, as we thought, like you, that it would hurt too much. but it didn't, it actually helped us. so i guess what i'm trying to say is ....... thank you. and if you still want to know about Warrick, we'll tell you all about him, but maybe you could make us some of your famous pancakes to go along with it?"

"really? i'd like that. and of course i'll make you guys pancakes. i'll just have to make some more, but there isn't enough stuff here. so when you guys are ready to tell me about Warrick, i'll go to the store and get the things i need. erm, i couldn't borrow some money could i? i promise i will pay you back the second i get a job and a paycheck." i asked carefully

"yeah of course you can. and you don't have to pay me back Brooke. listen it's been a long night, so why don't we get some sleep, and maybe we can ask the guys when they want to come over in a couple of days ok?"

"ok. night Sara." i said giving her one last hug.

"night Brooke," she replied hugging me back


hope you like it. will update again soon


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Chapter 41.

everything was turning out great, well at least getting better. Lindsey and i were quickly becoming really good friends. we could talk to each other for hours, about anything and everything. we would actually get told off for talking too much. it was nice having friends i could actually talk to, and a real family that actually cared about me. it took some getting used to but i was getting there. i was leaving my past behind and becoming the person Sara saw all those months ago.

we'd talked about Warrick as well. i'd made the guys the pancakes i promised them, and they told me all kinds of stories about Warrick, and what he was like. i wish i could have met him. something tells me we would have got on really well. i could tell that it wasn't easy for them to talk about him, but it did seem to help them, just like Sara had already told me. it was weird, even though i had never met Warrick, i felt like i had, and that i had known him for years simply due to all the stories they were telling me, and the pictures that they all had of him during their time with him. it was nice. it really felt as if he was there with us in that room. bet that sounds really weird....

it's funny you know, how quickly i became used to calling Sara's place home, and not just Sara's place, or a place that i was crashing at for a while. i knew that i would have to get a place of my own sooner rather than later. Sara needed her privacy, and although she never said anything, and i knew that she never would, as in her mind it was no longer her home, but our home, i couldn't stay there forever. i would have to stand on my own two feet eventually.

a few weeks later, Sara was working, and it was my day off from work (i had managed to get a little job in a local club behind the bar) and so i was doing a bit more research on colleges and courses i thought would be interesting, when the post came through the door. i got up, and went to get it. most of it was for Sara, and there were a couple of prospectuses that i had sent off for. but at the bottom of the pile there was a big white envelope addressed to me, and when i saw who it was from, it really shocked me, and i dropped to the floor.......

a few minutes later i came round, still clutching the envelope in my hand. i guess i thought it was finally over, that they had agreed to let me go. they had signed the emancipation order, and had agreed that any further contact between us would be on my terms, and in my own time, if i ever wanted to get in contact again. it had only been a few weeks, and i had no intention of getting in contact with them, at least not now anyway. and the naive idiot that i am, i thought that they had actaully listened and had decided to do something for me for once in my life. obviously i was wrong.

i knew i couldn't stare at it all day, and i guess a part of me really wanted to know what was in there, so i opened it, only to receive a bit of a shock as well. as i had already figured out, it was from John and Rebecca. even though they wanted to meet me, and explain something to me in person, they knew that i wouldn't, and so they sent it to me instead, and to be honest it wasn't what i was expecting.............


i know it's short, but i will post next chapter soon


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Worth the wait thanks.

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i knew i couldn't stare at it all day, amd i guess a part of me really wanted to know what was in there, so i opened it, only to recieve a bit of a shock as well. as i had already figured out, it was from John and Rebecca. even though they wanted to meet me (agaiin), and explain something to me in person, they knew that i wouldn't, and so they sent it to me instead. and to be honest it wasn't what i was expecting......

Chapter 42.

inside there was a smaller envelope with my name on. i turned it over and opened it.

Dear Brooke,

i know you probably won't believe us when we say this but we do love you. i know you think that we don't, and after talking to you in our attorney's office and listening to you, we understand why. but you have to know this one thing, you are our daughter and we love you. we will give you your space like we promised, and maybe some day you'll come back to us.

from what we've seen of you, you seem so much happier now, and you're a completely different girl to the one that lived with us for the past eighteen years. you have to know that we are both so sorry for the way we treated you growing up. you were right before. i think a part of us did resent you somewhat for the death of our other daughter. we never got over her death, and i don't think we will ever fully get over it. but you were right we shouldn't have taken it out on you. it wasn't your fault she died, it wasn't anybody's fault, it was just a tragedy that happened.

when you mentioned your biological parents, we both realised that you may want to meet them someday. we don't know much about your biological mom, and we know even less about your biological father. but everything we do know we have enclosed for you. we both wish you every luck in finding them, and getting the answers you think you need to the questions you asked us, but were unable to answer.

but Brooke, just know this. you are who you are. no-one can change you, or make you become someone you're not. i only wish that we had been the ones to tell you the truth, but we didn't, and i, we, will always regret that. it was due to our lies and selfishness that we lost you. we can't fix the past, or erase it, but maybe we can change the future. maybe someday you will come back to us, but we both realise that it has to be on your terms and in your own time, not ours.

we will always love you Brooke, that will never change,

John and Rebecca


i had tears in my eyes as i read it, never before in my life had they sounded so sincere and genuine. too bad really the cost it took for them to be honest with me and with themselves about how they had treated me, and how much they had hurt me- they had lost me. who knows maybe in the future i could have some sort of relationship with them, but right now i knew that that relationship wasn't even a possibility.

i looked in the envelope again and found the information that they had enclosed.
everything was written on one side of paper. there wasn't much there, but it was more than what i had before. if i wanted to do this, if i wanted to find my biological parents, and find out more about who i was, and where i came from, at least this would be a start.

i couldn't tell Sara yet, it was too soon. i knew she would be home soon, so i hurridly put everything back in the envelope and hid it somewhere i knew she wouldn't find it. it was unfair of me to keep her in the dark about all of this, but even i wasn't totally sure if i was ready to go out there and find her. i had to think about it. i knew Sara would be there for me and support whatever decision i made. the problem was i didn't really know which way i would go yet. i needed some time, and until i had fully decided, i wasn't going to tell Sara.

i went back to my laptop, and continued where i had left off on searching courses and colleges. i hadn't even decided whether i wanted to stay in Las Vegas or not yet. i guess it really depended on what i was going to do, and where they offered that course.

i guess that old saying is kinda true so many decisions, so little time...

well at least in my case it is........

about an hour or so later, I heard the front door open, and heard Sara walk in, trying and failing to be as quiet as possible.

i shut down my laptop and walked out of my room, closing the door behind me, and walked towards where Sara was.

the minute i saw her i knew something was wrong. or at least there was something she needed to tell me, but wasn't quite sure how.

"Sara?" i asked walking towards her, and sitting next to her on the couch

i got no response

"Sara what's wrong?" i asked again

all i got in reply was a deafening silence...................................


hope you guys like it. more will be posted soon


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Don't keep me in suspense!!!!!!

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hey guys, sorry about the delay in getting this chapter posted. was away on holiday for a bit and then things got hectic with work and well, life lol. anyway enough of the excuses, here's the next chapter for you.

the minute i saw her i knew something was wrong. or at least there was something that she needed to tell me, but wasn't quite sure how.

"Sara?" i asked walking towards her, and sitting next to her on the couch

i got no response

"Sara what's wrong?" i asked again

all i got in reply was a deafening silence.........................

Chapter 43.

"Sara?" i asked putting my hand on her shoulder "what's wrong? talk to me, please?"

she still didn't respond

"Sara, would you please look at me? you told me that i could talk to you if anything was bothering me. so i'm asking you to do the same. just talk to me, please. maybe i can help?"

"i'm sorry." she whispered. it was so inaudible i wasn't sure if i heard her at first.

"what?" i asked

"i'm sorry Brooke." she said a little louder.

"what are you sorry about? you haven't done anything wrong."

"i lied to you. i kept telling you to open up to me, and that you could talk to me about anything, and i would always be there for you no matter what."

"yeah, but you didn't lie. you have been there for me no matter what. even when i told you to forget about me, you didn't. you came after me. actually the whole of the crime lab came after me, but that's not the point. i pushed you away and yet you still came back. you haven't lied to me about anything Sara. if anything, i've lied to you." i told her.

she looked at me then. "what did you lie about? or rather, what haven't you told me yet?"

"i got a letter from John and Rebecca. Sara i swear i was going to tell you, i really was. but i only got it earlier today, and i wasn't going to tell you right away, mainly because i needed to process it. but that's not the point. i should've told you, but then i saw you and i guess i just forgot about it."

"what did they say? i thought they promised not to contact you unless you wanted them to."

"yeah they did. and technically the letter came via their attorney, but i guess what i said to them in that meeting got through to them coz they sent me some stuff about my biological mom. there was a note that came with it, and they seemed really sincere about it. they're not gonna try and contact me, not unless i contact them first."

"that's great Brooke, really. so i guess you wanna meet your biological mom then?"

"yeah i guess so. i mean i just wanna know why? why did she give me up? why didn't she love me enough? why wasn't i good enough? what was my father like? did he even know about me? does she ever think about me? wow, guess i have a lot of questions that i want/need answering huh?"

"so what did John and Rebecca say? in their letter?"

"not much really. i mean all they know is that her name was Claire, and that she was living in Miami whilst she was pregnant but that was it. they didn't know anything about my father. so i guess i start there. oh actually can you wait here a sec? i need to give you something?"

"sure." Sara smiled.

i got up from the couch then and ran to my room, to pick up the present of sorts for Sara. i then picked up the envelope that i had been sent from John and Rebecca and ran back to the couch and Sara.

"here" i said giving her the smaller envelope.

"Brooke what is this?" Sara asked looking inside

"it's some of the money i owe you. i know, i know, you said i didn't have to pay you back, but i wanted to. look it's only the first installment, but i will pay you everything back, i promise."

"Brooke i can't accept this."

"sure you can. it's your money, so take it." i told her

"i can't. that's money you've earnt, and i wouldn't feel right about taking it. so you keep it."

seeing the look on my face she said "Brooke i'm serious, you keep it."

"ok" i relented. "so what's going on with you? why were you so upset earlier?"

"oh it's nothing really. just Ecklie being, well... Ecklie."

"you're lying. i know you Sara remember, and it wasn't Ecklie that made you this upset. hell nothing Ecklie does or says upsets you, it just tends to piss you off. so what's really going on?"

"my mom got in touch. we've had no contact for years and now she somehow gets hold of my number, calls me and tells me she needs to see me. look, i don't know why i just said that. what do you want for dinner?"

"woah, go back to your mom contacting you. what happened between you and your mom? you've never mentioned her before, actually you've never mentioned any of your family before, so what gives? you been hiding things from me Sara?"

"yeah ok, so maybe i haven't told you the truth about me. but that's all in the past now and that's where i want to leave it. so can we just drop it please?"

"no we can't just drop it. please talk to me..."


hope you guys liked it. let me know if ya want more


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Excuses, excuses.  Good chapter.

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hey everyone,

i know it's been a few months since i last updated this story, and honestly i can't believe it's been that long!! no reason i give to you will excuse the amount of time i have left you in the lurch for new chapters.

but due to the time difference it's really late here, so i can't update now. but i promise i will update tomorrow.

hope you can forgive me for not updating and posting more of the story before now, and i hope you will keep reading the story and continue to let me know what you think of it (good and bad). although i do get it if you don't want to read the story anymore or have lost interest in it.

once again i am so so so so sorry i haven't updated/posted any more chapters in a few months


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ok so yesterday i promised you all a new chapter. well here it is, and once again i apologize for the long wait for it...

"woah, go back to your mom contacting you. what happened between you and your mom? you've never mentioned her before, actually you've never mentioned any of your family before, so what gives? you been hiding things from me Sara?"

"yeah ok, so maybe i haven't told you the truth about me. but that's all in the past now and that's where i want to leave it. so can we just drop it please?"

"no we can't just drop it. please talk to me..."

Chapter 44

it had been nearly two months since Sara had walked through the door, and mentioned her mom contacting her. it had been nearly two months since i asked her what happened between her and her mom. it had been nearly two months since she had asked me just to drop it, and i had said no. i eventually learnt that she really didn't want to talk about it, so i stopped asking her. i didn't want to lose somebody else just because i kept pushing her to talk about her mom which was obviously something she didn't feel ready to share with me just yet.

everyday before i had left the house for work i had let her know that i was here if she ever wanted to talk, whenever that would be. or even if she would ever want to talk to me about it. everyday she would smile at me and say that she knew that, she just didn't feel ready yet. i could respect that, and i guess a part of me understood it, after all it had been longer than this before i felt ready to talk about all my problems with her.

it wasn't a matter of her not trustig me with it, she knew she could trust me. i guess it was one of those things that she thought she had dealt with from her past, and when it had come up again she realised she wasn't ready to talk about it, and that she had never dealt with it, she just thought she had. i wondered if she had ever told anyone about her past, or what had happened between her and her mom. it seemed logical that our family knew, but i wasn't about to go behind her back and ask them. i would never betray her like that. i knew that if she wanted me to know, she would tell me in her own time and in her own way. i just had to be patient and wait for that time to come, if indeed it ever did.

i was still working at the club behind the bar, and i was really enjoying it. i was earning some money of my own instead of mooching of Sara all the time, and i had become friendly with a couple of the people i worked with. i was still paying Sara back the money i owed her, even though she still refused to accept it. so after a while i just started transfering money from my account to hers, it was the only way i could get her to accept it, she refused if i handed it to her in person. i still had quite a way to go before i would be able to pay her all the money back, but slowly i was getting there.

i hadn't gone back to school yet in the end. i kept on with my job instead. partly because i still couldn't afford college, and partly because i was learning more working behind the bar than i would ever learn in a classroom. it's kinda amazing what you hear working behind a bar, and what people will tell you because they know you won't tell anyone else. and when i say i am working behind a bar, what i really mean is cleaning it, and making sure all the fridges are stocked up, so am really more of a cleaner but i didn't care. it was a job, and it paid, and who knows, maybe in a couple of years i would be able to work behaind the bar properly (i.e. serving drinks and chatting to customers).

every night i would read and re-read the information that John and Rebecca had sent me about my biological mom, and it wasn't much i knew that. but it was more than i had had before. in my own way i was beginning to look for her, but to be honest i wasn't getting very far. i knew if i seriously wanted to find her i would have to hire a private investigator or something, but i couldn't afford one so i guess i just have to be patient until i have enough money to do so. it didn't stop me from thinking about her every night, and what she was up to now. did she look like me? did she ever think about me? why hadn't she come to look for me? did she even care about me anymore? is she married now? do i have any brothers or sisters? does she even remember me? does her new family know about me (if she has one)?

my 19th birthday was coming up, and everyone had kept asking me what i wanted to do, and what did i want? it still felt weird that people wanted to celebrate my birthday. for as long as i could remember it was just another day of the week, it was never anything special, certainly nothing to be celebrated. but it was different now. i was different now. i had a family that truly cared about me, and wanted to celebrate with me.

i was re-reading the little bit of information i had about my biological mom, when there was a knock on the door.

"come in"

"hey Brooke"

"hey Sara. erm i thought your shift didn't finish for a few hours yet."

"i clocked out early, said i wasn't feeling well"

"oh are you ok? do you want me to get you anything? i could make you something to eat if you're not up to it"

"Brooke, i'm fine honestly. i'm not sick, i just couldn't concentrate at work and so thought i'd come home. can i sit down?"

"yeah course you can. this is still your place Sara."

she moved over to the bed i was sitting on, and sat beside me.

"Sara are you sure you're ok?" i asked

"Brooke we need to talk"

"ok sure. Sara what's wrong? have i done something to upset you?"

she just stayed silent

"Sara, you're scaring me, what's wrong? what do you need to talk to me about? ..... oh God, it's not Lindsey or anyone is it? are they ok?"

"no they're all ok, it's nothing like that."

"thank God. so what is it? ..... Sara?"

"ok i don't know how you feel about this, but i have to ask you something and i don't know how you're going to react"

"ok, now you really are scaring me. what is it?"

"well ................."


i know i know. first update in months and i leave it on a cliffhanger. next update will be up soon, so let me know what you think, and if you want me to continue


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Chapter 45


"Sara has this got anything to do with your mom?"

"NO! i'm still not ready to tell you about her yet, or my past. i know that's unfair, but i just can't yet. i hope you can understand that?"

"of course i can. it was longer than this before i knew that i could trust you enough to tell you about John and Rebecca, and know that you wouldn't say anything. and i almost didn't tell you then. but i'm glad i did, you saved me. whenever you're ready to tell me i'll be here to listen. so if it's not about your mom, what is it?"

"i really don't know how to tell you this ...."

"ok but is it good news or bad news?"

"i guess it's kinda both, you see Gil's kinda, sorta asked me to move in with him"

"WHAT?! Sara that's great news, isn't it? so what did you say?"

"i said i'd have to talk to you about it. that's why i couldn't concentrate at work. i had to know what you thought about this"

"Sara, why would you need to know what i thought about it? it's got nothing to do with me. is that what he asked you last night when you guys went out?"

"Brooke are you kidding me? of course it has something to do with you. you're part of this too, whatever decision i make it's going to affect you. but if you must know yes he asked me last night."

"Sara listen to me. you love Grissom right? i know you do, and i also know that he loves you. and i also know that since i came into your life and especially since i came to live with you after a got out of hopsital you guys haven't been able to spend much time together because of all the stuff that's been going on with me. but i'm ok now. and i know you want to live with him so you just have to tell him that"

"but what about you?"

"what about me? listen i figure you'll probably move into his place, so you'll sell this place. but don't worry i've got some money saved up so i can rent my own place. just let me know when you're moving and i'll have something organised by then. seriously Sara i'm happy for you, and for Grissom. don't worry about me."

"Brooke. you're not moving out, i thought you liked it here?"

"Sara i love living here, and i love living with you, i really do. but we both knew that i wouldn't be living with you forever. it's time for me to move on and get my own place."

"Brooke, what makes you think that i would move into Gil's place?"

"well because he asked you to move in with him, andi know you want to. before i came here you told me you practically lived at his place anyway. so really if you think about it, me moving here just delayed the inevitable. we both know that the reason why you guys didn't move in together sooner was because i was here, and you wanted to take care of me. but you don't have to do that anymore. i can take care of myself, and you can get on with your life, just like you're meant to"

"Brooke this is your home now. i would never ask you to leave it."

"yeah and you're not asking me to leave, i'm telling you i am so you can live with Grissom."

"Brooke, you're not going anywhere ok. this is your home now, and it has been ever since you came here, and it always will be. listen i just need to call Gil, but can you wait here. i think we need to talk some more."

"yeah sure ok"

Sara left my bedroom already calling Grissom. i looked at the piece of paper which held information on my biological mom and read it again.


in Sara's bedroom...

"hey Gil it's me."

"hey are you feeling ok? Greg said you'd gone home early as you didn't feel well. is there anything i can get you?"

"Gil, i'm fine. Brooke's taking good care of me. listen i need to talk to you about what you asked me last night, you know about me moving in with you."

"yes i remember. you said you needed to talk to Brooke about it before you gave me an answer. so have you talked to her?"

"yeah i did, and to be honest i think something's going on with her that's she's not telling me for some reason. could you come over later, and we'll talk about everything. i just need to spend some time with Brooke right now."

"yeah sure. i'll bring some take-out over and we can talk then ok. but Sara if you're not ready i understand, just don't lie to me ok"

"i just need to spend some time with Brooke Gil, so i won't be coming back in. it's not that i'm not ready, it's just kinda complicated. i'll explain when i see you tonight ok. i love you."

"i love you too Sara, bye"



i was still looking over everything, and listening to my iPod when Sara walked back in.

"hey sweetie, so are you gonna tell me what's going on with you?"

"nothing's going on with me. i'm fine. so did you tell Grissom that you're moving in with him?"

"i told him that i wasn't coming back to work and that i needed to spend some time with you right now. he's coming over later tonight and we're gonna talk then."

"but you are moving in with him right?"

"honey what's wrong? are you trying to get rid of me?"

"no Sara of course not, i love living with you, you know that. i just don't want you to make the wrong decision and then regret it later on and resent me for it. i couldn't bare it if i lost you or Grissom or any of you. you're my family now and i don't want you to hate me someday because you didn't move in with Grissom when he asked you to."

"is that what you're worried about? Brooke i could never hate you, and you'll never lose me or Grissom or the rest of them. you're always going to be a part of our family, and nothing will ever change that." Sara told me giving me a hug.

i smiled and hugged her back, not realising that a tear had started running down my cheek.

"now what's going on Brooke? you've been reading that piece of paper every night ever since you got it. do you want to find your mom? because if you do, i'll help in any way i can you know that. and i'll support any decision you make."

"i know you will. and i guess i do want to find her, if only to get some answers from her. i just don't know how, and it's not like i can hire a private investigator to find her for me, i don't have that sort of money. and i can't ask you to pay for it, you've done more than enough for me already."

"true, but i honestly don't mind helping you out. listen you have connections to LVPD and if Miami was the last place she was known to live, we can ask them to help as well. we've got some connections to the crime lab there, and i'm sure they'd be happy to help."

"are you sure?"

"of course i am. i wouldn't have asked/offered if i wasn't. listen we'll ring Jim tomorrow, and we'll go from there ok. but for now, how about we go and stick a dvd in or something and have a lazy couple of hours until Grissom gets here. that sound good?"

"sounds great, thanks Sara. for everything." i said smiling at her and giving her another hug.


hope you liked it, let me know if you want more


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Chapter 46

a few hours and two DVDs later there was a soft knock on the door, and Sara rose off the couch to answer it, already knowing who it would be.

"hey Sara, i brought take-out as promised. are you ok?"

"Gil i'm fine. Brooke and i just finished watching a dvd, come on in and make yourself at home."

"hello Brooke, how are you?"

"hey Grissom, i'm ok thanks. how's things at the lab?"

"they're ok. Ecklie seems to be coming round more and more often these days which is slightly annoying. how's it going at the bar?"

"it's ok i guess. gives me some extra money so can't complain."

"good. have you thought any more about going back to school?"

"yeah, i've decided that for now at least i'm just gonna keep working. i can't afford it at the moment anyway. and before you ask, no i am not going to ask Sara for any more money, she's already done more than enough for me. so i hear you asked her to move in with you? that's great."

"yeah, but i think i may have pushed her too hard. she said she wanted to talk about it, which is why she asked me over."

"yeah i know. she sorta told me already. look if you want some privacy i understand, and i'll leave you guys to talk. i'll just go up to my room."

"it's ok Brooke. i think she wants you to be a part of this, i mean you already are, but..."

"i know what you mean Griss. look i'm with her moving in with you. i know you love her and she loves you so much, really i think it's a good idea. it's just i think she's just worried about me that's all. we all know that if it hadn't have been for me you and Sara would already be living together. i sorta got in the way at the wrong time. but i've told Sara that i'm ok with it and if she decides to sell this place just let me know in plenty of time so that i can find a place of my own to rent."

"you know for an eighteen year old, you're very knowing."

"well first off i'm nearly nineteen and when all you've known is being taken for granted and being invisible and had no-one in your life that cares about you, you kinda grow up pretty quick. if you have no-one to look after you and tell you things, you kind of have to look out for yourself and figure things out on your own. listen i know that you guys are my family now, nothing's ever gonna change that i know that. but we all knew that i wouldn't be living with Sara forever, and that i'd get my own place sooner or later, and that time is now. Sara deserves her life back, and by moving in with you she'll be getting it back."

"you don't honestly think that do you? that by moving in with me she'll be getting her life back? she's always had her life, you were and are a big part of it. Sara loves you Brooke, and she just wants to protect you from everything, especially after what you've gone through."

"yeah i know, but i don't need her to protect me anymore. i can look after myself. it's what i've always done. but it has been good living with someone who actually cares about me, and who i care about as opposed to just being invisible and resented for being alive."

after eavesdropping a little on Grissom and Brooke's conversation, Sara moved away and brought all the food back into the living room.

"here you go. dinner is served"

"great i'm starving!"

"now you're beginning to sound like Greg"

"what can i say? i guess he's rubbing off on me" i said smiling

after dinner i took everything back into the  and washed up and cleared everything away as slowly as i could so that Sara and Grissom could talk in private.

"Brooke what's taking you so long?"

"i'm just clearing up in here that's all. thought i'd let you guys talk in private."

"Brooke just leave it, come on we all need to talk about me and Grissom living together."

"look i've got nothing to talk about, i've told you both that i'm fine with it. and i love you guys i really do, but i don't want to sit there while you guys make out and make puppy eyes at each other or whatever."

"Brooke Tyler!! i can't believe you just said that." Sara said tryng not to giggle "come on, i know you said you were fine with it, but we still all need to talk about it. just leave that stuff we'll tidy it up later, but right now we need to talk."

"ok fine, but if you even start anything i'm leaving you guys on your own got it?"

"got it." Sara said leading me back into the living room.


ok so there's another chapter for you all. hope you like it. let me know what you think (good and bad)


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Chapter 47

despite the fact that i knew that unltimately Sara would move in with Grissom, we talked for hours about it and how it would affect us all. personally i didn't think it would affect me that much, but clearly they both knew it would, probably more than they realised, and certainly more than i said and thought it would.

this was the first proper home i had ever had, and that was certainly down to Sara. she had taken me in, given me a home, looked after and protected me. she'd been my friend when i had no-one; my confidante when i had no-one to talk to; and my family when my own had neglected and abandoned me. she was and is still a big part of my family that now also included the rest of the team that she worked with at the lab, and of cours Catherine's daughter Lindsey who was now more like a younger sister to me as well as one of my best friends. i had to hand it to them, this would affect me more than i thought it would, and i hadn't even realised it.

i could say that i am fine with it, and had done on numerous occasions whenever they had asked me what i thought about it. but the truth is that maybe i'm not one hundred per cent fine with it. i'm happy for Sara and Grissom don't get me wrong, i am. it's just that maybe i feel that when she moves in with him, i'll lose her somehow, or at least part of her. i'm not sure if that makes any sense, but there you go, it's just the way i feel. weird huh?

and the thing is i can never tell her or anyone else any of this because i know that she would never move into Grissom's place if she found out the truth and that i feel like this. and the truth is i want her to move in with Grissom, even if it seems like i don't. i want her to move in and live with Grissom because i know that it will make her happy, and she deserves to be happy, i want her to be happy. she more than anyone deserves to be happy after everything she's done for me since i entered her life, and especially since i left the hospital and moved in with her. so instead i will stay silent and hope and pray that she never finds out the truth.

Sara has saved me on so many occasions that i have lost count. she gave me a life, friends and a family. she supported me when i wanted to get emancipated from John and Rebecca. she continues to believe in me when i don't believe in myself, and encourages me to do anything i want to do, and be whoever i want to be. everything i am today i owe to Sara. so the least i can do is to let her be happy and let her have the one thing she wants most - to live with Grissom - and not feel guilty about leaving me because she has nothing to feel guilty about. if anyone has anything to feel guilty about it's me, after all we all know that if it wasn't for me Sara would already be living with Grissom, and they'd probably be engaged by now, rather than just thinking about moving in together now. but that's in the past now, and i can't change the past, as much as i would like to sometimes.

i've just looked at the clock and it's one o'clock in the morning and i'm wide awake. i walk out of room and head towards the  in order to make myself a hot chocolate. it's the only thing that will help me fall asleep and right now i need all the help i can get.

i switch the light on and head towards the kettle. as i am waiting for the kettle to boil, i hear footsteps, and i grab the nearest frying pan to hand. i start to walk towards the door when it opens.....

"Brooke what are you doing up? and why are you holding a frying pan?"

"gees Sara, you scared me. i thought you were a burglar or something. and in answer to your first question, i couldn't sleep and i didn't want to wake you up so i came to make myself a hot chocolate instead. why are you up?"

"same reason, i couldn't sleep either. hot chocolate sounds good though."

"yeah sure. why couldn't you sleep? i thought you were fine about moving in and living with Grissom?"

"yeah i was, i am. i love him, you know that. it's just ....."

"it's just what?"

"i guess i feel weird about leaving you, and not living with you anymore. i really like living with you Brooke, i guess i'm just going to miss it that's all, a lot more than i thought i would."

"aww Sara, i'm gonna really miss living with you too. listen i get if you don't want me to, but would you mind if i continued living here when you move out. it's just this place is home now, and i don't think i can leave it just yet. i mean it's just not living with you, and not living here would be too big of a change right now. but i do understand if you want to sell it. it's still your place and it's your decision what you do with it. ok, i'm going to shut up now."

"no Brooke. actually i'd really love it if you continued to live here. i mean it's your home too, it has been for ages, and i can't ask you to leave and move out just because i am. this is your home Brooke, you can stay here if that's what you really want to do. to be honest i didn't want to sell it in the first place, or for you to find your own place to call home when you already have a home here. plus that way i know that it's being looked after, and i can come back whenever i want to."

"just admit it, you're gonna miss me and this place, and now you have the perfect excuse to keep coming back and checking up on the place, and on me. but i'll pay rent if you want, i don't expect to keep living here for free."

"Brooke, i am not charging you rent to live in your own home. and i won't need an excuse to come to check up on you or this place. i'd miss you wherever you end up living, because we won't be living together any more. i really am gonna miss living with you Brooke."

"i'm really gonna miss living with you too Sara. oh and here's your hot chocolate"

"thanks Brooke. you know you're welcome at Grissom's place any time you want ok. the door will always be open to you. i just wanted you to know that."

"i know thanks Sara. thanks for everything you've done for me. you've made me the person i am today, and i don't even know how to thank you for that."

"you're more than welcome Brooke, but no thanks are necessary. you know you did a lot by yourself too. you've changed so much from when i first met you, but i am so proud of you. you're gonna be ok Brooke, but you can always talk to me. you know that right?"

"yeah i know. listen i'm pretty tired so i'm gonna go up to bed. good night Sara" i said and gave her a hug.

"night Brooke" she replied as she hugged back

within a few mintes of getting back into bed i fell asleep, knowing that no matter what happened Sara would always be there for me if i needed her, all i had to do was ask, and that would never change, even if we weren't living together anymore.


hope you guys liked it. more will be posted soon


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Chapter 48

ok so it had been a couple of months since Sara had moved all of her stuff into Grissom's place, which in all fairness isn't really that far away. the first night that Sara wasn't here was kinda weird. i mean we had lived together for months, and then all of a sudden there was only me living at what used to be our home, and now i guess is just my home. to be honest it's still taking a bit of getting used to... living on my own and being truly independent again. weird huh considering for the first eighteen years of my life i was basically on my own.

maybe i should get a housemate or something. i mean i know i'm not paying Sara rent or anything, no matter how many times i told her i would, but it would be nice to have some company again. guess you could say i had gotten used to living with someone who cared about me, and now that she's gone i guess i'm missing that. to be honest i miss living with Sara more than i thought i would. i still see her quite often but it's just not the same you know? that must make me sound really sad huh.

i still have my job at the bar/club, and yes i'm still cleaning and stocking the fridges and wiping tables. i still hear quite a bit, the customers just see me as the cleaning girl so they don't really pay that much attention to me. so in that respect i'm still the same girl. even though i'm still working i still haven't saved up enough to go back to school, so guess that's gonna be on the backburner for a while. i also haven't heard anything from John or Rebecca which is good, it means for once they're keeping their promise and doing something for me. i still don't know how i feel about them, guess i just have to give it time.

i haven't found anything more about my biological mom yet either. Grissom contacted the guys down in Miami for me with the minimal information we had in her, but we haven't heard anything back yet. i guess i expected that, i mean all we really had was her first name, and the fact she had lived in Miami for a while when she was pregnant with me. i didn't even know if i was born in a Miami hospital or if she had moved and then returned to Miami after i had been born and she had given me up.

Lindsey has been coming over more recently. it's been good spending more time with her, i think she still misses her mom. they've all been working a hell of a lot more lately and so Catherine has been spending a lot more time at the lab than usual, and i know Lindsey is missing her. she may not show it, especially when she comes round here, but i know her.

just then there was a knock at the door, so i shut my laptop off and went to answer it.


"hey, you Sara Sidle?"

"nope sorry she's not here at the moment. but i can tell her you stopped by. what's your name?"

"no it's ok. do you know when she'll be back?"

"erm no sorry. look if you leave your name and number i can get her to call you if you want."

"and who are you?"

"sorry, i'm a friend of hers. Brooke Tyler."


"do i know you? how do you know Sara?"

"no you don't but i sorta know you. look do you know where i can contact her, do you have a cell number for her or something?"

"i'm sorry i can't give you that. listen if you really need to talk to her you can reach her at either LVPD or at the crime lab. it's where she works."

"ok thanks Brooke. bye."

i closed the door and immediately pressed speed dial 1 and got voicemail.

"hey Sara, it's me Brooke. don't worry everything's ok, i'm ok. it's just that someone just came to my door asking for you. when i told them that you were busy they asked for your cell phone number. don't worry i didn't give it to them, i didn't know who they were. they said that they sorta knew me and that they knew you and that they really needed to talk to you. listen i told them you could be reached at either the PD or the crime lab. i'm sorry ... they just wouldn't go away until i gave them an answer. who are they Sara? how do they know you? how do they know me? please get back to me as soon as you get this. hope you're ok. speak to you soon"

after i hung up i tried Grissom's cell and got voicemail again, so i left him a message asking him to tell Sara to check her voicemail and then call me back as soon as she could.

something still didn't feel right i needed to talk to Sara now. i know it was kinda unreasonable of me, i knew how busy they all were at the lab, but i needed to know who they were and how they had got my address. i needed to know how they knew Sara and me. i just needed to know. so i locked my place up, got into my car and drove to the lab. i couldn't wait for Sara to call me back or for Grissom to tell her to call me back, i needed to know now. i just had this nagging feeling at the back of my head that something wasn't right, and i guess i needed to know that everything was ok and that i was just being paranoid or something.

when i got to the lab i sent Lindsey a text and told her to meet me at the lab after school instead of at my place. i went straight to reception and asked Judy for my pass and asked her if she knew where Sara was. she said she wasn't out in the field so she should be in the lab somewhere. i thanked her and started walking round the lab. i needed answers about who had come to my door and i needed them now. i only hoped that Sara had the answers i was looking for. i tried everywhere but i still couldn't find her, but i bumped into Greg in the AV lab with Archie.

"hey Greg, hey Archie"

"hey Brooke. what are you doing here?"

"look i know that you guys have been told i'm not really supposed to be here."


"Sara told me, something about Ecklie not wanting me here. listen i wouldn't be here otherwise but it's really important. i need to talk to Sara. i tried her cell and left her a voicemail and i tried Grissom and left him a voicemail, but i can't wait for them to get back to me. i need to talk to Sara now, so do you know where she is or not?"

"woah ok calm down. Brooke what's wrong?"

"Greg i really can't go into it now. i will tell you later i promise, but i really need to talk to Sara as of 15 minutes ago so where is she?"

"she's in Grissom's office but i really don't think you should go in there."

it was no use i had already left.

as soon as i got to Grissom's office i knocked on the door and walked in.

"oh cr@p!"

"you're not supposed to be here. Sidle i thought i told you that i didn't want her in here potentially threatening our cases."

"yeah she did. and i know i'm not supposed to be here but i left you guys voicemails and i really need to talk to Sara. Sara please i really need to talk to you, it's important."

"ok sure what's wrong Brooke?"

"it's kinda private, is there somewhere we can go please?"

"sure, we're done here anyway. Gil i'll see you at home ok."

"sure. just make sure Brooke's ok. and if she needs to stay with us tonight it's fine ok she can take the spare room."

"thanks Gil. i'll see you later."

"ok Brooke, what's wrong?"

"can we go back to your place and talk? it's just i don't wanna go home and have to see them again if they come looking around. i don't know why, i just, i don't trust them. i don't know who they are and i have no idea how they know you and how they know me? it's just so weird you know. there was just a knock on the door out of the blue."

"yeah sure. just let me get my stuff and then we'll go ok."

"ok. Sara, i'm sorry if i got you in to trouble with Ecklie again. honestly if i had known he was in there i never would've come. it's just i had this nagging feeling in the back of my head and you and grissom didn't answer your phones and i just really needed to talk to you. i'm sorry."

"hey hey it's ok Brooke. don't worry, i'll talk to Ecklie ok. i don't care what he says, he has no right banning you from coming to the lab. i know that you're not gonna touch anything or whatever, and so does everyone else on the team. don't worry about it, we'll fix it so you can come to the lab whenever you want ok, especially if you need to talk to me or tell me something."

"ok thanks Sara."

"there anything else you wanna tell me? apart from what caused this nagging feeling of yours?"


"Lindsey? what about Lindsey, is she ok?"

"yeah she's fine. it's just we arranged for her to come to the lab after school and school lets out in a bit and she won't know that i'm going to your place, and i promised her we'd hang out today. of course that was before all this happened."

"Brooke it's ok. look why don't we go and pick Lindsey up from school and she can come back to Grissom's and my place with us ok. she can watch TV or whatever while we talk and then you two can hang out and catch up ok?"

"are you sure you don't mind? i mean won't you have to go back to the lab or anything?"

"no it's ok i've signed out for the night. and if they really need me they can always call, and depending on how you are i'll either go back in or i won't and say i have to stay with you. really it's no trouble Brooke. i said i'd always be there for you if you ever needed to talk once i moved out. and you need to talk so guess what you're stuck with me ok?"

"ok. thanks Sara. you know i really miss you."

"Brooke you still see me and we still chat whenever you want."

"i know, but it's not the same. it's different now. you live with Grissom and i'm on my own. don't get me wrong i'm really happy for you guys and i'm not asking you to move back in or anything, i guess i just miss living with you; a lot more than i thought i would."

"yeah i know. don't get me wrong i love living with Gil and Hank i really do, i just miss living with you too."

"really? i thought you'd be glad to get rid of me" i said smiling

"nah not so much." Sara told me giving me a hug

"Sara can i ask you a question?"

"sure, anything?"

"who's Hank?"

"oh he's Gil's, well our dog."

"you guys have a dog? how long have we not been living together?"

"Brooke, it's not like that. Gil bought him a while ago, and since i moved in he belongs to both of us."

"aww that's kinda sweet. how come you never mentioned him before?"

"you had a lot of stuff going on, and i was helping you and i guess i kept telling myself that i'd just tell you another time, only i never did."

"ok, so do you wanna call Lindsey and tell her we'll meet her out front?" seeing the look on Sara's face "what i can't i'm driving, it's not safe to drive and talk on the phone at the same time."

"uh huh, just drive."

about 20 minutes later we arrived at Lindsey's school only to see her waiting for us.

"hey Brooke, hey Sara. Brooke you ok? thought i was meeting you at the lab?"

"yeah sorry Linds. listen we're going back to Sara's new place for a bit. i really need to talk to her about something, so you can do your homework or watch TV or something, and then we'll hang out after ok?"

"yeah sure ok. actually i've got an assignment due so i should probably get started on it. guess now i have no excuse not to start it now huh?"

"Linds when's the assignment due in?"

"end of this week" Lindsey replied sheepishly

"and when did you get it?" Sara asked

"a couple of weeks ago" Linds replied

"Lindsey why didn't you tell me you had an assignment? i would've understood if you didn't want to hang out coz you needed to do it." i told her

"yeah i know. i was trying to put it off i guess"

"oh yeah. put it off so much you thought it would go away?" i replied knowingly


"i take it Catherine doesn't know about this assignment then?" Sara said

"erm that would be no. it's not like she's been home enough to even notice anyway."

"come on Linds, you know that's not fair. we've just been really ......"

"busy at the lab lately. yeah i know. it diesn't mean i have to like it though."

"hey if it's any consolation none of us are liking it either, especially your mom. quite frankly it sucks, and i know she would much rather be at home spending time with you even if it is doing assignments than be at the lab working double and triple shifts."


"yeah she hates working so much at the minute. i heard her complaining to Ecklie the other day about it saying she needed to go home and spend time with you."

"really? but she didn't come home til the early hours of the morning. i fell asleep on the couch waiting for her, and she never came home. then in the morning i was back in my room and she had already left."

"yeah she got me to cover for her for a couple of hours so she could go home. when she came back she told me she'd moved you to your room, figured you'd be more comfortable. she only came back because Ecklie was coming around looking for her."

"oh. and i just shouted at her. i should apologize to her. it's just..."

"yeah it sucks i know. she loves you Linds, she loves you so much and she hates it when you two are fighting."

"hey Brooke, could you drop me off at the lab, i need to talk to my mom. i'll get the bus or something to Sara's place later. i know it's kinda mucking you around but i think i need to talk to my mom about some stuff and apologize to her."

"yeah sure we're on our way there now, we'll be there in a couple of minutes."

"how'd you.....? never mind thanks guys."

"you're welcome" Sara and i said in unison

we dropped Lindsey off at the lab and then we drove back to what was now and had been for the past few months; Grissom and Sara's place.


ok guys that's another chapter. let me know if you want more chapters


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hey guys,

ok so i know i haven't updated this story in a while, and i'm really sorry for that. basically i have been busy with various assignments, but i know that that is no excuse, but i am really sorry.
let me know if you want me to continue with this story, and if you are still interested i will. otherwise the story ends and i'll leave it up to your guys imaginations about what happens next, and who the mystery people were who knocked on Brooke's door looking for Sara.

so yeah let me know


Title: Re: Nobody Special
Post by: Karel66 on July 18, 2011, 06:28 AM
hey everyone, am pretty new on this message board, but have read quite a few fan fics and they are really good,,,