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1  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: August 13, 2009, 01:16 PM
sooo sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy.

chapter 44 continued

Grissom and Aaron returned to the armour of bread and muffins.

?Has anyone arrived yet??
?No, which is unusual.  I?m sure Catherine would have been here by now.?
?I?ll finish up in here while you freshen up.?
?No taking all the credit now!?
?Don?t worry I will!?

Sara left to shower and change before the troops arrived.

To true form Catherine was the first to arrive.

?You?re late!  We expected you ages ago.?
?Tell me about it.  I had to wait for Warrick to get his butt in gear.?
?Always blaming me we?re late.  Hey Gris, these are for Sara, where would you like them??
?Just take them through to the back.?
?Something smells good, you haven?t been slaving away just for us have you??
?Oh, it?s nothing really.?
?Only because mum did all the cooking.?  Aaron said with a half eaten muffin in hand.

Catherine, Warrick and Aaron were taking the dishes from the  and setting them on the table in the garden, while Grissom made coffee.  Just as the last bowl was placed, the doorbell rang.

?I?ll get it.?  Warrick said on his way through.

?Great timing guys, everything is set.?
?We haven?t missed the announcement have we??
?No not yet.?
?Good, I? staving.  The food outside??

Warrick and Nick just shocked their heads at Greg?s comment.

?Please start, Sara will be down in a minuet, don?t let it get cold.?
?So?what?s the news Gil??
?You?ll have to wait, we want to tell you together.?
?Brass not coming??
?He knows already, but he did say he might pop by.?

Sara was sitting on the bed debating if she should leave her ring on or put it on her chain.  She knew Catherine would notice straight away as her eyes were like a hawks; but she could not help wondering did she let something slip when Catherine called.  Sara decided it will stay on her finger and her hand would be in her jeans pocket.

Sara joined the others, coffee in one hand and the other in her pocket.

?Thank you for the peach tree Catherine.?
?You?re welcome, thank you for the wonderful food.?

Sara blushed, not being used to compliments especially when it came to her cooking.

Halfway through the meal, Gil decided it was time.  He stood up.

?I would like to thank you all for coming.  This isn?t going to be easy to say, so I?ll just say it straight.  Sara and I have decided it is time to move on with our lives.  That is why we have come to the conclusion to?get married.?

As Grissom finished, he looked at everyone?s faces, they seemed to be in shock; except Catherine who leaped out of her chair and ran round the table to congratulate Sara and Gil.

It took a few minuets for the shock to wear off and congratulate the happy couple.

?So how much did you loose??
?What do you mean??
?Come on, we all know how you like to have side bets.?
?Lets just say we didn?t see this coming.?
?No, but I did.?  Catherine said with a huge grin.
2  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: June 11, 2009, 04:52 PM
Hey all sorry for the delay to the rest of the chapter, busy moving and my laptop is not working.

Thank you for beinging paitent.  Hope to have it done soon.

3  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: April 27, 2009, 01:47 PM
Sorry for the delay. Here is the first installment for this chapter enjoy.

Chapter 44 ? And The Winner Is?

The sun was just starting to rise; Sara was already up preparing for the team.  She was not happy that her fianc? only mentioned inviting them over as they settled down to sleep the night before. She had so much to do.

As the sun streamed through the bedroom window, Gil steered and reached for his beloved.  He was fully awake when he could not feel Sara on her side of the bed.  He grabbed his robe and went to the  for coffee.  As he passed by the living room, he noticed it had been cleaned and straightened up. 

Standing in the  drinking he saw two figures in the back yard, moving toys and setting the table for their guess.  Aaron saw the figure standing at the window and ran to his father.

?Mum says we have lots to do and we need supplies.?
?Ok, I?ll get ready and get them. Do you know what we need??
?Yes, she made you a list and left it on the fridge.?

Grissom went for a quick shower, grabbed the shopping list and went into the back yard.

?Morning beautiful, and how are you on this lovely morning??
?Don?t beautiful me, thanks for the warning.?
?You love me really!?
?We?ll see about that!?

Gil pulled Sara close to him and kissed her.

?Are you coming with me or staying here??
?I?ll stay and get things started.  Why don?t you take Aaron, I?m sure he would like to go with you.?
?I?ll go and ask him.?

Grissom and Aaron left Sara preparing what food they had in for their guests.
4  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: March 01, 2009, 05:17 PM
A/N this chapter needed a bit more before I continue with the next part?

As shift was finishing Catherine went into the break room, where she found the others.

?Hey, Grissom has invited us all over to his tomorrow.?
?What?s he got planned??
?Not sure but it has got me thinking.?
?Guess he?s got something important to tell us.  I wonder what it could be.?
?All I know it has something to do with Sara, and he had the biggest grin on his face when he told me.?
?Anyone up for a small wager what it could be??
?Count me in.?
?Me to.?
?Have you guys got nothing better to do??
?Not really. So Cath, are you in??
5  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: February 22, 2009, 03:53 PM
Chapter 43 ? Is The Cat Out Of The Bag?

Sara awoke with the sun streaming through the window.  She stretched out finding that Gil was no longer in bed.  She got up graded her robe and went in search for her fianc?.  She checked Aaron?s room to find neither of them in there.  She hurried downstairs to find them going through the boxes they bought back, finding the appropriate places for the contents.

?Good morning, and what time did you get up??

?Morning Sunshine.? Gil said as he got up and kissed her.  ?About 2 hours ago.  Breakfast??
?I?ll get it started while you two get cleaned up.?

?What have you got planned today??
?Just picking up my mail from the lab.?

Gil left for the lab.  He took Aaron with him, as he wanted to have a proper look around where his parents worked.

As they entered the lab, they ran into Brass.

?Hey Gil, how was your weekend??

?It was good.  We need to catch up sometime.  How about tomorrow??
?Sounds like a plan.  What brings you to the lab today??
?Just checking the mail, and showing Aaron around.?
?I can show Aaron if you like, you have a lot of post.?
?That would be great Jim, I need to speak to Catherine anyway.?

?Ok Aaron, where would you like to start??
?Um?the morgue.?
?Ok, lets go.?

Brass and Aaron headed down the corridor towards the morgue.  Grissom went into his office.

An hour later

Grissom had finished sorting through his post; he picked up a small stack of papers and went to find Catherine.

Grissom found Catherine in the trace lab.

?Do you have a minuet??

?Sure, what?s up??
?I?m planning a get together around mine tomorrow, could you let the others know??
?Ooo, what?s going on??
?You?ll have to wait and see.?
?What have you done now??
?Nothing, you?ll have to wait.?
?Well with that smile on your face I?m guessing it has something to do with Sara.?
?You?re not getting anything out of me this time.?
?I?m right then.?

?Have you seen Aaron and Jim??
?Don?t think you?re getting out of this that easily by changing the subject.?
?Would I do a thing like that?? he said with a raised eyebrow.
?Yes you would. They are in print lab.?
?See you tomorrow.?

Grissom found Aaron and Brass, and headed home.
6  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: January 27, 2009, 06:37 PM
Chapter 42 ? The Road Home

Gil and Sara checked out of the hotel, to meet up with Andrew and Aaron for a very late breakfast.  When they arrived at the restaurant, they found them finishing up.

?How was your night?? Andrew said with a grin at his sister.
?Fine thanks.? She said as she glared at him.  ?Aaron were you good for your Uncle??
?Yes, we went to the movies, then stayed up late playing games.?
?Did you now, early to bed tonight then.?

?So?what did you and dad do??  Grissom giggled into his cup of coffee.
?Well, we had a wonderful dinner and your dad proposed to me.?
?And what?  Oh! I said yes.?
?Good, that means we will be together always.?

After breakfast, they all made their way back to Andrew?s house to collect the remaining boxes and to get on the road.  They exchanged goodbyes and made a promise to visit each other more often.

On the way back they stopped off at the Grand Canyon, admiring the breath taking views.

As they pulled up into the driveway, Sara said, ?Now, there is not going to be anyone in there to scare me this time??
?No, not this time.?

Sara made Grissom go in first while she carried a very sleepy boy to his room.  She laid Aaron down gently, took his shoes off and tucked him in.  When Sara went back downstairs, she found Grissom unloading the SUV.  It didn?t take them long to bring the last couple of boxes in and retire to bed.
7  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: January 16, 2009, 07:30 AM
Hey All,

I have not forgot I need to update, will try and have one for you by Wednesday.

Been so busy catching up with FF's and Season 9 starting over here in the UK and 'One To Go' last night and making new signatures.

Sorry again

8  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Revelations on: December 17, 2008, 06:20 AM
So sad it has come to an end.

I await your next one Caz. Loved it.

9  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: December 05, 2008, 10:50 AM
Hey all,

due to the contents of chapter 41 - A night of passion, it will not be posted on here.  You will however find it on

any problems in finding or reading it just shout and I'll send you the link or a copy of it.


10  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: November 30, 2008, 04:59 AM
No they were not married, I started this when Sara left and I was not convinced they were marrried other wise Grissom would of gone after her when she left.

Working on the next installment, should be up Tuesday.

Thank you for reading.

11  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: November 29, 2008, 06:48 PM
chapter 40 continued

Golden Shores Hotel

Grissom had booked a private table at the Golden Shores Hotel out on the balcony.  The view they had was extravagant.  He had another surprise for Sara.

By the time they had got there, the sun had started to set.  Gil was waiting for the right moment to ask that burning question; he felt his pocket for the box.

One and a half hours later

With the meal finished and two bottles of wine later, the sun was in the perfect position for Gil to ask his question.  He took Sara?s hands and walked her over to the balcony.  She revelled in the view.

The sun was just touching the sea, behind the Golden Gate, its reflection bouncing on the waves.  Gil put his hands on her waist and kissed her neck, she smiled.  As they gazed out at the sunset Gil finally spoke.

?Sara Sidle, I love you so much.  Marry me!?

He felt her hold her breath, he turned her around and looked into those brown eyes, his heart melted.

He took the box out of his pocket, got on one knee and asked her again.

?Sara, will you marry me??

Her eyes started to well up.  She pulled him up off the floor and kissed him.  The kiss had more passion in it then their first. 

Gil led her into the hotel and to the room he had booked for the night.

12  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: November 26, 2008, 08:31 AM
I'm still working on this but here is the first installment for chapter 40.

Chapter 40 ? A Night Not To Forget

As it was Sunday and nothing had been planned the whole household had a deserved lay in.

Sara and Aaron spent the rest of the morning and afternoon catching up with Andrew.  Gil had decided he needed a new shirt for an up coming meeting he forgot about.

Gil returned with four packages.  He was please the others where still out.  He took the boxes to Sara?s room and unpacked them.  He hung his new suit and the other items.  He hoped Sara would like them.

Grissom was franticly looking for a small box, the one he picked up a few days ago in Vegas.  He went through both of his bags throwing all the contents on the floor but no luck.  He went out to the SUV and tore through that, but still no luck inside.  He went round to the back and opened the boot and started rummaging.  He moved his field kit out the way and still nothing.  It was only when he put his kit back into the boot, he opened it, thinking it would not be in there.  There it was lying on top.  He carefully open it, to make sure the contents was still in tack.

Gil quickly close the box and shove it into his pocket, when he heard a vehicle pull up behind him.

?What are you up to??
?Just making space for the extra boxes and luggage.?
?There?s a couple more in the back of the pick-up.?
?How was your morning??

?I was thinking as it?s our last night here we could go out for dinner?Just the two of us??

?Sure, Drew is taking Aaron to the movies.  I guess I?d better go and find something to wear then.  What time are we going??
?In about 3 hours.?

Sara went into the house, followed closely by Gil.  She went upstairs and he went into the .

?Everything set??
?Yes, thank you for looking after Aaron Andrew.?
?My pleasure, I?m going to miss him when you leave.?
?You are more then welcome to come and visit anytime.?
?Likewise Gil.?

Two hours later

Gil had gone for a shower and to get ready for dinner.  Sara was tending to Aaron before he left with Drew for the movies.

With the boys gone, Sara went upstairs for her shower and to get ready.  She still did not know what to wear.

As Sara walked into the room, Gil looked over at her.  He had is collar popped, as he was putting on his tie.  Sara smiled at him; whenever he had his collar that way it made her go weak in the knees.

?I wont be long.?

?There?s no hurry, we have plenty of time.?

Gil had put Sara?s dress and other gifts in the bathroom, she still hadn?t seen them.

The doorbell rang

?I?ll get it.?

Gil was gone before Sara had a chance to thank him for the dress.

As Sara was drying herself, she noticed a small box on the side; she opened it, smiled to herself and put the contents on.  ?I wonder what he has planned??  She thought.

Now dressed, she left the bathroom to find Gil and thank him.  As she stepped into the bedroom, she was greeted with a bouquet of roses and another box.

Gil stood in the doorway as she opened the small box.

Sara?s eyes lit up as she opened it.  It contained a white gold butterfly with a amethyst protruding from its centre.

Gil walked up behind her, he kissed her neck and placed the pendent around it.

?You look amazing!? He whispered.

Sara turned round and pulled him in for a kiss.
13  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: November 15, 2008, 03:13 AM
Finaly finished this chapter yay.  Enjoy.

chapter 39 continued

Sara?s Room

Gil was laying on the bed reading, when he heard Sara, Aaron and Bruno return.  There was a knock at the door.

Aaron entered.

?What can I do for you son??
?I came to say goodnight.?  Aaron stood in front of Gil with a raised eyebrow.
?Is there something else??
?Um?can you read to me??
?Of course, get ready and I?ll be there in a bit.?

Aaron scampered to his room.  By the time Gil got there he found Sara sitting on the bed with Aaron laying on her asleep.

?He tried to stay awake.  Been a busy day for him.  As soon as he laid down he was out like a light.?
?You look exhausted.  I?ll stay with him for a bit in case he wakes.?
?Thank you.?

Sara carefully got up not to disturb Aaron.  She walked up to Gil and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

?Thank you for today?don?t be too long.?

Gil smiled at her.

Ten minutes later

Gil was coming through the bedroom door, when he heard the shower stop.  He closed the door behind him and got changed for bed.  He couldn?t help but look through the crack in the doorway.  He spied something intriguing on Sara?s lower back as she dressed.

Gil was lying in bed staring at Sara as she joined him, with that inquisitive look.  Sara frowned at him.

?What is that look for??
?I was thinking about butterflies.?
?Yes, especially lilac coloured ones.?
?Mmm, I think there is one around here somewhere.?

Sara blushed as she got into bed she laid against Gil.  He was stroking her side.  The electricity was becoming too mush for Sara to handle; she shifted and Gil stopped.  He pulled her into a tight embrace.  They stayed that way until they were asleep.
14  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: November 13, 2008, 03:15 PM
This chapter still is not finished, but here's what i got so far.

chapter 39 continued

The next morning

Sara and Gil woke to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast.  It was 9am; they had plenty of time to see the sights that Gil had planned for the day.

Gil grabbed a shower while Sara checked on Aaron, who was surprisingly up and dressed.  She waited in her room until the bathroom was free.  She blushed when Gil emerged with a towel wrapped around his waist; he gave her a devilish grin.  Sara quickly picked her clothes up and went into the bathroom to get ready.

After breakfast they all climbed into the SUV, for a day packed with fun and adventure.

They started the day at Muir Woods, they hiked through the woods for just over an hour, stopping and looking at all the different insects they could find.  Gil was taken back with the knowledge that Aaron had about the insects. 

Their next stop was Alcatraz Island.  They departed from Fisherman?s Wharf.  After about 2hours they made there way to Nob Hill and then to Chinatown.

On the way back home Gil pulled into the Golden Gate Park, to update his photo collection.

Aaron and Drew raced towards the playground leaving Gil and Sara strolling behind.

Sara looked over at him and smiled.  For the first time since she came back into his life, Gil could see how happy and alive she was.

He reached for her hand she trembled when they connected.  Gil pulled her closer, put his arm around her waist and slipped his hand into her back jeans pocket.  Sara leaned into his shoulder.

?I?ve missed this.?

Gil kissed the top of Sara?s head. ?Me too.?

They found a bench to sit on and watched their son wear down his Uncle.

On the way back to the car they stopped for ice cream.

During the car journey home it was decided that Gil was cooking while, Andrew and Sara went to her house to fetch some more belongings.

Sara?s House

Andrew parked his pick-up on the drive, and followed Sara into the house.  Aaron had tagged along so that he could decide on which collections to take back with him.

?Where do you want to start??
?Um?guess with packing some more clothes.?

Andrew went to the hallway closet and retrieved two suitcases.  He put one in Sara?s room and took the other to Aaron.

Sara had packed half of her clothes and put in a couple of photo albums.  She closed the case, took another look around her room and put the case by the front door.

By the time Andrew and Aaron came out, Aaron had crammed his case with nearly all his clothes and had 3 boxes full of books, toys and all 15 insect collections and his ant farm.

Andrew?s House

With diner in the oven and 15 minutes left, the table was set; Gil was upstairs looking for a small package.  He didn?t hear the others come back.

Andrew put the cases and boxes in the garage.  Sara and Aaron went upstairs to freshen up before diner.

?What have you lost??

Sara startled Gil.

?Oh?hi?I didn?t hear you come in.?

?So, what have you lost??
?Nothing.  It will keep.?

?I?m going to check on diner.?  With that Gil went to the .

After diner, Sara and Aaron took Bruno for a walk.

Gil and Andrew did the dishes.

?Andrew, could you look after Aaron tomorrow night??

?Sure Gil.  May I ask why??
?I would like to take Sara out to diner, just the two of us.?
?What time are you going and where??
?About 8pm and to a place I know on the Sea Front.?
15  CSI General Discussion / Fan Fic / Re: Fog on: November 13, 2008, 05:11 AM
Hey all,

Working on the next part of this chapter, should be finished today.

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