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Author Topic: DON?T THINK ABOUT LEAVING  (Read 2971 times)
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« on: December 19, 2009, 09:50 AM »


?This was not the way the day was supposed to end,? was all Gil could think as he felt his life flowing from his body.  He knew he had been shot but it didn?t hurt, ?Maybe that is a good thing.?  As death approached him Gil closed his eyes and  forced one word from his lips, ?Sara.?
                                  EIGHT HOURS EARLIER
Gil walked into the CSI building with only one thought in his head, he was going to ask Sara to join him for a bite to eat and tell her just how he felt, this couldn?t go on any longer.  The teasing and flirting, he knew he loved her and he was sure she felt the same, neither could seem to say it, neither wanted to be the first to admit the feelings they felt were real.  Well today would be the day.  He would invite Sara to his place for breakfast, then they would have coffee in the living room and he would tell her.  ?How hard can it be to say the words out loud that I whisper each time I see her,? Gil had wondered.  Yes, that is just what he would do, he would take her in his arms, kiss her gently and say, ?Sara, I love you?.  A smile crossed his face, maybe - just maybe - he would be lucky enough to wake up with her in his arms.  Gil walked into his office and picked up the assignments for the shift, he would give this one to Sara, making sure he handed it to her last so they would be alone.  The plan was formulated, now all he had to do was put it in play.  Gil?s heart fell into his stomach as he walked into the break room and did not see Sara in her usual spot.  ?Where?s Sara?? he asked no one in particular.  ?Oh, she called just a few minutes ago,? Greg said, ?She has a flat but said she would be here ASAP.?  ?That?s ok,? Gil said to himself.  He was sure the opportunity would present it?s self again.  Gil passed out the assignments, laying Sara?s down on the table intending to give it to her when she showed up.  ?Conrad needs to see you,? Hodges said to Grissom, ?And he said not to make him wait to long.?  Gil sighed and left for Ecklie?s office.  While Gil was gone Sara came in the break room seeing the lone assignment slip picked it up and left.  ?Have you seen Sara?? Gil asked Hodges when he returned from Conrad?s office.  ?Yeah, she grabbed her paper and took of,? David said.  ?Damn,? Gil said to himself.  That was the way it went for the better part of the rest of the shift, Gil kept missing Sara by only a minute or two.  Sara was in autopsy with Doc, Gil was determined to see her so he stalled, pretended he was doing paperwork.  He would talk to her before she left.  ?Grissom, I need you to grab your kit and come with me,? Brass said.  ?There has been an officer involved shooting and you are the only one I can find.?  Reluctantly Gil grabbed his kit, maybe he could call Sara and ask her? 
                                  TWO HOURS AGO
At the scene Jim was telling Grissom that Officer Morris had responded to a domestic disturbance call, the husband opened fire as soon as Morris knocked on the door and Morris returned fire.  The man was dead and Morris was being transported to the hospital.  Gil was processing the scene thinking only of the fact that he had missed being able to talk to Sara.
                                  ONE HOUR AGO
No one seen the car come speeding around the corner, no one seen the automatic weapon sticking out the passengers side window.  Gil was loading the evidence into his car when her heard, not seen the shots.  People fell all around him, blood was everywhere.  He was sure he heard Brass call for help on his radio but he couldn?t see him.  Gil had felt the bullet enter his body, felt the first gush of warm blood but that was all he felt.  ?Officer down - shots fired,? Brass screamed into his radio as he too fell to the ground.  Sara was on her way home when she heard the broadcast over her scanner, she slammed on the breaks, did a U turn and headed for the location.  Sara had no idea that Gil was there, she had just assumed she had missed him and he was at his place.  That was where she was headed, Sara had come to the same conclusion that Gil had and she was going to tell him the same thing he had planed to tell her.  By time Sara arrived at the scene it was coved with police and emergency medical personal.  An officer stopped her, ?Sara Sidle, crime lab,? Sara told him, showing him her ID.  The officer told her about the original call out and then the subsequent second shooting.  ?Six civilians were hit,? the officer said, ?Along with two officers, Capt Brass and I think one of your guys.?  It was then that Sara seen the familiar head of curly gray hair lying in a pool of blood.  Quickly Sara moved to Gil?s side, a paramedic was working on him.  ?Is he?Huh Sara asked not being able to say the word.  ?I don?t know why he isn?t,? the paramedic said, ?He has been hit four times and lost a lot of blood.?  As they put Gil in the ambulance Sara seen Jim out of the corner of her eye.  ?Capt Brass will be alright, he just got it in the leg,? the paramedic said following Sara?s glance.  Sara forced her way into the ambulance, ?Move over, I am going with him,? she said.  Sara eased her hand into his and held it, ?Fight Gil.?  At the entrance to the emergency room Sara was forced to let Gil go.   Sara felt something wet on her hand, looking at it she realized her hand was wet with Gil?s blood.  Slowly the rest of the team gathered in the waiting room eager for news about there leader.  An eternity passed before the doctor made his appearance.  ?We have removed all the bullets, and have the bleeding under control but it is still touch and go, Mr. Grissom has lost a great deal of blood.  You all can leave, I will call when I have more to tell.?   Everyone slowly walked away, it was agreed that Catherine would keep in contact with the doctor and then tell the others.  Sara walked to the ladies room to clean her hands then she started for the door.  Sara stopped in her tracks as she heard a CODE BLUE being called for Gil?s room, quickly she followed the nurses.  Sara was stopped just outside the door but she could see them shock Gil once, then again then a third time.  The doctor was just about to give up, ?Fight,? Sara whispered.  One more shock and Gil?s heartbeat was back.  ?He?s stable,? someone said, as they all walked away.  Sara eased into his room and walked to his bedside.  Once more Sara took Gil?s hand, bending close to his ear Sara whispered, ?Gilbert Grissom, don?t even think about leaving me.  I love you.  You have to fight.?  Tears streamed down her cheeks, some landing on his face.  ?I?m not going anywhere,? Gil said, his voice just barely above a whisper.  Sara looked into his eyes, they told her all she needed to know.  ?Neither am I,? Sara said, as she tenderly kissed his cheek.  Two weeks later Gil was released from the hospital, that morning after shift Sara showed up at his door.  ?How?s things?? she asked.  ?Boring,? was Gil?s reply.  Gil was not able to return to work for another two weeks, Sara spent as much time as she could at his place, helping him.  A month after the shooting Gil has made a complete recovery and is back at work, after shift Gil finally gets his chance to carry out his plan, even though by now they have both told each other of their feelings.  Gil snickered as he served Sara waffles.  ?What?s so funny?? she asked.  Gil told her of the day he was shot and what he had originally planed to do.  Then blushing he told her that he had hoped he would wake up with her in his arms.  Sara smiled, stood and took his hand, ?Are you sure you are up to it??  Sara asked him as she headed for the bedroom.  In his room they slowly kissed and caressed each other as clothing was removed.  Gil eased Sara on her back down and kissed her once more.  Sara smiled as she straddled him.  The love the made was stron and filled with passion.  They laid there for several minutes before Sara rolled over onto her side, she pressed her back close to his chest.  Gil kissed the back of her head, ?I love you.  Don?t ever leave.?  Sara smiled.   ?I?m not going anywhere,? she whispered as sleep found her.
                                  THE END


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Great story Trish!
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« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2009, 05:14 AM »

Great story, but you should have put a warning "Don't worry" at the beginning.


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