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Author Topic: Nobody Special  (Read 40537 times)
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« Reply #105 on: March 03, 2010, 12:26 PM »

Chapter 47

despite the fact that i knew that unltimately Sara would move in with Grissom, we talked for hours about it and how it would affect us all. personally i didn't think it would affect me that much, but clearly they both knew it would, probably more than they realised, and certainly more than i said and thought it would.

this was the first proper home i had ever had, and that was certainly down to Sara. she had taken me in, given me a home, looked after and protected me. she'd been my friend when i had no-one; my confidante when i had no-one to talk to; and my family when my own had neglected and abandoned me. she was and is still a big part of my family that now also included the rest of the team that she worked with at the lab, and of cours Catherine's daughter Lindsey who was now more like a younger sister to me as well as one of my best friends. i had to hand it to them, this would affect me more than i thought it would, and i hadn't even realised it.

i could say that i am fine with it, and had done on numerous occasions whenever they had asked me what i thought about it. but the truth is that maybe i'm not one hundred per cent fine with it. i'm happy for Sara and Grissom don't get me wrong, i am. it's just that maybe i feel that when she moves in with him, i'll lose her somehow, or at least part of her. i'm not sure if that makes any sense, but there you go, it's just the way i feel. weird huh?

and the thing is i can never tell her or anyone else any of this because i know that she would never move into Grissom's place if she found out the truth and that i feel like this. and the truth is i want her to move in with Grissom, even if it seems like i don't. i want her to move in and live with Grissom because i know that it will make her happy, and she deserves to be happy, i want her to be happy. she more than anyone deserves to be happy after everything she's done for me since i entered her life, and especially since i left the hospital and moved in with her. so instead i will stay silent and hope and pray that she never finds out the truth.

Sara has saved me on so many occasions that i have lost count. she gave me a life, friends and a family. she supported me when i wanted to get emancipated from John and Rebecca. she continues to believe in me when i don't believe in myself, and encourages me to do anything i want to do, and be whoever i want to be. everything i am today i owe to Sara. so the least i can do is to let her be happy and let her have the one thing she wants most - to live with Grissom - and not feel guilty about leaving me because she has nothing to feel guilty about. if anyone has anything to feel guilty about it's me, after all we all know that if it wasn't for me Sara would already be living with Grissom, and they'd probably be engaged by now, rather than just thinking about moving in together now. but that's in the past now, and i can't change the past, as much as i would like to sometimes.

i've just looked at the clock and it's one o'clock in the morning and i'm wide awake. i walk out of room and head towards the  in order to make myself a hot chocolate. it's the only thing that will help me fall asleep and right now i need all the help i can get.

i switch the light on and head towards the kettle. as i am waiting for the kettle to boil, i hear footsteps, and i grab the nearest frying pan to hand. i start to walk towards the door when it opens.....

"Brooke what are you doing up? and why are you holding a frying pan?"

"gees Sara, you scared me. i thought you were a burglar or something. and in answer to your first question, i couldn't sleep and i didn't want to wake you up so i came to make myself a hot chocolate instead. why are you up?"

"same reason, i couldn't sleep either. hot chocolate sounds good though."

"yeah sure. why couldn't you sleep? i thought you were fine about moving in and living with Grissom?"

"yeah i was, i am. i love him, you know that. it's just ....."

"it's just what?"

"i guess i feel weird about leaving you, and not living with you anymore. i really like living with you Brooke, i guess i'm just going to miss it that's all, a lot more than i thought i would."

"aww Sara, i'm gonna really miss living with you too. listen i get if you don't want me to, but would you mind if i continued living here when you move out. it's just this place is home now, and i don't think i can leave it just yet. i mean it's just not living with you, and not living here would be too big of a change right now. but i do understand if you want to sell it. it's still your place and it's your decision what you do with it. ok, i'm going to shut up now."

"no Brooke. actually i'd really love it if you continued to live here. i mean it's your home too, it has been for ages, and i can't ask you to leave and move out just because i am. this is your home Brooke, you can stay here if that's what you really want to do. to be honest i didn't want to sell it in the first place, or for you to find your own place to call home when you already have a home here. plus that way i know that it's being looked after, and i can come back whenever i want to."

"just admit it, you're gonna miss me and this place, and now you have the perfect excuse to keep coming back and checking up on the place, and on me. but i'll pay rent if you want, i don't expect to keep living here for free."

"Brooke, i am not charging you rent to live in your own home. and i won't need an excuse to come to check up on you or this place. i'd miss you wherever you end up living, because we won't be living together any more. i really am gonna miss living with you Brooke."

"i'm really gonna miss living with you too Sara. oh and here's your hot chocolate"

"thanks Brooke. you know you're welcome at Grissom's place any time you want ok. the door will always be open to you. i just wanted you to know that."

"i know thanks Sara. thanks for everything you've done for me. you've made me the person i am today, and i don't even know how to thank you for that."

"you're more than welcome Brooke, but no thanks are necessary. you know you did a lot by yourself too. you've changed so much from when i first met you, but i am so proud of you. you're gonna be ok Brooke, but you can always talk to me. you know that right?"

"yeah i know. listen i'm pretty tired so i'm gonna go up to bed. good night Sara" i said and gave her a hug.

"night Brooke" she replied as she hugged back

within a few mintes of getting back into bed i fell asleep, knowing that no matter what happened Sara would always be there for me if i needed her, all i had to do was ask, and that would never change, even if we weren't living together anymore.


hope you guys liked it. more will be posted soon


"CSI, is a really great distraction from the sometimes harshness of reality!"- Jo
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« Reply #106 on: March 29, 2010, 01:30 PM »

Chapter 48

ok so it had been a couple of months since Sara had moved all of her stuff into Grissom's place, which in all fairness isn't really that far away. the first night that Sara wasn't here was kinda weird. i mean we had lived together for months, and then all of a sudden there was only me living at what used to be our home, and now i guess is just my home. to be honest it's still taking a bit of getting used to... living on my own and being truly independent again. weird huh considering for the first eighteen years of my life i was basically on my own.

maybe i should get a housemate or something. i mean i know i'm not paying Sara rent or anything, no matter how many times i told her i would, but it would be nice to have some company again. guess you could say i had gotten used to living with someone who cared about me, and now that she's gone i guess i'm missing that. to be honest i miss living with Sara more than i thought i would. i still see her quite often but it's just not the same you know? that must make me sound really sad huh.

i still have my job at the bar/club, and yes i'm still cleaning and stocking the fridges and wiping tables. i still hear quite a bit, the customers just see me as the cleaning girl so they don't really pay that much attention to me. so in that respect i'm still the same girl. even though i'm still working i still haven't saved up enough to go back to school, so guess that's gonna be on the backburner for a while. i also haven't heard anything from John or Rebecca which is good, it means for once they're keeping their promise and doing something for me. i still don't know how i feel about them, guess i just have to give it time.

i haven't found anything more about my biological mom yet either. Grissom contacted the guys down in Miami for me with the minimal information we had in her, but we haven't heard anything back yet. i guess i expected that, i mean all we really had was her first name, and the fact she had lived in Miami for a while when she was pregnant with me. i didn't even know if i was born in a Miami hospital or if she had moved and then returned to Miami after i had been born and she had given me up.

Lindsey has been coming over more recently. it's been good spending more time with her, i think she still misses her mom. they've all been working a hell of a lot more lately and so Catherine has been spending a lot more time at the lab than usual, and i know Lindsey is missing her. she may not show it, especially when she comes round here, but i know her.

just then there was a knock at the door, so i shut my laptop off and went to answer it.


"hey, you Sara Sidle?"

"nope sorry she's not here at the moment. but i can tell her you stopped by. what's your name?"

"no it's ok. do you know when she'll be back?"

"erm no sorry. look if you leave your name and number i can get her to call you if you want."

"and who are you?"

"sorry, i'm a friend of hers. Brooke Tyler."


"do i know you? how do you know Sara?"

"no you don't but i sorta know you. look do you know where i can contact her, do you have a cell number for her or something?"

"i'm sorry i can't give you that. listen if you really need to talk to her you can reach her at either LVPD or at the crime lab. it's where she works."

"ok thanks Brooke. bye."

i closed the door and immediately pressed speed dial 1 and got voicemail.

"hey Sara, it's me Brooke. don't worry everything's ok, i'm ok. it's just that someone just came to my door asking for you. when i told them that you were busy they asked for your cell phone number. don't worry i didn't give it to them, i didn't know who they were. they said that they sorta knew me and that they knew you and that they really needed to talk to you. listen i told them you could be reached at either the PD or the crime lab. i'm sorry ... they just wouldn't go away until i gave them an answer. who are they Sara? how do they know you? how do they know me? please get back to me as soon as you get this. hope you're ok. speak to you soon"

after i hung up i tried Grissom's cell and got voicemail again, so i left him a message asking him to tell Sara to check her voicemail and then call me back as soon as she could.

something still didn't feel right i needed to talk to Sara now. i know it was kinda unreasonable of me, i knew how busy they all were at the lab, but i needed to know who they were and how they had got my address. i needed to know how they knew Sara and me. i just needed to know. so i locked my place up, got into my car and drove to the lab. i couldn't wait for Sara to call me back or for Grissom to tell her to call me back, i needed to know now. i just had this nagging feeling at the back of my head that something wasn't right, and i guess i needed to know that everything was ok and that i was just being paranoid or something.

when i got to the lab i sent Lindsey a text and told her to meet me at the lab after school instead of at my place. i went straight to reception and asked Judy for my pass and asked her if she knew where Sara was. she said she wasn't out in the field so she should be in the lab somewhere. i thanked her and started walking round the lab. i needed answers about who had come to my door and i needed them now. i only hoped that Sara had the answers i was looking for. i tried everywhere but i still couldn't find her, but i bumped into Greg in the AV lab with Archie.

"hey Greg, hey Archie"

"hey Brooke. what are you doing here?"

"look i know that you guys have been told i'm not really supposed to be here."


"Sara told me, something about Ecklie not wanting me here. listen i wouldn't be here otherwise but it's really important. i need to talk to Sara. i tried her cell and left her a voicemail and i tried Grissom and left him a voicemail, but i can't wait for them to get back to me. i need to talk to Sara now, so do you know where she is or not?"

"woah ok calm down. Brooke what's wrong?"

"Greg i really can't go into it now. i will tell you later i promise, but i really need to talk to Sara as of 15 minutes ago so where is she?"

"she's in Grissom's office but i really don't think you should go in there."

it was no use i had already left.

as soon as i got to Grissom's office i knocked on the door and walked in.

"oh cr@p!"

"you're not supposed to be here. Sidle i thought i told you that i didn't want her in here potentially threatening our cases."

"yeah she did. and i know i'm not supposed to be here but i left you guys voicemails and i really need to talk to Sara. Sara please i really need to talk to you, it's important."

"ok sure what's wrong Brooke?"

"it's kinda private, is there somewhere we can go please?"

"sure, we're done here anyway. Gil i'll see you at home ok."

"sure. just make sure Brooke's ok. and if she needs to stay with us tonight it's fine ok she can take the spare room."

"thanks Gil. i'll see you later."

"ok Brooke, what's wrong?"

"can we go back to your place and talk? it's just i don't wanna go home and have to see them again if they come looking around. i don't know why, i just, i don't trust them. i don't know who they are and i have no idea how they know you and how they know me? it's just so weird you know. there was just a knock on the door out of the blue."

"yeah sure. just let me get my stuff and then we'll go ok."

"ok. Sara, i'm sorry if i got you in to trouble with Ecklie again. honestly if i had known he was in there i never would've come. it's just i had this nagging feeling in the back of my head and you and grissom didn't answer your phones and i just really needed to talk to you. i'm sorry."

"hey hey it's ok Brooke. don't worry, i'll talk to Ecklie ok. i don't care what he says, he has no right banning you from coming to the lab. i know that you're not gonna touch anything or whatever, and so does everyone else on the team. don't worry about it, we'll fix it so you can come to the lab whenever you want ok, especially if you need to talk to me or tell me something."

"ok thanks Sara."

"there anything else you wanna tell me? apart from what caused this nagging feeling of yours?"


"Lindsey? what about Lindsey, is she ok?"

"yeah she's fine. it's just we arranged for her to come to the lab after school and school lets out in a bit and she won't know that i'm going to your place, and i promised her we'd hang out today. of course that was before all this happened."

"Brooke it's ok. look why don't we go and pick Lindsey up from school and she can come back to Grissom's and my place with us ok. she can watch TV or whatever while we talk and then you two can hang out and catch up ok?"

"are you sure you don't mind? i mean won't you have to go back to the lab or anything?"

"no it's ok i've signed out for the night. and if they really need me they can always call, and depending on how you are i'll either go back in or i won't and say i have to stay with you. really it's no trouble Brooke. i said i'd always be there for you if you ever needed to talk once i moved out. and you need to talk so guess what you're stuck with me ok?"

"ok. thanks Sara. you know i really miss you."

"Brooke you still see me and we still chat whenever you want."

"i know, but it's not the same. it's different now. you live with Grissom and i'm on my own. don't get me wrong i'm really happy for you guys and i'm not asking you to move back in or anything, i guess i just miss living with you; a lot more than i thought i would."

"yeah i know. don't get me wrong i love living with Gil and Hank i really do, i just miss living with you too."

"really? i thought you'd be glad to get rid of me" i said smiling

"nah not so much." Sara told me giving me a hug

"Sara can i ask you a question?"

"sure, anything?"

"who's Hank?"

"oh he's Gil's, well our dog."

"you guys have a dog? how long have we not been living together?"

"Brooke, it's not like that. Gil bought him a while ago, and since i moved in he belongs to both of us."

"aww that's kinda sweet. how come you never mentioned him before?"

"you had a lot of stuff going on, and i was helping you and i guess i kept telling myself that i'd just tell you another time, only i never did."

"ok, so do you wanna call Lindsey and tell her we'll meet her out front?" seeing the look on Sara's face "what i can't i'm driving, it's not safe to drive and talk on the phone at the same time."

"uh huh, just drive."

about 20 minutes later we arrived at Lindsey's school only to see her waiting for us.

"hey Brooke, hey Sara. Brooke you ok? thought i was meeting you at the lab?"

"yeah sorry Linds. listen we're going back to Sara's new place for a bit. i really need to talk to her about something, so you can do your homework or watch TV or something, and then we'll hang out after ok?"

"yeah sure ok. actually i've got an assignment due so i should probably get started on it. guess now i have no excuse not to start it now huh?"

"Linds when's the assignment due in?"

"end of this week" Lindsey replied sheepishly

"and when did you get it?" Sara asked

"a couple of weeks ago" Linds replied

"Lindsey why didn't you tell me you had an assignment? i would've understood if you didn't want to hang out coz you needed to do it." i told her

"yeah i know. i was trying to put it off i guess"

"oh yeah. put it off so much you thought it would go away?" i replied knowingly


"i take it Catherine doesn't know about this assignment then?" Sara said

"erm that would be no. it's not like she's been home enough to even notice anyway."

"come on Linds, you know that's not fair. we've just been really ......"

"busy at the lab lately. yeah i know. it diesn't mean i have to like it though."

"hey if it's any consolation none of us are liking it either, especially your mom. quite frankly it sucks, and i know she would much rather be at home spending time with you even if it is doing assignments than be at the lab working double and triple shifts."


"yeah she hates working so much at the minute. i heard her complaining to Ecklie the other day about it saying she needed to go home and spend time with you."

"really? but she didn't come home til the early hours of the morning. i fell asleep on the couch waiting for her, and she never came home. then in the morning i was back in my room and she had already left."

"yeah she got me to cover for her for a couple of hours so she could go home. when she came back she told me she'd moved you to your room, figured you'd be more comfortable. she only came back because Ecklie was coming around looking for her."

"oh. and i just shouted at her. i should apologize to her. it's just..."

"yeah it sucks i know. she loves you Linds, she loves you so much and she hates it when you two are fighting."

"hey Brooke, could you drop me off at the lab, i need to talk to my mom. i'll get the bus or something to Sara's place later. i know it's kinda mucking you around but i think i need to talk to my mom about some stuff and apologize to her."

"yeah sure we're on our way there now, we'll be there in a couple of minutes."

"how'd you.....? never mind thanks guys."

"you're welcome" Sara and i said in unison

we dropped Lindsey off at the lab and then we drove back to what was now and had been for the past few months; Grissom and Sara's place.


ok guys that's another chapter. let me know if you want more chapters


"CSI, is a really great distraction from the sometimes harshness of reality!"- Jo
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« Reply #107 on: April 19, 2010, 02:03 PM »

hey guys,

ok so i know i haven't updated this story in a while, and i'm really sorry for that. basically i have been busy with various assignments, but i know that that is no excuse, but i am really sorry.
let me know if you want me to continue with this story, and if you are still interested i will. otherwise the story ends and i'll leave it up to your guys imaginations about what happens next, and who the mystery people were who knocked on Brooke's door looking for Sara.

so yeah let me know


"CSI, is a really great distraction from the sometimes harshness of reality!"- Jo
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« Reply #108 on: July 18, 2011, 06:28 AM »

hey everyone, am pretty new on this message board, but have read quite a few fan fics and they are really good,,,
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