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Author Topic: Thank You, Warrick  (Read 3104 times)
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« on: April 28, 2009, 09:46 AM »

Sara had become obsessed with conceiving another child.
  She took her temperature, read everything available and scheduled sex. 
She had several false alarms and one more miscarriage. 
After each false alarm and especially after the miscarriage she would become depressed to the point where nothing could drag her out of the bed. 
Gil was beginning to worry about her physical and mental health. 
Neither could he figure out why having a boy was so important to her, he was happy with his daughters. 
Gil had taken on more of the duties around the house and with the care of the girls, he was at his wits end. 
Gil had talked Warrick into going to the zoo with him. 
He not only wanted the company but he also wanted to talk to someone. 
Amy and Abby were inside the fence at the petting zoo, Gil looked over at Warrick and said, ?I really need to talk to someone.? 
Warrick assured him he was all ears.  Gil explained what was going on at the house, ?For pete?s sake she even schedules sex!? Gil said. 
?I love her with all my heart but this is getting ridicules,  I am almost to the point where I don?t care if we even do anything.  The passion and romance has gone out of it.?   
Warrick thought for a while, ?Have you talked to her??  ?I have, she says I am being silly,? Gil answered. 
Warrick?s green eyes lit up, ?I have a fantastic idea.?  He told what he thought would work, Gil smiled, ?It might just do the trick.? 
?We will even keep the girls for you,? he said volunteering Catherine to help. 
It took him a couple of weeks to make all the arrangements, all the time he was walking around the house humming to himself and smiling. 
Amy and Abby picked up the tune as they fallowed their father while he done what needed to be done. 
Catherine was part of the plane too.  It was her job to get Sara out of the house.  It took a lot of effort on Catherine?s part but she talked Sara into going to a spa for the day. 
When they had left Gil called the girls.  ?How about an adventure?? he asked.  Both the girls jumped up and down with delight.  ?How  about a campout in Uncle Warrick and Aunt Catherine?s back yard?? 
Both the girls said they wanted to go.  He helped them pack all their camping gear.  A tent and sleeping bags, clothing and stuffed animals along with two little girls were secured in the back of Warrick?s van. 
He stood in the driveway and waved at the girls.  His heart was heavy, even though he knew this was what his marriage needed this would also be the first time they were away from the girls. 
He shook those thoughts from his head and proceeded with the rest of his plan.  He packed two suitcases, tossed them in the car and headed for the spa. 
?You look beautiful,? he said to Sara as she got into the car.  She gave him a half smile, ?Thanks.  Where are the girls??   
Gil did not answer he just drove.
 ?Grissom!?, she said, ?What is going on and where are my daughters??
 ?I have kidnapped my wife for a long weekend and the girls are with Warrick and Catherine,? he said smiling at her.
 ?But my clothing?? she said.  ?Have it,? he answered. 
That was his answer to each of her ?But my ?? questions. 
Four hours later they were checked into a small hotel on the edge of the ocean.  They walked hand in hand on the beach. 
They talked about nothing in particular. 
They chased each other down the shore. 
They stood in the ocean and jumped the waves that came crashing on shore. 
Gil pulled her in to his arms and kissed her, softly at first, then with more passion.  He nuzzled at her neck and found that spot on her back that drove her wild. 
They barely made it to the room before all their clothing was shed. 
The passion and romance had returned as they made love that night. 
Outside their window the waves were crashing on shore, inside their room they were riding waves of passion fallowed by crashing releases. 
Totally exhausted Sara slept wrapped in his arms. 
?That is what I have been missing,? he said to himself. 
The next morning he woke to find Sara looking at him. 
?I am so sorry,? she said kissing him. 
?I threw so much into wanting to have a baby that I almost lost the one thing that was more important, our love.? 
?You did not lose it,? Gil said smiling at her, ?You just kind of misplaced it.? 
He gently stroked her face, ?But you sure found it again,? he said as last night came back into his mind. 
Sara was Sara again, her laughter returned the sparkle in her eye came back.  One night as she put Amy to bed Amy looked at her and said, ?I am glad the old mommy is back.  I missed her.?
  Sara smiled, ?So did I.?
  Sara had decided that if she were going to get pregnant it would happen naturally.
  She tossed out the thermometers and the books.
  They made love, not just had sex for the sake of trying to conceive.
  It did happen.  One month after their trip to the ocean her positive results on her EPT was confirmed.
  Eight months later with Gil at her side, she delivered their son.
  Warrick once again had the girls, he brought them to the hospital to see their new baby brother.
  Amy looked at the baby, ?He dose not look like a grasshopper??
 Abby agreed with her sister.
   ?I am not even sure he looks like an Aaron either,? Abby added.
  ?He looks like daddy,? they both said together.
  Sara took Warrick?s hand, ?Thank you.?
 He looked at her.  ?Gil told me about your little talk,? she told him.
  ?Thank you, Warrick.?   

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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 09:57 AM »

 Way to go Warrick, seemed like his advice did the trick.     Great story, I am glad you decided to include Warrick.  He will always be a member of the team in my heart.   

« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2009, 11:19 AM »

That was great!

So happy that they got their little boy.

Agree with Trish, Warrick will always be a member of the team  in my heart also.
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« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2009, 03:16 PM »

Glad Warrick could help,  what a wonderful happy ending.
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« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2009, 04:44 AM »

Lovely.  Love the kids reactions to the baby.


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